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1 - THE EDITOR SPEAKS - Latest news in brief.

2 - DON'T WATCH THAT, WATCH THIS - After eager anticipation, the
    promotional material for Adrian Thrills' new Madness book
    arrived through the post. Read all about it!

3 - LOS PALMAS 6 - LATEST NEWS - The Los Palmas 6 Steve Turner is
    here with the latest band progress, tour details and even a
    possible name change!

4 - IAN DURY BENEFIT IN NEW YORK CITY - Planned for May 17th, this
    looks like being the Stateside answer to Scatty's Ian Dury and
    Madness day planned for us UK based Mads.

    of you know that a Madness TV show was in the pipeline. Here,
    Stuart Wright goes back into the archives to find out just how
    far the show got before vanishing from view altogether.

6 - THIS IS YOUR LIFE - Towards the start of the week, Maddies able
    to pick-up BBC1 were treated to a Madness-tinged edition of the
    ongoing show, `This is Your Life`. For those of you unfamiliar
    with the show I'll explain...

7 - THE BEST BRITISH BRAND EVER - It looks like Mark Bedford has
    been busy using his design talents as once again we get the
    chance to sample some Bedders CD sleeves. Here's Jenny Payne
    with the details...

8 - THREE HOURS OF MADNESS - Following his recent reviews of the
    fantastic `Nutty Sounds` CDs, MIS Online subscriber Nahuel
    Foppoli returns with news that there's a new Madness bootleg
    video doing the rounds. Nahuel investigates.

9 - GOODNIGHT, GOD BLESS YOU ALL - Thanks and closing words.


Yet another quiet week in the Madness community and again, news is
a little on the thin side. Where are you all? Wake up!!

Still, the Madness scene hasn't totally died as I've managed to
round-up the majority of this week's gossip for you all to digest.

Following last week's release of the excellent Madness fanzine, `Nut
Inc`, Stuart Wright, the editor reports that all those people still
waiting for their copy can stop panicking. The issues are despatched
in batches and the final batch is due to be sent out this coming
week. Trust me when I say that it's worth the wait.

Other Nut Inc news is that Stuart has been attempting to get up to
speed on this whole PC malarky by borrowing his 12 year-old nephew's
computer a couple of nights a week. Stuart is using this time to
type up masses of material for the next edition of the fanzine. I
recently spoke to Stuart who told me that `The next edition of Nut
Inc is almost ready to go to the printers. It's an Ian Dury tribute
edition and should be released in the next 3 - 4 weeks".

Obviously, as soon as Nut Inc 16 is released, we'll be reviewing it

Birthday news now, and on Thursday a certain Michael Barson
celebrated his 42nd birthday. Thanks to Patrick Nolan of the Total
Madness Mailing List for jogging our memories!

For most of us, the long Easter weekend is the first break we've had
since Christmas, and some people are determined to make the most of
it. This weekend saw the second Mc Madmeet, a two day affair,
starting on Good Friday and going on till the Saturday. I think the
Sunday is being used for recovery purposes! I'm sure Wee Stoo or Mr.
G will be letting us know what went on shortly.

Moving on to this week's edition of the MIS now and as usual, we've
another issue packed to the brim with the latest Madness news and

We've got the latest promotional news for the forthcoming Madness
book by Adrian Thrills, entitled `Don't Watch That, Watch This!". Not
due out until November, we give you the opportunity to see just what
the book will contain as well as a transcription of the blurb from
the book sleeve!

Further on and Steve Turner from the Madness tribute band is here
with the latest band happenings and tells us that they may have to
change their name to `Los Palmas 7`. If you're after a live slice
of Madness, then this is for you!

Elsewhere, and we have some brief news of an Ian Dury gig to be
held in New York City in May. Obviously this is exciting news for
our Stateside Madness and Ian Dury fans.

With the release of Nut Inc 15 last week, editor in-chief, Stuart
Wright has kindly given permission to transcribe one of the many
excellent articles for your reading-pleasure. Find out just what
happened to this legendary Madness TV show.

A great deal of you were probably glued to the last show in the
series of `This is Your Life` earlier in the week with the famous
Suggs getting his grips on that red book. For those of you who
missed the show, you can still get a taste of what went on by
visiting Simon Roberts' website and downloading the first 4
minutes of the show or by rummaging through the many pictures he's
grabbed from the 30 minute programme.

