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1 - THE EDITOR WRITES - This weeks news and information in brief.

2 - MADNESS DOWN AT LP6.CO.UK - Website and gig news from one of the
    newest tribute bands on the scene - Los Palmas 6.

3 - ZARJAZZ NEW WEB SITE! - 2000MAD - Jonathan Young reports on a new
    website he's putting together, based on that Madness off-shoot, 
    The Fink Brothers. 

4 - MADNESS RECORD LIBRARY - Taken from issue 16 of the Madness 
    fanzine, Nut Inc. This issue, 1982's "Driving in my Car" and its
    b-side "Animal Farm" come under the spotlight.

5 - MADNESS RARITIES FOR SALE - After a break of a number of months, 
    www.nuttyboys.com have returned with their latest batch of 
    Madness rarities for sale.

6 - TIME - Thanks and closing words


Afternoon all,

Welcome to a slightly earlier than usual edition of the MIS Bulletin.

I've decided to take advantage of the extra day the bank holiday
weekend has given me by decorating one of my rooms. Unfortunately
the room in question has my computer set up in it meaning that it's
going to have to be packed-up whilst the wall-paper goes up and the
paint goes on. So, as soon as this issue gets blasted out across the
void of The Internet I'll be breaking my back. Anyway, enough of my 
exciting weekend, lets get on with this weeks edition...

It looks like everyone is out enjoying what remains of the summer,
as this week seems to be very much like the last with very little 
going on at all.

Still, it's not all doom and gloom, we've still got a packed issue
of the MIS this week, so sit back with your bottle of San Miguel,
relax, and read on...

First up, and Ska New's very own Jean-Pierre Boutellier informs me
that you can now view a number of Chris Foreman interviews taken in
February and November 1994 on the website. The interviews are in
English and French, and can be reached by pointing your browser over
to: http://skanews.net or http://perso.club-internet.fr/skanews/
Many thanks to Jean-Pierre for the info.

Some birthday news now, and Total Madness Mailing List subscriber,
HJ was kind enough to remind us that on Thursday 24th a certain
Mark Bedford celebrated his birthday. As TMML subscriber Tony 
Karasch rightly says; "Keep on bendin` those nutty base strings".
Hope you managed to take some time out of your busy schedule to 
enjoy the day!

Many of you will probably be aware that Radio Two DJ, Jonathan Ross
is a big Madness fan, who regularly airs classic Madness tracks
during his Saturday morning music/chat show. Yesterday's (26th) show
had amongst it's guest line-up, comedian Phil Jupitus who among other
things plugged his appearance at the Reading Festival. Jonathan asked
him about his role, supporting Madness during last years Christmas
tour. Phil replied by saying that he went on stage every evening and
got shouted at for 10 minutes before the band came on. Both Phil and
Jonathan had nothing but praise for Madness, saying that they were
one of Britains greatest pop-groups. Phil Jupitus will be staging a
short 3-day stint in London's West End this coming week. 

It's not very often these days that the long-running BBC music show,
Top of the Pops is worth a look, but this coming Wednesday's special
may actually be worth plonking yourself in front of the telly for.
Wee Stoo of The Total Madness Mailing List reports that on Wednesday
on BBC2 there will be a Robbie Williams Special where the former
Take-That singer talks amongst other things, about his favourite
archive clips from TOTP, which include songs from Tight Fit, Take
That, and of course, Madness. Many thanks to Wee Stoo for the info.

And with that, on with the articles...

Enjoy the read,

Robert Hazelby (MIS Online Editor)


Some website news now, and Steve Turner of top tribute band Los 
Palmas 6 reports that;

     "Our all new LP6 website is up and running (almost). 
      Please feel free to check it out at www.lp6.co.uk.
      Any feedback would be greatfully accepted.  

      We performed our first big theatre gig last week in
      the Wyverne Theatre, Swindon.  It was surprisingly 
      great fun (especially due to the huge stage).  
      If anyone reading this was there please send any 
      comments to lospalmas6 at hotmail.com. We had virtually
      everyone up and dancing in the isles and Steve 'Chas 
      Splat' Kurz had a whale of a time using a 40ft stage 
      to strut his stuff. We named him Chas Splat as when
      we were on tour in Germany, he took to leaping off 
      the stage during Mummys Boy when it goes mad at the 
      end.  Unfortunately for him he slipped on a spilt 
      pint and 'Chas Splat' was born !! (if you haven't yet
      seen our 7th members' feet move - then please come 
      and see him)".

Forthcoming gigs are as follows...

Gig Guide
    Aug 25th   Litten Tree - Worthing
        26th   Durrington Club - Durrington
        27th   The Old Forge - Devises
   Sept 2nd    Goring Con Club - Worthing
        15th   Club M - Luton
        30th   The Phoenix - Staines
   Oct  12th   Lees Cliff theatre - Folkestone
        19th   Walkabout - Cardiff
        20th   WMC - Maidenhead
        21st   Manning's - Great Yarmouth
        27th   Brewhouse Theatre - Taunton

Steve also tells me that there are no many gigs in September because
he's getting married and having a long honeymoon. We wish Steve and 
his wife to be all the best.

For more information, please contact Steve Turner at the following
address: lospalmas6 at hotmail.com

Many thanks to Steve for the continued bulletins - much appreciated!!


With so many excellent Madness webs sites, fan sites, band sites, 
covering most spin off projects out there, I thought The Fink 
Brothers spin off deserved a second look. There is a little more to 
this project than I first thought.....

