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Madpost – April 1996

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Madpost – April 1996

Well, another month comes along, and with it, a whole bunch of new maddie fans ready to join in the action on our mailing list.

You may notice that this posting is ALOT shorter than the ones posted in previous months. Well, I decided that most of you had read what was in the two LARGE text files that I posted to you, and I’m sure that for most of you having some large files like that in your e-mail folders started to become rather annoying. So, here is the new shortened monthly posting full of as much news/gossip as I could get my hands on.

If you’re new, and would like to have a copy of the two Madness info files then e-mail me and I’ll reply by sending you them.

Happy reading,




Well, I’m sure that most keen readers of this mailing list can’t have failed to notice that there have been postings to the group concerning a possible Madstock 3 sometime in June or July.

The last week of March saw/heard a number of rumours from a number of news papers, and a certain radio station stating the possibility of the (never to be repeated “hmmmm”) show. The mailing list was going mad with members saying that this would be an ideal occasion for a mailing list meet up. And why not?

This week has been a totally different story. With the last bunch of university mailing list members off home for easter the traffic has dropped (but not stopped). Inbar has decided that this is one concert he can’t afford to miss, and is dying for more information so that he can leave the army for a week or so, and come over to England to see the concert.

As soon as anyone hears anything more about the concert, please mail it to the group for us all to read.




Well, it’s taken a fair while but, halfway through last month, the number of members on the mailing list passed the big five-oh mark!!

I have a feeling that the majority of mailing list members are happy just to sit back and watch the flames fly whilst the rest of us argue/chat etc.

Heres to the next 50! Lets hope it doesn’t take quite so long. With some great web pages advertising the list, and more people subscribing weekly, I’m sure it won’t take too long.




Not happy with just the original Madness playing Madness songs? Fear not, there seem to be a whole host of Madness cover bands in England and Oz that are more than happy to keep the spirit of Madness alive by putting on gigs and doing covers of top Madness tunes.

Some of the cover groups even dress up in the style of Madness with thier tartan suits and daft hats.

The topic of Madness cover bands seems to have got the month off to quite a lively start, no doubt it will continue.




I’m currently designing a Madness quiz of approximately 20 questions that will increase in difficulty as the further you go into the quiz.

If I get a good response from everyone I’ll post the top 3 winners to the group, and also a list of answers. This should give some of you a chance to be famous, as well as providing you with some interesting/daft facts about the group.


At present I’m not sure what I’ll be including in next months posting, but if anyone has ANY ideas/contibutions then just give me an e-mail and I’ll see what we can do.

See you on the list,



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