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1 - THE EDITOR WRITES - This weeks news and information in brief.

2 - MUSIC CYBERNEWS - Want to get your hands on some of that
    hard-to-find Madness merchandise you've been trying to track
    down for years? Well, your search may finally be at an end. VIP
    Events' Rob Lythall is here with the latest record fair news and

3 - ONE STEP BEYOND VINYL RE-ISSUE - Taken from the Camden Madness
    website, run and maintained by Total Madness Mailing List
    subscriber, Adele Hargreaves.

4 - MEN AT WORK - Many of you will know that The famous Dublin Castle
    pub had some major refurbishment work lined up. Here's TMML
    subscriber, Pete Bament with some more details.

5 - MADNESS WEEKEND 2001 - Over on The Total Madness Mailing List
    there has been continued talk of organising a Madness weekend
    sometime in 2001 with a number of people suggesting that we
    should even have one staged somewhere outside London just for a

6 - WHAT A LOAD OF BALLOTS - Yes, it's voting time again. But wait,
    before you all run a mile screaming "Not another, vote for your
    favourite album", have a read - this one's actually quite good!
    Iain Mason reports...

7 - I'D LIKE TO THANK THE BBC... Thanks and closing words.


Evening fellow Maddies,

It's been a really quiet week on the net with Madness news, gossip
and chat being almost none existent. I'm assuming that most people
have been out enjoying the summer weather, doing their best to keep
away from the computer keyboards.

With that being the situation, this week's edition of the MIS
Bulletin is a little short on news. Hopefully this won't spoil your
weekly slice of Madness too much.

A few weeks back you may recall MIS Online and TMML subscriber,
Vincent Carden setting up a competition to name the forthcoming
album from The Velvet Ghost. The winning title may not make it on to
the cover of the new album, but a prize would be winging its way
towards the man or woman with the writing flair. Vince has asked me
to remind everyone that the last day for getting your entries to him
is Monday 31st July. If you've yet to take part but are planning to,
send your entries (maximum of two per person) to Vince at the
following address: dripfedvin at yahoo.com
Once all the entries are in, they will be sent over to Cathal for him
to rummage through before deciding on a winner.

Some band news now, and it looks like there could be yet another
Madness tribute band currently doing the rounds with the ones we are
already familiar with. TMML subscriber Sophie Nicolas reports that;

     "A Madness tribute band called Cairo East
      were playing in Danson Park in Bexleyheath
      (last night - 29th) and just wondered if
      anyone had heard of them or went to the gig.

      I only found out about it today so was too
      late to get tickets but I was at a friends
      in Bexleyheath and it's near to the park so
      we could hear them quite well in the garden.

      They played House of Fun, My Girl, It Must
      be Love, Driving in My Car and Shut Up.

      I hadn't heard of them before they were pretty

      Should have played a longer set but had to
      make way for a terrible Abba tribute".

Many thanks to Sophie for the info.

Can you help a fellow Maddie in distress? Well, you may be able to
if you have a copy of both of the songs that Suggs performed at the
recent `Party in the Park`, held in London's Hyde Park. MIS Online
subscriber and `Madness Unsugged` editor, Vincent Carden would like
to add these tracks to his collection. If you can lend a hand,
please contact Vince at the following address:
dripfedvin at yahoo.com

Moving swiftly on, and Adele Hargreaves of The Total Madness Mailing
List reports that the BBC documentary, "Young Guns", featuring
Madness will now be aired on Wednesday, September 27th at 9:45pm on
BBC2. Don't miss this one as it's sure to be essential viewing! Many
thanks to Adele for keeping us all up-to-date.

Following in the footsteps of France-based, Ska news, Bob Timm at
about.com tells us that;

     "Had a nice little chat with The Velvet Ghost
      [last weekend], so expect that story/interview
      soon. It will include audio clips of Mr. Smyth
      discussing Madness status and all his plans
      for his new projects. He even picked up an
      acoustic guitar to demonstrate a couple of
      new tunes.

      Very strange indeed to be on the phone early
      on a Sunday morning and having Chas Smash
      singing to you on the other end"

Many thanks to Bob Timm for whetting our appetites. For more
information, please visit www.about.com or contact Bob Timm at the
following address: ska.guide at about.com

And with that, lets get underway with this week's news!

Try to stay awake ;-)

All the best,

Robert Hazelby (MIS Online Editor)


Want to get your hands on some of that hard-to-find Madness
merchandise you've been trying to track down for years? Well, your
search may finally be at an end.

Thanks to Rob Lythall at VIP Events for passing on the details below
you've now got some dates to scribble in your diaries...


The National Indoor Arena, Birmingham (UK) Sat & Sun 7th & 8th

Join thousands of music fans at this established 'BIG FAIR' venue,
where you'll find lots of specialist VIP dealers along with many
fresh faces.  If you like our two-day shows in London and Glasgow
then this is the one for you - the second city's major show of the
year. Parking and cafe on site, easy unloading for traders, tables
just £100 for the two days.


The Wembley Music Fair 25th & 26th November. Wembley Exhibition
Halls, London

This is the UK's only GIANT annual event and one of the largest and
busiest fairs in the world. The successful show attracts buyers and
sellers from all over the UK, Europe, America, Japan and Australia.

At the fair you will be able to buy and sell CDs and vinyl PLUS
autographs, memorabilia, books, videos, tapes, posters, T-shirts,
badges, promos and anything to do with music.