If that wasn't enough, Jenny Payne and Peter Gardner bring us news
that Mark Bedford is busy putting together the cover for the new
Dr. Martens album featuring amongst many artists - Madness!

And finally, Nahuel Foppoli returns with a review of a new Madness
bootleg video that contains over 3 hours worth of footage!

So, with that, lets get started!

Enjoy the read,

Robert Hazelby (MIS Online Editor)


Don't Watch That, Watch This!: The Official Story of Madness
                     by Adrian Thrills

Oh what fun they had . . .

They were the Nutty Boys who invented the heavy heavy monster sound.
Madness emerged from North London in 1978 and rapidly became arguably
the best-loved British pop institution since the Beatles. Comedic,
gleeful singles such as `The Prince`, `Baggy Trousers` and `House of
Fun` gave them 22 Top-20 hits, and transported them from a makeshift
rehearsal room in Crouch End to the apex of the music world.

Yet Madness were always more than just pop funsters. They were a band
with an itchy social conscience and also a dark, melancholy side; a
group prone to internal; ructions and divisions, who once spent an
acrimonious Australian tour travelling to shows on separate vehicles.

Don't Watch That, Watch This! is the official story of Madness: from
early 2-Tone revival days, via their role as pop video pioneers, to
their ill-fated attempt to run their own record label, and their
mysterious split in 1986. It also reveals what happened during the
wilderness period before their reunion in 1999 to record Wonderful -
their first studio album in fourteen years.

Adrian Thrills was the first journalist to write about Madness,
during his days on New Musical Express. He has charted the band's
fortunes since their earliest gigs in London and has worked closely
with them on Don't Watch That, Watch This! He's never, as far as he
knows, been to Orange Street.

 Madness are the most British of British bands. The North London crew
first emerged in the punk years of the late seventies, when their
musical fusion of ska, reggae and music hall, allied with a
perceptive eye for detail and the minutiae of urban and suburban
everyday life, won them a host of admirers. A string of Top 10 hits
followed - Embarrassment, Baggy Trousers, It Must be Love, My Girl;
Madness are truly one of the great Eighties bands, but ten years
later began the annual Madstock reunion gigs which soon became one of
the festival highlights of the summer. In 1999, twenty years since
they first got together, the band reformed to release a new album,
Wonderful and play a series of UK dates climaxing in two nights at
Wembley. Madness are back? It's like they never went away.

 Adrian Thrills paid to get in to the first ever Madness gig, back in
the halcyon days of punk. Since then he has remained a determined
advocate and fierce supporter of the band, and has never wavered from
his love for them both during his years as staff writer on the New
Musical Express and in his current incarnation as pop critic of The
Daily Mail. Adrian is no stranger to the occasional embarrassment
and, for his sins, boasts a wardrobe crammed with baggy trousers.

- A fully official biography of one of Britains best-loved and most
  influential singles bands

- Madness have now reformed and released a successful album entitled
  `Wonderful` as well as playing major sell-out concert dates.

- Madness will support and promote this fully authorised history.

- Adrian Thrills has been a major advocate and supporter of the band
  from their very first, 1979 gig through his career on the NME until


 TITLE:           Don't Watch That, Watch This!
 SUBTITLE:        The Official Story of Madness
 AUTHOR:          Adrian Thrills
 PUB DATE:        9 November 2000
 IMPRINT:         Virgin/General
 CATEGORY:        Music/Biography
 RIGHTS:          World
 TITLE ORIGIN:    Original
 PAGES:           272
 PRICE:           £14.99
 ILLUSTRATIONS:   2 x 8pp b/w photographs
 FORMAT:          PB
 SIZE:            234 X 153 mm

My thanks go to Jake Stavrinides at Virgin publishing for providing
the promotional details.


Hi all,

Just to let you know a few interesting bits.

We're playing a benefit gig at Yates Wine Bar in Worthing on July 4th
in aid of Cancer research to pay tribute to the late great Ian Dury.
All are welcome, however it's only got a capacity of 400 and last
time we played there, they shut the doors at 9:15 as it was full.

