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1 - THE EDITOR WRITES - Latest news and gossip.

2 - JOHNNY THE HORSE, THE LOST VERSE - Whilst the original track is
    no doubt a classic. In the eyes of MIS Online subscriber, MTB
    it could do with a little polishing... 

3 - ANOTHER WELL INFORMED JOURNALIST - The new Madness album has
    received some really superb reviews. So imagine, his dismay
    when Madness fan, Dominic Kearney stumbled upon a complete
    slagging-off of `Wonderful` in a recent article.

4 - PLAY IT AGAIN SIR - Mad Not Mad editor, Ian Taylor reveals his
    dubious teaching ethics and his determination to promote `Drip
    Fed Fred` to the youth of today. Would you let this man teach
    your kids English? Of course you would!

5 - DRIP FED FRED, FULL SINGLES REVIEW - Yet again sir Vince Foley
    manages to get hold of his Madness singles BEFORE the official
    release date. Does this chap have all the luck? Find out just
    what the rest of us have to look forward to.

6 - BLOCKHEADS.CO.UK NEED YOUR HELP! - The official Ian Dury fansite
    want you to help them track down some elusive lyrics. Have a 
    look and see what they need and if you've got what they're after,
    please lend them a hand.

7 - SKA MAD ISSUE 8 - Yes, it's finally here. The latest edition of
    the Madness / Ska fanzine is doing the rounds. If you've not yet
    got yourself a subscription, see what you're missing out on!

8 - OFF TO BED, STRAIGHT TO SLEEP - Thanks and closing words.


It's been a while since The Magnificent Seven had one of their tracks
feature in a film, but this looks set to change. MIS Online 
subscriber, Steve Bringe tells me that the classic `It Must be Love`
makes a showing the in new US film "Bachelor", starring Chris  
O'Donnell (the chap who plays Robin in the Batman flicks). I have no
idea what the film is like, but lets hope it's better than the last
Suggs appearance, `The Avengers`.

Many of you have taken up the recent offer and have purchased the 
truly brilliant Madness rarities CD, `First Step Beyond`. Here's
a few words from one of the producers, Georgie;

     "Hi Madness fans,
      just a short line to thank all who have 
      purchased the `First Step Beyond` CD. 
      And a big thanks to those who took the 
      trouble to email their views on our 
      efforts. Its gratifying to know that you
      seem to really enjoy & appreciate it. 

For those of you who haven't taken up the `First Step Beyond` offer,
get along to the website at: www.ninjinski.com where you'll find
details of this album as well as ones featuring other artists. 

If one or two people out there have purchased FSB and wouldn't mind
knocking up a review for a future edition of the bulletin, I'm sure
we'd all like to read it. Let us know;

     - What you thought of the quality of the tracks
     - What you thought of the sleeve artwork
     - What you thought of the speed of delivery

It doesn't have to be a massive review. Feel free to make it as long
or as short as you like.

Many of you MIS Online subscribers are, of course, big Ian Dury fans
as well. Suzanne Gilmour has obviously been spending some of her 
spare time rummaging around the internet and has stumbled upon an
Ian Dury section at the following address:


Once there, you'll be able to access a discography, audio files, 
links and even a short biography. Go on, take a look!

Those of you living in the London area and are longing to hear the
forthcoming Madness single, `Drip Fed Fred` being played on Capital
FM could do a lot worse than connecting to their website at:


and requesting that the staff pull their finger out and give the lads
some well-deserved airplay. It's only a click away!

Calling all Madness/ska fanzine collectors. George `Godfather of Ska
publishing and author of "Total Madness" Marshall` has recently been
quoted in his Pulped newspaper that the `Mad Not Mad` fanzine is 
"the finest skazine in the UK". As Ian Taylor (the editor) rightly 
says, "This is a great honour as George really is THE MAN in ska 
circles". Who could possibly disagree?

