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Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da

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October 29th 2012. The 10th Madness album is released. Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da.

Featuring 11 new songs on gatefold vinyl, (and 3 additional bonus tracks on the CD and downloads).

Buy it now from Amazon, i tunes, HMV and all good stores. 5 track preveiws from Spotify via www.madness.co.uk

1. My Girl 2 (Barson) 2. Never Knew Your Name. (Barson) 3. La Luna (McPherson/Foreman) 4. How Can I Tell You (McPherson/Smyth) 5. Kitchen Floor (D Woodgate N Woodgate) 6. Misery (Smyth) 7. Leon (D Woodgate N Woodgate) 8. Circus Freaks (Thompson/D Woodgate) 9. So Alive (Smyth) 10. Small World (D Woodgate) 11. Death of a Rude Boy (Smyth)

Bonus. 12. Powder Blue (Mcpherson/Barson)  13. Black and Blue (Barson)  14. My Girl 2 (Version)

The album is Produced by: Track 1 Liam Watson – Tracks 2,4 & 11 Stephen Street
– Track 3 John Avia & Charlie Andrew – Tracks 5,6,8 & 9 Owen Morris –
Tracks 7,10 & 13 Charlie Andrew – Tracks 12 & 14 Clive Langer & Charlie Andrew
Mixing by Cenzo Townshend

“My Girl 2” is a Motown inspired simple love song stomp in dedication of Mikes new joy in life. It is the source of the life affirming chant of multilingual Yesses that begins the album in a repeated shout out of the title. “Never Knew your name” is a Disco strings ballroom sway tinged with heart dropping sadness of a chance meeting and what could have beens. “La Luna” featuring Mariachi band El Bronx is a stirring spanish lullabye with chilling turns of a haunted conscience. “How Can I Tell You” moves from slow to rapid pop, scattering paternal advice in a classic 3 minute pop nugget. “Kitchen Floor”  laid back sexy reggae purrfection. “Misery” Cheer up infectious singalong traditional piano crowdaround, have a smile and a banana. “Leon” Beatles-esque schoolyard dreaming displacement & power wishing in a great arrangement. “Circus Freaks” Classic wonderful era sounding Madness, on the tragic tale of a lost Camden pop heroine. “So Alive” Danceable pop meets love ballad crooning. “Small World” Stirring shoe gazing reflection on modern social communication and unrest,  in simple dub beats building into bigger sweeping choruses. “Death of A Rude Boy” Dangermen era sounding shouty dubreggae with depth of feeling and echoes of The Specials bravely updated inline with modern artists like Plan B.

With additional Bonus Tracks. “Powder blue” a slow fuzzed guitar wander lost into a blissed out state of ending a perfect day curling up. “Black and Blue” Wind beaten by life lyrics atop a bouncy barso bumpercar sound. Lastly an alternative reprise of the leading track, differing from the clean single version, ends the album with one more chant and a more looser take on the tune, showcasing  a great on form band rocking out vibe.

UK Record Label partners Cooking Vinyl took over a pub in Camden for the launch. Renaming The Monarch to The Madness for the day. Showcasing Peter Blakes mocking album artwork on the indecision of Madness over titles for the project, they plasterd the pub with bunting, beer mats, posters, balloons and a new front. On the day the band showcased the album via the i tunes festival online, releasing a live EP.

Further showcases on Radio 2 and Later with Jools Holland have taken place.  With coverage continuing on all media.

Tracks from the album will be played At Butlins House of Fun Weekender, and on the largest ever UK Tour  “The Charge of The Mad Brigade” This Winter. With further album promotion into 2013, including France and USA and around the world.

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