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Madpost – August 1996

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Madpost – August 1996

Hello, and welcome to another issue of the monthly “Madpost”.

Well, last month started off VERY quietly indeed. Posts were few and far between, and ones that were posted mainly consisted of text from subscribers saying how bored they were or complaining about how few posts their were. ;)

Anyway, towards the end of the month due to a few incidents here and there, the action really did start to hot up again, and the mailing list looked like it did before the UK students left us to enjoy their summer holidays.

This month’s “Madpost” is shorter than the previous issues mainly due to the fact that “Madstock 3” has been long gone now, and we’re all waiting announcements of forthcoming Christmas concerts.

Still, I’ve managed to dig a few bits and pieces for you all – Enjoy!



Robert Hazelby.


The release of the Madness debut single, “The Prince”. The song was released on the “Two Tone” label, with the song “Madness” appearing as the B-side track. The highest chart position for their first single was a not-to-be-sniffed-at, number 16. A rare issue of the single with a paper label and company die-cut sleeve can fetch around 12 pounds today. The plastic label release on the other hand fetches around 5 UK pounds.


The arrival of the gospel-backed track, “Wings of a Dove”. This jolly number peaked at an oh-so-near number 2 in the UK charts. There are a number of different versions of the single. These are:


Two 7″ versions of “Wings of a Dove” with different picture sleeves

One 7″ picture disc version
All three 7″ singles had “Behind The 8 Ball” as the B-side. The 12″ release on the other hand had the following tracks:


Wings of a Dove (Blue Train Mix), Behind The 8 Ball, One’s Second Thoughtlessness.
The two 7″ singles with the different picture sleeve fetch around 2-4 UK pounds, whilst the picture disc and 12″ fetch around 5-6 Pounds.


Was the month when the mellow “Yesterday’s Men” sprang into the UK top 40 charts. The group’s drop inpopularity was starting to show at this point, with the song only reaching a top chart position of number 18.

Three versions of the single were released. These were:


7″ Yesterday’s Men/All I Knew

2* 7″ Yesterday’s Men/All I Knew(square picture disc)/Yesterday’s Men (harmonica mix)/It Must be Love(live)(double pack)
12″ Yesterday’s Men(extended)/All I Knew/Yesterday’s Men(demo)
Collectors will probably find the 7″ release for sale at around 2-4 UK pounds, the double 7″ pack at around 8-10 pounds, and the 12″ for sale at around 4-5 pounds.


Witnessed the re-issue of “One Step Beyond”, “Absolutely”, and “Madness 7” by Virgin Records. All 3 re-issues fetch a mere 4-5 pounds on 12″.


The new issue of “NUT INC”, Issue 6 is available now…

“NUT INC” is a quaterly fanzine for “Madness”, “The Nutty Boys”/”Crunch”, “Fat” and any other Madness associated groups although the group mainly covers Madness.

Features include “The Madness Story So Far” (giving details of the group’s first meetings), readers accounts of gigs, meeting members of Madness, interviews, cuttings, pictures, and a nutty punters page (send in those pics!).

The fanzine “NUT INC” is in an A5 format. More details relating to the fanzine (back issues etc) can be gleened from the editor at the address below.

[REMOVED 2013]

To ensure a reply please send a stamped addressed envelope.


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