Tables only £140 for the show - meet all the main contacts, under
one roof

Prince Memorabilia Sale - sanctioned by Paisley Park
New area for CLUB CHOONZ - dance, rave, garage, black music etc.
New area for FAN CLUBS - discounted rates available, please email
wembley at vip-24.com for more details.

Wembley 2000 is sponsored by VIP-24.COM and RECORD BUYER & MUSIC

For up to the minute V.I.P Event information on all forthcoming
record fairs, please contact Rob Lythall at rob at vip-24.com


The following is taken from the Camden Madness website which is run
an maintained by Total Madness Mailing List subscriber, Adele

Here's a chance to get proper vinyl again brand new!

Past & Present are re-issuing One Step Beyond the way music should
be, lovely black vinyl :o)

The album will be released mid September, and pressed on 180 gram
heavyweight vinyl, packaged in a thick sleeve, and wrapped in a
protective Past & Present stickered PVC sleeve.

The price will be £15.99 to £16.99, depending on which record
emporium will stock it. The album will up on the Past & Present
website soon, so people can order online for £15.99 (plus postage).

If you've not yet visited the Camden Madness website, it's well
worth visiting even if you only check out the news section. Simply
point your browser to: http://www.camden-madness.co.uk


Those of you who made it along to the recent Ian Dury day will
probably know that the Dublin Castle pub was due to have some serious
restoration work undertaken on its interior (and not before time!).
Here's TMML subscriber Pete Bament with some more details;

     "I am currently working at London zoo for the summer,
      so I have the privilege of walking past the DC twice
      a day until September!

      It looks in a bit of a bad way from what I have been
      able to see through the door, and the sign says on
      the window that it will be open within 5-6 weeks,
      although I don't know when the sign was put up. The
      outside has not been touched though, so it still has
      the same look.

      I will continue to keep you posted as things happen,
      and then hopefully it will be open before I finish
      at the zoo, so I can have drinkies there before I
      have to return to university".

Many thanks to Pete for the info.


Over on The Total Madness Mailing List there has been continued talk
of organising a Madness weekend sometime in 2001 with a number of
people suggesting that we should even have one staged somewhere
outside London just for a change.

Here's the TMML's Chris Mountain;

     "Keep the Madness weekend ideas coming in.

      Not interested in who thought of it first, the
      point is to get the idea off the ground this

      London is not a favourite place , nor the mad
      walk either.

      All the madmeets are there and will be in the

      This is for something different for once.

      Blackpool is the early leader at the moment.

      Keep the CONSTRUCTIVE ideas coming".

On the other hand, a number of the online Madness community enjoy
re-visiting the many famous Madness sites around England's
capital, and it turns out that we may be able to have a Madness day
in London, with a tribute band, 3 course meal, hired hotel suite for
under £50 per head.

Here's Pete Bament with some further information;

     "I saw on the tube, as other people who work in
      London may have done....

      There's an advert for an Abba Event, which
      includes a 3 course meal, an Abba tribute band
      and then a '70's disco for after, all for £48.
      It also said on the poster that they can do other
      things for private parties, and one of the ones
      listed was Madness.

      The venues are mostly in the West End of London,
      and I don't think they include a night too, as
      most of them are at hotels.

      They run throughout the year, but the price goes
      up to £58 during December. What does everyone

      I wonder what the quality of the band would be...?"

Meanwhile, TMML subscriber Rob Wardlaw suggests that whatever is
organised, we should all stay at the same hotel for the duration of
the weekend. Would any place be mad enough to have us?! Rob also
suggested way back in March when were all disappointed at the news
that there would be no Madstock this year & were looking for possible
alternatives that a Madness convention could be organised so we can
all set up stalls displaying all our madness goodies / collections
etc, & items could be bought, sold, swopped etc....then in the
evening head for some food.....then drink....& possibly even book a
madness tribute band

It seems that Chris Mountain is the chap who is compiling all the
suggestions for being bounced around at the moment. If you have
something valid to suggest, please get in touch with Chris Mountain
at the following address: 106754.420 at compuserve.com as I'm sure he'd
like to hear from you.

Many thanks to Chris, Rob and Pete for the information.


Hey folks,

Seeing as it's so quiet around these parts at the mo, how about we
have another vote? No wait, come back...

Seeing as the band have sported a wide variety of outfits/characters
in their videos over the years, I wondered what was everyone's
favourite (forgive me, it gets awfully lonely here in the office after

Is it Lee as a bumble bee? Barso as a copper? Bedders as a daffodil?
Suggs in a pith helmet? Or perhaps the sight of Carl in that fetching
businessman's garb in Cardiac Arrest really tickled yer fancy?

Whatever your choice, mail me your top TWO outfits/characters etc

iain.mason at the-sun.co.uk

How about a closing date of midnight next Saturday August 5th - that
sound OK? I'll publish the Top 10 the following week - providing I
get that many votes.

And remember, e-mail me OFFLIST!

Iain Mason (iain.mason at the-sun.co.uk)


Many thanks to everyone who's material appears in this edition of
the MIS.

Special thanks to Simsey who put in the typing effort for his review
of the recent Crunch weekend, but sadly missed the deadline before
last weeks edition went out.

As always, I'm after any Madness related material for publishing in
future editions of the MIS. If you have anything you think would be
of interest to the other Madness fans out there, please send it in.

In the meantime, please have a think about the MADNESS WEEKEND 2001
and send any ideas and suggestions to Chris Mountain. I know next
year seems a fair way off, but an event like this needs some major

Whilst you're at it, drop Iain Mason an e-mail with your two top
outfits/characters. This should be one interesting ballot!

Well, that's about it from me. So until next week I bid you

All the best,

Robert Hazelby
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