Anyone thinking of purchasing the forthcoming issue 6 can look 
forward to '7' as a "Classic Album" feature as well as in-depth looks
at the DFF single, video and TV coverage.  You'll also find a review
of the one of the December gigs as well as all your latest Madness 
and ska news. Those of you after more information can get in touch 
with Ian at: bige at supanet.com

Thanks to Ian Taylor for the info. 

News just in from Iain Maison is that `Drip Fed Fred` is currently
sitting at number 29 in the viewers chart on VH1. The music channel
has also been airing the video to the forthcoming single, showing it
in it's entirety. Meanwhile, Vince Carden reports that good old
Terry Wogan has been playing `Elysium` during his radio show. As you
no doubt know, this track features as a double A-side with DFF on the
forthcoming single.

Remember a few weeks back we reported that an updated version of the
classic singles album, `Divine Madness` was in the pipeline featuring
new artwork? Well, the release date has now been put back till 
sometime in June, so you have more than enough time to save those
pennies. Here's Virgin's Tom Wegg-Prosser with the details:

     "Things are going fine with Divine, however as 
      is often the case with these things there has
      been a change of plan.  We're still releasing
      it, however not until early June.  This is 
      largely because we are planning to add two
      tracks to Divine previously not on the compilation.

      At the moment exactly which tracks will be 
      added has not been confirmed, but as soon as 
      they are I shall let you know".

You may also recall me suggesting that an all singing, all dancing
version of `Divine Madness` just HAD to be released on DVD. Well,
here's what Tom had to say about that;

     "With regard to a DVD release, this is 
      something I have mentioned and the 
      response was encouraging.  However it
      is something we would like to happen
      down the line when all current work 
      with the band is completed."

Those of you without DVD players now surely have the perfect reason
to get one!

Well, onto this issue now, and I am sure you will agree, it does not
disappoint. We have news of a possibly `lost verse` in the classic
Madness track `Johnny The Horse`, a really terrible review of
`Wonderful`. This is so bad it has to be seen to be believed! Ska
Mad's Ian Taylor tells us how he manages to brainwash his school
pupils and get them on the `Vote for Fred` bandwagon. 

Elsewhere, we have Vince Foley who has yet again managed to get hold
of a Madness single BEFORE the official release date. Find out just
what the legendary Vince thought of the releases in his excellent
review he's put together.

Simsey meanwhile is asking all Blockhead fans for some help with the
Official Ian Dury Fansite, and if all that wasn't enough, we've also
got a review of the latest edition of `Ska Mad`.

So, without further ado, lets get this issue underway...

All the best,

Robert Hazelby (MIS Online Editor)


You may of listened to JTH many times, and been left wondering why 
the "meat" of the record ended so quickly! We ended up with "dun, 
dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, will you remember his name", for 
the majority of what could have been a classic! (I still think it is

Could it not have been remixed with another verse toward the end, 
just to finish it off so to speak?

So you guessed it, I, MTB have taken the liberty!

     "Evening fell that fateful day,
      he screamed out loud with nothing to say.
      So drunk, he felt no pain, 
      so low he felt no shame.
      Forgotten forever, 
      and outta the game, 
      Johnny The horse,
      Will you remember his name?"

I would be interested on any comments, good or bad.

MTB (CLARTIN at aol.com)



Opinion is one thing, but have a read of this ill informed, prejudiced
review of "Wonderful", followed by a real arse-licking review of Joe 
Stummer's album. His views are so obviously tainted that he is 
incapable of critising effectively. His damning review of Wonderful 
is solely based on the fact that he finds Suggs annoying. 

Read on and gasp at just how crap a journalist he is, weep as he uses
awful cliches and despair at his ignorance.

Two contrasting albums from former heroes of the 70s and early 80s
were released this week.

Madness present their first album in donkeys years and unfortunately
it lives up to all my expectations.

What it doesn't live up to is its name, `Wonderful`.

Frankly it's a dire collection of predictable Madness tracks, which 
sound like the ones that didn't make it on to the not-so-early albums
when Madness were already running out of ideas and originality.

