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2 - THE MADNESS CAMPAIGN TRAIL - Following the practically
    non-existence of any Madness advertising for `Johnny the Horse`
    and `Wonderful`, both products did nowhere near as well as they
    should. Seeing as the next Madness single, `Drip Fed Fred/Elysium`
    will be released in February, the online Madness community have
    made up their minds to make this a success.

3 - MADNESS, WEMBLEY ARENA, LONDON - Taken from `The Melody Maker`
    and kindly typed up by Iain Mason.

4 - HEAVEN IN DEEPEST DUBLIN - I remember telling somebody in October
    `96 that I was going to die happy. It was the day I met Suggs in
    my local and well you can't imagine things getting better than
    that can you. But that's the thing with Madness, they always
    surprise you when you think things can't get any better. Article
    by Vincent Carden.

5 - MADNESS AT COVENT GARDEN, VIDEO REVIEW - In issue number 33 of
    MIS Online, Steve Harris offered a video of Madness in Covent
    Garden that also included their recent appearances on `Later
    With Jools Holland` and  `Abbamania`. As I live in Argentina and
    I could not enjoy these moments and so I decided to buy one for
    myself. Review by Nahuel Foppoli.

6 - MY NAME IS FREDRICK C. THREWE... - Take a look at Fred's policies
    before his election campaign kicks off next month. Taken from the
    Official Madness Website - http://www.madness.co.uk

7 - SETTING A NEW STANDARD - Hey Now! Gentlemen and assassins, is
    the opening schpeel from Madness Unsugged editor/Guru and all
    round top bloke Vince Cardens editorial. Welcome all to the third
    instalment of Madness Unsugged - Fanzine review by Vince Foley

8 - AND SO, TO BED - Thanks, and closing words.


If everything goes according to plan, you'll not have long to wait
for the release of the next Madness single, `Drip Fed Fred`. Jenny
Payne of the Total Madness Mailing List informs us that the
release date is pencilled in for February 14th. However, the band
are apparently waiting confirmation on some TV and radio appearances
so the single may be delayed and released on February 21st instead.

Other news is that in a somewhat surprising move, Virgin will not be
financing the filming of the next Madness video. So, Lee and Mike
are scripting it at the moment and will be making it themselves. As
you know from last week's MIS bulletin. Lee has been filming bits
and pieces during the recent Christmas tour, and it is possible that
some of the footage may make an appearance on the CD single in some
FMV related malarkey of one kind or another.

Comedian, Phil Jupitus who supported the band during `The Maddest
Show on Earth` tour is being drafted in to play the part of `Reverend
Greene` in the new video, whilst Ian Dury will be seen whisked
around in a wheelchair. The general plot will see Ian (who plays the
part of `Fred`) having a bad day by receiving some terrible news and
then winning the lottery.

Jenny also informs us that Virgin are a bit concerned because there's
only 3 weeks to go till the release and a video has yet to be shot.

Apparently Ian Dury has made excellent progress since Christmas and
will be doing The Palladium next month. If things couldn't get any
better, he has asked Madness to appear. Sadly, tickets for the show
have already sold out, so if you've not got yours now, you may be
out of luck.

Thanks go to Jenny for the news.

Finally, if you're thinking of ordering `Drip Fed Fred`, you may
need these following catalogue numbers:

Drip Fed Fred/Elysium VSCDT1768
Drip Fed Fred/Elysium VSCDX1768 (enhanced)

Thanks to Simon Roberts for the info.

If you fancy pre-ordering the 2 CD singles, get yourself along to:
www.MusicCapital.com and input your details.

News just in from `Wozza` is that Blockheads.co.uk will now be known
as 'Uncoolohol' and has been uploaded onto the net. There are some
pages still to be uploaded, but I am told that these will be made
available shortly.