As well as a guide to the Fink Brothers record you will also find...

- Rare pictures of Madness (well Suggs and Carl) in the guise of the
  Fink Brothers characters.

- The inspiration behind the record, 2000ad, Judge Dredd and the Fink 
  Brothers mutant characters are explained.

- An interview with the Fink Brothers from 1985.

- See 2000AD Prog 403 which Madness launched the record in, with a 
  familiar cover!

- See extracts from some of the actual Judge Dredd strips read by 
  Suggs and Carl that gave them the idea to write this single and 
  call themselves FINK.

- (Up soon!) See pictures of a character named after Suggs!

- A competition to win Fink brothers stuff!

This and other Nonsense at www.2000mad.20m.com

Feedback, Congratulations, abuse and competition entries to 
Jonsmad at hotmail.com

Cheers JON


Title: Driving in my Car/Animal Farm        Label: Stiff
Released: July 1982                         Chart Pos: #4

Madness were arguably at their peak during the summer of 1982. The 
boys had just accomplished their first number one single with `House
of Fun` and the album and video versions of `Complete Madness` were
still at the top of their respective charts. Madness were also top
of the bill at the Prince's Trust Gala, the same month `Driving in
My Car` was released.

The new single, though, was met with a muted response from the music
press and fans alike. The song was an ode to that 1950's car, the
Morris Minor. The car was pivotal to the formation of Madness
because an early incarnation of the band were named `Morris and The
Minors`, and Mike's ex-G.P.O van ferried the band from one hectic gig
to another during the heady days of 1979.

At a time when Madness were trying to shake off their `Nutty` tag and
wanted to be taken slightly more serious, `Driving in my Car` 
defeated the object and re-enforced a lot of music critics idea of 
them as a `novelty` act, but the original idea for the song was a lot
more surreal, Bedders; "Mike's original for the `Driving in my Car`
was that during the song he'd switch on the radio and hear another
song. Then he'd re-tune and there'd be another one, and so on. I 
often wonder what would have happened if we'd been a bit more 
courageous with the ideas."

The flipside, `Animal Farm`, was named after the George Orwell novel
of the same name, and the track was as radical as anything by avant
garde artists like `Throbbing Gristle`. The song was a warp mix of
`Tomorrow's Dream`, and the subject matter concerned animal 
vivisection. This was `serious Madness`, as eerie and scary as The
Special AKA's recent single about rape, `The Boiler`. This track was
a sound of things to come.

The extra track on the 12-inch version was `Riding on my Bike` which
was a variation of the A-side and highlighted the band's new obsession
with racing bikes! The vocal was handled by Lee (his first outing
since `Benny Bullfrog` on the `7` LP) and the following month Lee,
Chrissy Boy and Bedders took part in a bike ride for charity, as part
of the Radio One Roadshow.

Taken from the current edition of `Nut Inc`.

For more information regarding the `Nut Inc` fanzine, please visit 
the fanzines section on the MIS Online website, or write to the 
editor, Stuart Wright, at:

     NUT INC,
     C/O Stuart Wright,
     29 Hollidge Way,
     Dagenham, Essex,
     RM10 9SP,


After a break of a number of months, www.nuttyboys.com have returned
with their latest batch of Madness rarities for sale.

The list I have received is quite extensive, and as such, I have 
only listed the items that have really stood out. For a complete 
list, or to purchase one of the items below, please contact:
sales at nuttyboys.com

[MADNESS] In The Zone Radio Concert Broadcast CD
Westwood One - SHOW #97-45 / US / CD Album
Description : MEGA RARE Promotional Concert Broadcast from Nov 3 
1997, including House Of Fun, My Girl, Our House, One Step Beyond
+ more. DJ broadcast sheet included.
Sales Price US $98.73
Condition : EX/EX [USED]

[MADNESS] Wonderful
Virgin Records - CDV2889 / UK / CD Album
Description : EXTREMELY RARE Promotional Gold CD-R Acetate for the
new 1999 album Wonderful, includes custom sleeve with track listing 
and copyright information.
Sales Price US $100.00
Condition : M/M [NEW]

[SUGGS] The Tune
WEA Records - WEA031CDDJ / UK / CD PROMO Single
Description : Rare PROMO CD single written by Mike Barson (Madness)
Mixed by Sly & Robbie
Sales Price US $28.00
Condition : EX/EX [NEW]

[MADNESS] It Must Be Love
Victor / Stiff Records - VIPX-1730 / JP / 7" Single
Description : ULTRA RARE Japanese 7" Single. Original sleeve and 
diecut. Never played B/w Tommorow's Just Another Day
Sales Price US $50.00
Condition : M/M [USED]

[MADNESS] Un Paso Adelante (One Step Beyond)
Stiff Records - MO1922 / SP / 7" Single
Description : RARE 1980 Spanish 7" Single featuring Un Paso Adelante
(One Step Beyond) sung by Chas Smash in Spanish B/w Mistakes (Errors)
Sales Price US $45.00
Condition : M/VG [USED]

Many thanks to www.nuttyboys.com for keeping us up-to-date.

[6] -  TIME

That pretty much wraps it up for this weeks edition of the MIS. Many
thanks to everyone who contributed.

If you have anything you feel would be worth submitting for a future
issue, please get in touch with me right away and I'll be more than
happy to include it.

And with that, I'm off to do the decorating - what joy!

All the best,

Robert Hazelby
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