It's like turning the clock back to the late 80s and emptying the bin
in the studio to see if there's anything worth salvaging for that one
last attempt at rekindling the "glory" days.

Apart from the two singles, Lovestruck and Johnny The Horse which 
are passable at best, there's nothing new or even remotely worthwhile
among the 11 tracks.

Except ironically, Drip Fed Fred, and that's only because Ian Dury is
the guest vocalist.

And that is really the nub of it all, it's Suggs himself that's the 
problem. He is the voice of Madness but he's also the voice that 
grates and turns everything into a pastiche of himself and his 
Saturday Night TV karaoke slot Night Fever.

He should stick to presenting second-rate entertainment and leave 
proper music to some REAL heroes of the time.

Which brings me neatly to the new album from former Clash frontman 
Joe Strummer and his new band The Mescaleros.

It's a triumphant return for somebody who really was the voice of a 
generation, a superb collection of new songs sung with absolute 

>From the opening white reggae track Tony Adams (wonder who that's 
about) which could easily sit along with the best tracks on 
Sandinista, the album moves along beautifully.

Rock, Art & The X-Ray Style, produced by Elastica's Antony Genn, 
one-time Pulp member who also plays guitar and sings on the album, 
is excellent stuff in true Strummer style without harping back to the
days when The Clash were the business.

Since then, Strummer has been "Just hanging out, that's been my main
achievement, gaining wisdom through patience."

Actually, he's been a solo performer, band leader, guest star, actor,
producer, soundtrack composer and enthusiastic music fan.

Not a bad CV for somebody "just hanging out".

Described as "an album brimming with hope and optimism that looks 
forward both musically and lyrically . . . mesmerising," the band's 
musical brief is wide enough to incorporate dub, hip hop, salsa and 

Well worth checking out.

Another excellent album just released is In Harmony, the latest 
offering from Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

You know, them that sing that African tune out of the Heinz Beans adverts.

Their last album sold almost a million copies in the UK alone, 
admittedly on the back of those TV ads, but In Harmony stands up well
on its own and deserves a fair listen as a genuine piece of world 
music rather than a soundtrack.

The album not only features traditional Zulu accappella songs in 
their trademark style, but there's also collaborations with famous 
"mainstream" artists like Des'ree, The Lighthouse Family, Van 
Morrison and D'Influence.

Now if only I could stop thinking of beans . . .

Kindly typed up by Dominic Kearney


These newfangled teaching methods are certainly interesting and have
come a long way since I was sat behind my desk with pencil and 
English book scribbling down notes and trying to decide if I'd leave
my homework to the last minute yet again.

Here's Ian Taylor with some background information on his new and
nutty teaching methods...

I have tried to do my bit for DFF publicity - firstly by basing an
entire English lesson on it and getting loads of 12 year olds 
bouncing along.  "Play it again, sir!", they kept asking to which 
I replied - "If you like it so much then buy it on 28/12/00!"  

This could be highly dubious teaching ethics but so what - it's 

I have also sent press releases to all my local papers tying in with
a play I am directing at the moment.  The press release covers my 
Madness obsession and promises all people coming to watch my play 
will get to hear the single!

Ian Taylor


Hey Now!

As ever my good old record store has come up trumps, Virgin Megastore
breaks the release date this time around, bought them this morning.

The DFF/Elysium  singles look pretty cool. Beware though as they 
look so alike in the cover art, I even thought there must have been
only one release. Thankfully that is not the case though. Both are 
quite similar with a plastered poster saying 'WE WANT FREDDIE FOR 
OUR LEADER' on CD1 and 'VOTE FOR FRED' on CD2 splashed upon a 
newspaper stand. This is complimented in a blue background and 
quite nice on both covers, but watch out for the similar covers!