If anyone would like to be a `Wannablock` (a page of Dury fans) then
send an e-mail to Wazza at the following address:
david.wassell at btinternet.com

As we get ever-closer to the release of `Drip Fed Fred`, it looks
like the Madness media machine is starting to increase in activity
once more. The almighty Vincent Carden reports that The Magnificent
Seven will be appearing on this Saturday's edition of the BBC's
`National Lottery` programme. Yes, the program is crap, but with our
boys on there, you'd be a fool to miss it. Thanks Vince!

Bootleggers and live concert collectors may be interested to know
that a recording of last years Electric Ballroom gig is currently
doing the rounds. I've not got my hands on a copy yet, but I know
at least one subscriber has. Hopefully we'll be bringing you a full
review of this recording in a future issue.

Those of you who have visited the Official Madness website recently
may have noticed the Magnificent Seven are getting themselves
ready for the `Drip Fed Fred` campaign trail with a huge manifesto
as set out by Fred himself. Those of you who've not seen this, can
find Fred's plans later in this issue. You are requested to call a
phone number to show your support. Here's the TMML's Rob W with some
more details...

     "Well, I've done it....that's me voted for fred !

      I phoned that number from the web-site (intriguing
      message by the way) - you are asked to leave your
      name, address & phone no. on the answering machine
      with DFF playing in the background.

      Freddie for MAYOR !!!!

      Get voting mad ones !!"

You can find the phone number on the Madness website or later in this
edition of MIS Online. As they say on those annoying Saturday morning
programmes for the kids, "Remember to get permission from the person
who pays the bill before you call".

In the past week or so it seems that nations other than the UK have
been treated to the sounds of the nutty ones. TMML subscriber,
Suggsylia reports that Madness appeared on Germany's version of `Top
of the Pops` with `Johnny The Horse`, whilst a recent e-mail from
Mark Rabinowitz informs me that on Friday 14th January, the CBS
television show "Now and Again" had a sub-plot of a teenage girl
learning to drive, in which she drives her mother's Volvo rather
recklessly around a cemetery. Can you guess what music they chose to
play in this scene (and the subsequent shot of the car being pulled
by a tow truck)? Yup! Madness' "Driving in my Car!"

Thanks to Suggsylia and Mark for the info.

On Thursday 20th January, VH1 were due to air a two hour Madness
special, but for some unknown reason viewers were treated to yet
another airing of the classic `Take it or Leave it`. I'm sure many
Maddies were disappointed with the cancellation, so TMML subscriber
Ashley Moore has sent off an e-mail to VH1 asking `why`. As soon as
we hear more, we'll let you know.

The Brit Awards take place at Earl's Court on March 3rd. This will be
shown on ITV the day after. We will find out if Madness are included
in the list of nominees when they are announced on Monday 31st
January. Keep those fingers crossed.

Thanks to Fiona Linnell for the info.

Just before we get underway with this weeks set of articles, I've
just come off the phone to Vincent Carden of the `Madness Unsugged`
fanzine who tells me that he is currently offering complimentary
copies of his fanzine to anyone who gets in touch with him. You
don't have to pay a single penny. Vince will send you a copy of the
fanzine completely free of charge. All you have to do is mail him at:
dripfedvin at yahoo.com and enclose your details.

And finally, it looks like Mr Vince Foley will be stepping on board
the good ship MIS Online on a more permanent basis. Look out for more
Foley-typed-up wafflings, rantings and top-class ravings over the
next couple of months. And to give you a taste of what is to come,
check out Vince's cracking review of Vincent Carden's Madness
fanzine, `Madness Unsugged`.

And with that, on with this weeks news..

All the best,

Robert Hazelby (MIS Online Editor)


Following the practically non-existence of any Madness advertising
for `Johnny the Horse` and `Wonderful`, both products did nowhere
near as well as they should.

Seeing as the next Madness single, `Drip Fed Fred/Elysium` will be
released in February, the online Madness community have made up their
minds to make this a success.

A Madness advertising campaign has recently got off the ground thanks
to its two ringleaders on the Total Madness Mailing List, Rob W and
the infamous Wee Stoo.

