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Madpost – October 1996

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Madpost – October 1996

Well, as those nights draw in, and it gets too cold and damp to do anything remotely exciting outside, console yourself with a hot mug of tea, sit back, and read through the October issue of the Madpost.


Robert Hazelby.

Here is a little snippet from Simon Roberts (simon@roberts.airtime.co.uk) regarding the group…

I’ve been told Madness are in the John Henry Studios, London, usually used by Madness for rehersing gigs. (Madstocks)

So, who knows what this could mean. Perhaps the group are getting together to sort out some concerts in time for a Christmas tour, or even better, perhaps they’re getting together to practice some new tunes for a possible release. Who knows?


September saw the release of the latest Suggs single “No More Alcohol”, which was taken from his recent debut album – “The Lone Ranger”.

The release was a 2-part affair with the containing the following:

CD1: No More Alcohol, No More Alcohol (Rapinos dance mix), Fortune Fish

CD2: No More Alchohol remix , and various other poor re-mixes

For some reason the excellent version of “Alcohol” from the “Lone Ranger” album had been modified beyond almost all recognition. Mixed opinions of the single were met from the mailing list but most decided that this was a poor single and Suggs was trying to jump onto the “Cecilia” bandwagon again by releasing something of similar content.


Suggs made a short 5 minute appearance on “This Morning” (UK – ITV), where he gave a quick 2 minute interview with Richard and Judy before playing his latest single, “No More Alcohol”.

Suggs, looking a little the worse for wear after what was apparently a heavy night out, said that he took a break from the music business a few years back but realised that it was the one thing he enjoyed the most so he made his comeback.

Asked, how he goes about writing his songs, he told Richard and Judy that he usually writes the lyrics first and then adds a song around them.


Problems seem to be afoot at the home of the system upon which the mailing list is running. I have recieved many bounced e-mails from the server myself and I have noticed traffic on the list come to a near standstill.

Well, it looks like the problem has sorted itself out. Postings on the list have gone back up, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but all my mails to the list seem to be getting through once more.

May I just apologise for the slight bump in service and hope it hasn’t spoilt your enjoyment too much.

The VH1 Madness Campaign

With the majority of American mailing list subscribers fed-up to the back teeth of having little or no Madness air-play at all either on the radio or on television, Diane Cooke and Darren Bowen, set about attempting to rectify this problem.

All they wanted was a chance to see “Madstock” or the excellent Madness movie – “Take it or Leave it” in the US. And so, the “VH1 Campaign” was born.

Diane and Darren decided that if enough people e-mailed VH1 then perhaps the channel might actually realise that the Madness following in the USA is of a sufficient size to deem a showing of some Madness material worth while.

Diane has e-mailed VH1 a number of times, and the “VH1 Campaign” pages have been set up at the mailing list web site at:



If any other Madness site maintainers wish to support this campaign then feel free to rip the details from my site.

VH1 can be mailed at: vh1@here.viacom.com

whilst Diane Cooke can be contacted at: apkat@erols.com

Diane promises to keep us all up to date with the going’s on of this campaign. Just stay tuned!

Adrian Burns Returns!

Most of you can’t have failed to notice that Adrian Burns, the maintainer of what must have been one of the best Madness web sites has at last returned to the mailing list.

Rumours swept through the list some months back when subscribers posted up that they were no longer able to access his superb site.

Well, after many moons, he’s back. He’s got himself a Demon account, 5 megs of free web space, and plenty of new ideas. This new site isn’t just a port of the old one. No! It’s a new site entirely!

You can keep up to date with it’s construction and contents by using the following URL:


Or you can e-mail Adrian at: aburns@madstock.demon.co.uk

Adrian is also back on the list, so if you have any general comments regarding the site, please post them to the group.


Yes, the ever industrious Inbar Raz never stops. He’s just released the August mailing list archives. So, if anyone wants to catch up on anything they’ve missed during the summer, or perhaps you just want to refresh your memory then you can download the ZIP file of all mails at the following url:


or you can e-mail Inbar at: inbar@glx.chief.co.il

Well, it was only a matter of time before someone took up the challenge and produced a homepage dedicated to the funster of pop – Suggs.

Yes, Jacco has done it again. Not happy with covering just Madness he’s gone and started setting up a Suggs homepage. At present there isn’t a great deal on the site but I would recommend it for the Americans and Australians on this list who haven’t got access to “The Lone Ranger” album as not only does it include the album track listing, but also has a selection of samples of a number of the tunes found on the album.

You can be sure that this is one site that it bound to grow with time.

The url is:


If you like what you see then please e-mail Jacco as this may encourage him to add more items to the site.


Well, hopefully that little lot should keep you going for the next couple of weeks. The list traffic should also start to be picking up now as all the university students coming back after a very long summer’s break.

As for “Song of The Week”, that should be making it’s re-appearance any day now, so hold tight, it won’t be long.

If you want to keep up to date on the mailing list then I suggest you visit the “Mailing List web pages” at http://www.jabba.demon.co.uk/madness/

Until next month….


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