CD1 (VSCDT 1768)

1. 'Drip Fed Fred'-Conspiracy mix (4.13)
(Barson /Thompson)

This mix is quite similar to the original one that we are familiar
mix but with added drums and percussion stuck onto it to give it a
'refreshed' appeal. It's kind of strange reviewing a song we are all
now so familiar with so I shall be brief. Actually the extra drumming
reminds me of the cracking version of Mrs. Hutchinson they used to 
do live 1982/83, trainspotter stuff. The fade out too sees a cut in
the Barson tinkling of the ivories in place of a repeat to fade
chorus of 'We want Freddie for our leader'. I honestly feel the 
infectious almost childish chorus will do the trick and get the 
masses to truly support the song and therefore vote for Fred!

2. 'Elysium' (3.55)

No difference here to the original, arguably one of the greatest 
songs the band have ever recorded. Such a shame to see this slip by
the record buying public though deserves to be a stand-alone single
itself. Madness par excellance! 

3. 'We Want Freddie' (3.40)

This starts off like something from the Three Pyramids Club with 
heavy vinyl scratches to be met with an almost 8-track demo version 
of the song itself. Thompson takes vocals as if he's on something, 
to be backed by another voice out of sync with his own. Methinks 
this was done late one Saturday night after a night of heavy 
libation and strikes me as almost a solo effort by Kix himself. 
There are elements that we are familiar with the choral overdubs, 
kids laughing and Barson's piano efforts. I like it, its so rough
and strips the song down to its naked bare ass. Class!

CD2 VSCDX 1768

1. 'Drip Fed Fred'-Conspiracy mix (4.13)
(Barson /Thompson)
See Above!

2. 'Elysium' (3.55)

3. 'Light of the Way' (2.41)

Starts off a little like 'You'll never walk alone' and as already 
mention very gospel-like in its sound and sentiment. A slow paced 
number, again it sounds like it was done with relative ease, in 
and out of the studio, bish bash bosh. Mr. Smyth takes up vocals 
here too in a song that is once again quite different to what we 
are used to. However its catchy and very Smyth-esque, why this 
dude never had a solo album is beyond me. However the song is so 
short, by the time its gets going its finished, I reckon though 
its one of those jams that could drag on and on for hours with
a familiar riff. It's a song that could have been written decades
ago, but surely will stand the test of time.

Overall then a nice outing by the boys. However I was sad to see no
enhanced video footage, thought Thompson's camcorder exploits of the
Xmas tour would have made fine footage, unfortunately though not the
case this time round. Again the covers are very Bedford / 
Stimpson-esque and that can only be a good thing. I would have liked
to have seen more B-sides but am perhaps being greedy and Elysium 
could have gotten more of a push as the double A side feature. In
total though it adds to the great selection of goodies the band have
brought us in the past few months and I hope this is not the last 
ever Madness single I will review!

All the Best

Vince Foley


We here at blockheads.co.uk need your help. The site has no been made
the 'Official Ian Dury Fansite'. To this end, we are trying to update
and improve the site as much as possible. I have been transcribing as
many Ian Dury lyrics as I can lay my hands on, but I am missing some
of Dury's songs. If anyone has any of the following could they 
contact me pdq?

'Wotabunch' - Kilburn And The High Roads album

'You're More Than Fair' - Ian Dury 'B' Side to 'Sweet Gene Vincent'

'4000 Week's Holiday' - Ian Dury And The Music Students album

'Profoundly In Love With Pandora' - Ian Dury single & 'B' side 
                                    'Eugenius (You're A Genius')

'The Bus Driver's Prayer And Other Stories' - Ian Dury album

Many thanks

Stay Mad 8-)
Simesy (simesy.wimesy at currantbun.com)


A fair portion of my spare time is spent putting together the weekly
MIS Online Bulletin's, so it's nice to be able to put my feet up
every now and then and have a read through someone else's hard work
in the form of a Madness/ska fanzine.

The latest one to find itself sitting on my doormat was none other
than issue 8 of Juliet's excellent `Ska Mad`. Like the recently
released issue 3 of `Madness Unsugged`, `Ska Mad` has decided to
throw out the old black and white look which features in the 
majority of fanzines, and instead, has blasted us with COLOUR!!!
Don't worry though, the use of colour has been put to excellent 
effect, and indeed, many of the old black and white pictures are
still present, it's just they're now interspersed with a nice 
selection of colour snapshots as well.