They seem to have a lot planned already. Apparently radio stations are
to be bugged (please don't annoy them like some of you did with Radio
1 though!), national and local newspapers are to be informed that a
band of fans are taking the promotion of a new single into their own

Other plans consist of strategic placing of `Vote For Fred` posters
in and around UK towns including bus stops, car-parks and shops.

Further plans are for persistent requests to regional radio stations
asking them to air `Drip Fed Fred`.

If this wasn't enough, a massive pub crawl around the centre of
Glasgow has been discussed which will involve handing out `Vote for
Fred` posters and leaflets to customers . This they are hoping will
also get them into the local newspapers!

To top all this off, the TMML's Simsey is also thinking about
running an exciting competition for `the most outrageously placed

Here's Simon with the details...

     "OK, Maddies, the time has come to unveil a brand new
      feature on the list. It is to be called the MadStunt
      (or in Scotland, the McMadStunt).
      We all seem agreed that 'Drip Fed Fred' needs our
      help in its promotion. So, the plan is this. In the
      coming three weeks or so until its release, Maddies
      should be out and about distributing fliers, leaving
      them in pubs, putting them under car windscreen wipers,
      etc., incorporated in a pub crawl, natch!

      But, the pièce de resistance is the poster. Simply
      saying, "'Vote For Fred', The new single by Madness
      featuring Ian Dury out on 14 February". Stick one of
      these in the most outrageous place you can think of,
      take a piccie of it, scan it, and send it to me,
      giving details of exactly where it was posted. These
      will then be uploaded on a website (details to come).

      All entries will be judged by myself and the WeeMon,
      with an outrageously small prize for the winner.
      The competition is open to all Maddies, even if they
      live outside the UK where chances of release might
      be slim. The more ridiculous the spot, the better.

      Anyone requiring a template for poster or flier, in
      whatever wp format they want, is advised to contact
      Simesy ASAP at the address below. Let's go for it
      large, and show Virgin how it should be done.

      Find below, a few ideas to set you on your way.

      Hospital doors! Prison doors! Police car windows!
      Police Stations! In the rear window of your car! As
      a banner on the front page of your website! On the
      door of the DC! And the Good Mixer! On the scoreboard
      at half-time at a footie or rugby stadium! As a
      subject in every e-mail! On the back of your car!
      etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

      Be as Mad as you can [but don't do anything illegal ;o)]

      I look forward to receiving the entries. D-Day minus 26
      days (possibly) and counting!

      simesy.wimesy at currantbun.com"

For more details on any of the other items above, please get
in touch with the almighty `Wee Stoo` at:
WeeStoo at thehowies.screaming.net

If you'd like to start printing your own `Drip Fed Fred` banners,
get along to http://www.redrival.com/simesy/dripban.gif
and get downloading. Thanks to Wozza for making the link available.


The following is a review from this week's Melody Maker. I won't even
lower myself to comment, except to say that Mr Mark Beaumont, you are
a fool.


There is no sound more tragic than the mournful parp of a steamer
horn and the dutiful shuffle of men, ranked among the best pop
songwriters of their era, preparing to nutty dance their way up the
river Nile one more time, all in the name of 'aving 15 pintsa
laargah an' a raight bleedin' laaaarff.

A truly tragic spectacle, the Millennium Madness Knees-Up, because
when they first split - about, ooooh, 63 reunion gigs ago - they
were on the verge of burning the mile-wide kecks, burying that
squealing bastard saxaphone of theirs and becoming, of all things,
respectable. But respect clearly has the same effect on Suggs and
company as the Ebola virus has on a plump  liver. Hence the fact
that six middle-aged 'Lock, Stock...' extras and one twat in a
bowler hat are knee-jumping through Va Classicks. With nary a nod to
some of their darker, late-period masterpieces (''Victoria Gardens'',
''Waiting For The Ghost Train''), it's baggy-trousered,
condom-bewildered, heavy-heavy-monster-bastard lumps of
predictability from ''The Prince'' to ''Baggy Trousers'' to
''Our House'' and back again in a big, lumbering conga of pure

Greatest Hits muppets kneeing their best material in the nadgers for
large crates of cash, then. And they couldah bin contendahhhs...