Sporting a `Wonderful` cover, issue 8 seems much more polished and
impressive than previous issues. Not that the previous issues
weren't good, far from it in fact, it's just that the latest issue
seems to sit head and shoulders above the ones before it.

Issue 8 is absolutely jammed with news, reviews, photos and more.
Juliet reveals just what goes on when you're part of the audience
in the Suggs karaoke show, `Night Fever`. If you've never plucked-up
the courage to take part or think that it's just too tacky for you
to appear on, then the review is a real eye-opener to what exactly
goes on when the camera's aren't rolling!

As the forthcoming single, Drip Fed Fred features the legendary Ian
Dury, it seems only right that we should know a little more about the
man who Madness have kindly invited to contribute to one of their
tracks. Thankfully, Juliet has put together and excellent history of
Ian which spans a whopping 8 pages and features colour photos, a
discography, filmography TV plays and even a musical.

Starting from his birth, this history goes right through his 
contacting polio, the formation of Kilburn and The High Roads, the
release of the classic `New Boots and Panties`, `Reasons to be 
Cheerful (Part 3), right up to the release of the most recent album,
`Mr Lovepants`.

Thumbing further into the `zine and we're treated to a review and
photos of the Madness DM signing which the band took part in towards
the latter half of the year. Not only that, but we're also treated to
a selection of pictures from the small gig held in Camden's Electric
Ballroom too. For people like myself who missed this whole event, 
it's enough to make you turn green with envy!

Elsewhere, we have a brief review of `Wonderful`, which I'm sure by
now, the majority of you have. Still, it's always nice to hear what
others think of a Madness album and it certainly makes you look at
one or two tracks in a different light.

The recent Christmas tour also comes under the spotlight, and again,
Juliet treats us to an excellent review, this time of the Brighton
gig. If you weren't able to make it to any of the dates during the
tour, read this and see just what you missed out on.

Those of you into the Madness tribute band scene will be well
served with a 5 page introduction and review of `Complete Madness`.
Here, we're treated to a really great smattering of pictures of the
boys in action, along with a list of the up and coming gig dates.

Specials fans are also treated to a tribute section with a feature
on `The More Specials` who are currently doing the rounds. You can
catch them on Thursday 20th April at Level 3 in Swindon, Wiltshire.

It seems that yet another Madness tribute band have wandered onto
the scene in the form of `Los Palmas 6`. Juliet hasn't managed to
catch a glimpse of these lads yet, but tells us that apparently they
have spent 6 months in a studio perfecting the zany attitude of
Madness. They play all the classics as well as newer tracks such as
`Johnny The Horse` and `Lovestruck`.

As well as the above, there's a great selection of Madness / Ska ads,
news, reviews and much, much more. 

Issues are 2 pounds each or 7 pounds for 4 issues. If you live 
overseas, please include extra postage costs of 20p per issue 

To order issue 8, please contact Ska-Mad at:

     21 Altdam Farm,
     Park View Road,
     RH1 5DN,

or you can E-mail Julie, the editor at:

     juliet at ska-mad.freeserve.co.uk

Take a look, you won't be disappointed!


Here we are again, winding down on yet another edition of the MIS.
Thanks to everyone who took the effort to mail me with any 
interesting tidbits for inclusion in this issue. Please keep it

Thanks also go to Juliet for the review copy of Ska Mad, and to 
Elizabeth Raskin for the US Madness video. You both have gone above
and beyond the call of duty!

Well, tomorrow (Monday) is an exciting day. The 3rd single from the
`Wonderful` album, `Drip Fed Fred/Elysium` finally hits the shelves
in all UK record stores. As Vince Foley points out, it's a two part
affair and the covers look very similar, so make sure you keep those
eyes peeled and get hold of parts 1 and 2.

Here's wishing the band all the best with the new single. Lets hope
we can get it into the top 20!!

Until next week.

All the nutty best,

Robert Hazelby
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