Mark Beaumont

(2 and a half stars out of five)

Thanks to Iain Mason for the typing.


I remember telling somebody in October `96 that I was going to die
happy. It was the day I met Suggs in my local and well you can't
imagine things getting better than that can you. But that's the
thing with Madness, they always surprise you when you think things
can't get any better.

I had heard on the grapevine that the boys were to appear on `The
Late Late Show` on Friday 5th November. It's Ireland's main chat show
and the world's oldest and has a 9:30 start. Along with three other
Madness mates we popped along to the TV studios for about 7:30.
Having looked suspicious waiting around for so long, the receptionist
tried to tell us that they had pre-recorded about 5:30 earlier
that day. Off we went to the pub in the studios and stayed till about
9:15. As we approached the front door of the studios once again, we
noticed in the dark, these big intimidating figures getting out of a
minibus. We knew it was them and legged it before they got behind
closed doors. I shouted `Lee`, and as he turned round I said `It's
Vincent from the fanzine`, and he said that I was just as he had
imagined. I'm still trying to work that one out!!! Anyway, we all got
into the studio with the band and into a waiting room with a free

Walking down the corridor, I said that I'd heard he (Lee) wasn't at
the Virgin Radio gig and he just said that he was taking a little
break just like Mike and Mark have done. I asked him had they been
doing much promotional work that week as it was the week the album
was released. They had done very little and in fact had been filming
for the documentary that the BBC are doing on the band. Always posing
for photographs with his sunglasses on, he told me that Crunch! had
recently been offered a support slot for a Morrisey gig but obviously
had to turn it down because of current commitments.

Then just as I was asking him where Carl was, who did I hear banging
away in another room on the piano with a dramatic rendition of
`Alligator With a Stanley Knife` only Mr. Smash himself. I then
started to talk to Lee about unreleased Crunch! material and he was
baffled about how I knew so many of them and how I'd got copies of
them as well as `Culture Vulture` which he'd forgotten Madness
playing live before. He also told me that it was him who wrote the
unreleased track `Soul Denying`. Got a very brief chance to talk to
Suggs before approaching Chas. Before I got the chance to introduce
myself he said `Who are you?`. When I told him the name of the
fanzine, he said that when the band were originally demoing songs
and Suggs wasn't available, he said he was calling the whole thing
`Madness Unsugged`, and also he said that while they were travelling
on the bus, he was reading the back of `Q` magazine and saw my advert
for the fanzine. Those two stories alone made my night. I also had to
tell him that I thought `Dreaming Man` was he best ever vocal
performance. As everybody who meets Carl says, he's a  really
friendly guy who cares a lot about what the fan thinks. I even had a
really good chat with him about what the third single should be.
Next, to Woody.

I started talking to him about FAT and he told me that they had
broken up despite getting a deal in America. I had said to him that
it must be difficult writing songs when you're a drummer. `I can
play the piano you know` was the quick reply, to which came a
moment of embarrassment. Challenging me to name the songs he wrote,
all I could think of was `I'll Compete` and `Michael Caine`. Of
course, any other time, when not on the spot I would have easily
rattled off `Los Palmas` and `Sunday Morning`, but not this time.

Having got the chance to thank Chris for a reply he had sent me
some years ago, I then moved onto Mike very quickly. All I really
got the chance to say was that I thought it was a bit stupid of
Virgin changing the opening and closing lines of `Johnny The Horse`
for radio purposes and then it didn't get any airplay. He agreed.

Finally, a chance to meet Bedders who is a bit quiet but nonetheless
an absolute gentleman. Before talking to him about the album, he told
us that he had been working the night before because `I have a proper
job, you know`. He revealed that his songwriting days are over and
that the band have no after-Christmas plans yet. The tour was the
next thing and that's as far ahead as they were taking it for the
time being. We then started discussing the album and I pointed out
that I really liked that fact that it wasn't one-dimensional. He
found it hard to put his finger on his favourite track but said that
the more and more they play `Lovestruck` live, the more and more he
likes it.

What made the night even more special was the litany of photos that
were taking including a big group photo of the whole band with the
five of us. All of them were lost later on that night in a taxi!!
Anyway, we had spent over an hour with the band and had to say our
goodbyes. No battered bones or broken dreams and if I got married
the next day it would have been an anti-climax!!

Written by Vincent Carden and taken from issue 3 of Madness Unsugged.


In issue number 33 of MIS Online, Steve Harris offered a video of
Madness in Covent Garden that also included their recent appearances
on `Later With Jools Holland` and  `Abbamania`. As I live in
Argentina and I could not enjoy these moments and so I decided to
buy one for myself.

My e-mails were answered very quickly, and today, two weeks after
buying it, the video arrived and it's superb. When I opened the mail
package and I saw the design from the cover full of colour and with
pictures of the members of the band, autographs in Covent Garden I
realised that the quality would continue to be present throughout the
whole video.

What can I tell you about the video? It's (approximately) 50 minutes
full Madness. The first 20 minutes are dedicated to the Covent
Garden appearance. It's fun to see Suggs signing the posters and all,
but it is even funnier to see him drawing big ears around his
signature in order to make fun of Lee. One Maddie fan gets the 7
members of the band sign his "leg".

I would like to point out that the picture quality of the video is
superb. Also, numerous camera views allow us to have a wide variety
of angles so we can see everything while the members of the band
sign every single thing that the fans brought with them.

In the following performance we can see the appearances of Madness
on `Later With Jools Holland` and `Abbamania`. As many of you know,
Madness played the following songs live: Lovestruck, Drip Fed Fred
(with Ian Dury), Our House, Johnny the Horse and Money, money, money.

I also have to mention the great editing work that has been devoted
to this video. Without any doubt, by professionals.

To cut a long story short, for all those who were not able to enjoy
these moments, this is a very good opportunity for you to see step
by step all that when on. For those that did manage to see all this,
they can have everything together and perfectly edited in a single

>From here, I'd like to publicly congratulate Steve Harris on his
outstanding job.

In a few days I will receive Nutty Sounds 1 and 2 CDs from Vincent
Carden. When I have them in hand I will give you my point of view on
those. It is also important for me to highlight Vincent's
willingness and generosity. Things like these put together by both
Steve and Vincent are the "putty" that helps to hold all Maddies -
especially those distant ones like myself, together.

Thanks for everything!!!!



Dear Voter,
My name is Fredrick C. Threwe and I am your local candidate running
for mayor.

Please take a moment to read through my aims and ideas for a brighter
future. I want you to know that the future I see for Britain is a
bold future. Those who talk of a classless society are taking us
towards a Britain that will lack class. My vision is for a classy
society. Nice motors, steak and chips, plasterboard coving, avocado
bathroom suites... you know the drill.

All kinds of hell is breaking loose. With the power of your vote -
'WE'LL CRACK IT' together! Remember it's "YOUR VOTE" that counts.


Fred's Fundamental Facts For a Finer Future!

I have experienced both ends of the stick when it comes to that hotly
debated issue, Law and Order. I propose to save millions by equipping
the police with robust yet affordable motors like the MkIII Cortina
or the Vauxhall Viva. Their uniforms are crap. I propose baggy,
clownlike uniforms in bright primary colours and badges with names
on with perhaps a system of stars for good service like them
hamburger kids get.

I think it was some Greek bloke who said "Qui custodiet
custodies?" -  Who watches the watchmen? Don't ask me, we tied him
up and left him in his hut.

Free cans of Virgin Diet Coke to every DJ in Croydon who plays my
anthem to death! (Offer ends April 1st)

I propose to bring back free school milk. Kids who are keen to be
milk monitors tend to grow up to be Rozzers, Magistrates, Grasses
and Local Radio Presenters. This simple measure will weed them out
at an early age. Student Loans will be replaced with student loan

I think it was Crosby Stills Nash and Young who said "Teach... your
children well." But they were shit.

For Lady Eleanor, Duchess of Archway, to become Head of Vice. And on
myself being voted in, shall offer to all ladies and gentlemen (over
the age of 16) a free bunk-up at Madame Kitties establishment: Mondy
-thru- Thursday, Lunchtimes until 5pm. (subject to availability).

My time in prison has seen me go from an unwieldy twenty stone down
to a manageable nineteen and a half. Nurses are nice too, I'll
probably get some more nurses.

Remember: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away..." and so do
threatening phone calls.

Every single household, within a 20 mile radius of my home, who is
home-taping music; this includes your high class market bootlegger,
CD burners and Mini-Disc fryers, must have a license! The very idea
of it! Those people should be shown no mercy! SUPPORT MY BELIEF!
Deport these cunning degenerates to darkest depths of my Global

That bloke Eddie George sounds like a right geezer. How do you get to
be the chairman of The Bank Of England with a name like Eddie George.
I knew a fence called Eddie George once.

7. THE CANDIDATES FRANK DOBSON? I met up with him at the House of
Blue Lights -  Jesus, he showed me some things he could get up to
with a clementine! It made my eyes water!

For more information call the VOTE FOR FRED headquarters on

This number will be charged at 50p per minute at all times.

Taken from the `Official Madness Website` at:


Hey Now!
Gentlemen and assassins, is the opening schpeel from Madness Unsugged
editor/Guru and all round top bloke Vince Cardens editorial. Welcome
all to the third instalment of Madness Unsugged. This one is a dead
posh affair, A4 size, full glossy cover from pages 1 to 32 and all in
colour. That goes against the concept of fanzine doesn't it? Normally
a black and white affair, copybook size etc. Well fanziners out there
take note, this breaks the mould. Whether this is cost efficiency or
not, we wont grumble as it immediately strikes you as something
definitely worth looking at.

There is a lot of stuff jam packed into this issue. The first piece
, "oh am I mumbling on" gives us a general gist of whats hot and not
in the land of Madness and an insight into Carden's brain as well as
what to expect in issue 4. I wont spoil it for you.

The first real read though is that of "Heaven in deepest Dublin". It
tells of Vinces tipping off that the Maddies were on a fleeting visit
to the studios of RTE last November. He goes on to say how he and a
few more went along and funnily enough spend an hour in the presence
of Madness for the night. "Lucky bastards" I hear you say. Indeed so
as he describes his various conversations with the seven ragged men
while they performed JTH that evening. Its a nice personal account
yet does also give a few nice bytes on the band, their hopes and
plans and most importantly their kindness in giving Carden and co. a
very memorable night for all.

Lord Upminster himself, Uncle Ian Durys excellent documentary makes
an appearance too as the V-man gives an account of what the hour-long
programme entailed as well as his and Madness appearance at the
recent Q Awards last October.

The next section is jam-packed with news for the dedicated Madness
fan all over. It is just a quick news and views digest with some
stuff perhaps out of date for us up-to-the-minute Internet freaks.
That I suppose is inevitable, as all published articles will be a
little dated on release. It spans topics from Young Guns documentary
to Madness royalties to Suggs view on Sweetest Girl.

The obvious review of Wonderful is up next. Can we really stick
another one I hear you cry, well just one more then. I suppose it
is good to get a real fans view on the album and Vince does this
track by track. Again I am looking at it from an Anorak/Internet user,
so to the passive or offline fan this will be a much-welcomed article.
JTH is referred to as One Better Day in its subject matter but in a
much less romantic and far more blunt manner. 4am is rightly
complimented whereas The wizard is ruined by the Chas n Dave brass
arrangements. A tad unfair I would say, but hey that is his opinion.
DFF of course gets a fair and complimentary thumbs up as do the
latter half of the album, with on SNSM coming in for more Carden
criticism. In all though this is a brave, well thought out and fair
treatment of the record (almost) and a good insight into the fans
opinion on the most eagerly awaited piece of plastic in the past 14

The excellent MIS Online too gets a mention and should hopefully get
a few more on board. Mr Carden will scratch your back if you scratch
his. It is great to see to mediums of Madness (that of script and
internet) join forces for the common cause of Madness and something
that should be done more often. The two avenues have a common goal
and Vince respects this with a good PR for MIS!

The next interesting read in this pamphlet is that of NME Exposed
which tells of Vinces response to the critical review of Madstock 4
in June 1998. He tells how his words were taken out of context and
conveniently mish-mashed about by the scumbags at the NME. I think
himself and Mr. Smash should get together and write the follow-up
to "Don't Quote me on That", "That's not what I Meant to Say".
This element of journalistic cock-ups is further taken up by the
editor with other, more recent incidents of various magazines
mistakes on recent Madness activity.

Other sections include On my Radio, Don't quote me on that, It has
come to our attention to Please release me. Here Vince is looking
for any information people may have on unreleased Crunch material.
If you know, let him know!

An offer of Madness TV appearances in 1999 too is discussed. Yep
folks they are all here and well worth checking out if you missed
out one or two or indeed all the memorable performances in the
year that was.

Johnny the Mistake again illustrates the fanzines non-fear of
criticising where necessary the Madness machine. I do respect this,
as it would be boring just to give constant biased support without
questioning a few elements of Madness from time to time. Here the
last single JTH comes in for analysis. There are points here that I
totally agree with, yet there are few more that I don't. He tries to
give an insight into the reason why the single bombed and the
post-mortem does provide good food for thought.

The latter part of the Fanzine has a 2 page feature on what Lee and
Chris say, various tit-bits on this and that from the strings and
sax section of Madness. Lee on getting back together, the cabaret
act, Clive Langer and the future while Chris comments on America, a
second album and socialising. Short but sweet.  Seamus Flynns Two
Tone news gives an account of the various happenings in the sounds
of Skadom these days with stories on the Selector, CDs and future
material to be released. Again this will appeal to the general Ska
fan and thats exactly what it attempts to do.

The fanzine finishes with news of recent Madness TV performances
from Later to Abbamania and finally the classifieds section will let
you buy and sell any of those ultra rare Madness items you have been
looking for so long.

So this Madness Unsugged, is it any good? Well with the greatest of
respect to Stuart Wrights Nut Inc fanzine I think its time to have a
think of changing a few bits here and there. For one the colour
format is a most welcomed and pleasant affair. It is about time, and
this alone justifies the price of subscription. Never judge a book
by its cover, yeah sure, but the material and content will compliment
the appearance.

There is a wide range of goodies in here that will have you returning
to it for many a time to come. I do honestly believe it sets a new
standard in Madness fanzines. I really hope that the band themselves
see this product and note that there is a very loyal support base out
there promoting the cause. Issue 4 looks promising, oh yeah the other
Vince will be doing his bit for that too. The forth installment
should be out by April and I look forward to it. I hope Mr. C you
are happy with this review as I think it covers most areas..better
be friendly to this guy as no doubt he'll be onto me as soon as he
reads it.

Seriously though folks, if you are not subscribed do it now.
Email Vince at dripfedvin at yahoo.com and he'll sort you out
Yes sit the boy, he done good. Well done Vince C!

All the best

Vince Foley!.confused yet.you will be!

[8] - AND SO, TO BED

Yes, you've guessed it. We're at the end of yet another edition of
the MIS Online Bulletin.

Thank you to everyone who typed up bits and pieces especially for the
bulletin, it's amazing how much stuff you're all sending in these
days. Please keep it coming!

Hopefully next issue should see reviews of Madness' appearance on
the BBC's National Lottery programme, the recording of The Electric
Ballroom gig, and possibly a review of `Nutty Sounds 3 + 4`.

Elsewhere, we have a certain Simon Roberts beavering away on some new
MIS Online website designs. I've had a brief look at the prototype
and it looks nothing short of excellent. If all goes to plan, this
could possibly be up and running in the next few weeks.

As they say, stay tuned!!!

All the nutty best,

Robert Hazelby
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