We have now finished learning Drip Fed Fred, and if I don't say so
myself we do it very well !!

We are going to the Middle East in September, but final details are
yet to be confirmed so I will let you know nearer the time

We have found our Chas Smash. At a gig recently a cool dude came up
the front and started the most amazing Madness dancing. He was
kitted up in all the gear, so after the show I spoke to him and he
now dances on stage at most of our gigs wearing a grey tail suit with
all the clown style makeup. He also sings, skats and is learning the
trumpet - authenticity at its best.

We may now have to change our name to The Los Palmas 7!

Apologies to any fans who came to see us at the Walkabout in
Lancaster on the 13th April as we weren't there. Our drummer had an
accident (a metal splinter in his eye) and we had no choice other
than to pull the gig. We will be there in June (date to follow).

We have a new (huge) PA and a new lighting rig + a new gig bus so
we're cleaned out but rairing to go.

The gig list for the next few weeks...

    28th The Portland Hove
    29th Queens Hall Haverford West
    30th Walkabout Birmingham
    1st  Jumping Jacks Hemel Hempsted
    5th  Venue 27 Luton
    6th  Twitten Club Southwick
    13th The Sussex Haywards Heath

Steve Turner (Los Palmas 6)
steve.turner at ukgateway.net


If things go according to plan us UK based Maddies can look forward
to Scatty's Madness day with all proceeds going towards the Cancer
Bacup charity in memory of Ian Dury.

Until now you Statesiders had one of two options, either stay in the
US and miss all the fun, or spend a small fortune on air fares and
hotel accommodation. Well, things have now changed.

Tony Judge of `The Official Stiff Records` home page
(www.bestiff.co.uk) sent me the following details;

WE fans of Ian's are organising a tribute knees up. Date is May 17th
at a venue in downtown Manhattan, NoMooreBlues.com.

We are looking for images, posters of past incarnations of Ian, i.e.
Kilburn or Blockhead concert tours etc. and anything else, can you
help? The proceeds will be sent to the Liver Cancer Charity in the
UK who's exact address has at this hour slid off my memory banks,
heavy weather, marked interference etc.



For more information, Nick can be contacted at the following address:
nickandmartah at email.msn.com


Taken from issue 15 of Nut Inc...

In 1982, when Madness are arguably at the peek of their popularity,
plans were afoot to build a TV show around them and make them the
80's equivalent of the Monkees. They certainly has the humour, energy
and camaraderie to be a raging success on the telly, especially
judging by their videos where they proved just how they could project
themselves visually. Chrissy Boy takes up the story,

"The show `The Young Ones` was going to be called after our song
`House of Fun`. As a result of our appearance (on the show) Ben Elton
and Richard Curtis came up with a pilot TV show starring Madness. It
was about how we were left to run the country after Maggie Thatcher
was exposed as being an alien and had to return to Mars.

We'd do all these mad things and right at the end of the show, the
Queen would call us and say the miners were about to go on strike.
We'd ring them up and say `Come on boys, leave it out` and that
would be our way of running Britain. The scripts were really funny,
but unfortunately the show never got off the ground".

Throughout 1983 the band hinted that a TV show was on the cards.
Bedders was quoted as saying that the band should do "a fortnightly
TV show, as it would be the right move for the band to make" while
Lee said "If we ever get a series it would be a bit like `Benny Hill`
(without tits), mixed with `Monty Python` and `Minder`, but it will
be on cable knowing us".

During an interview with `Smash Hits` in February 1984 Suggs is
quoted as saying "... A few episodes have been written and now it's
got to be sold commercially as a package. So there's nothing in the
can, man!". Carl added that "... It's going to be filmed. It's going
to have us in it. It's going to be a bit of a sit-com satire about
the state of the nation, sort of like the Monkees!"

In the group's fan-mag, MIS #10, editor John Hasler reported that
"negotiations were in progress with the BBC concerning a Madness TV
series. For further developments watch your Radio Times". John
added that it would be around spring 1985 before anything happens.
By that time, Madness' own record label, Zarjazz was up and
running and it was never mentioned again.

Rumours abound that a pilot show was filmed but was abandoned
towards the end due to lack of interest from TV companies.

For Nut Inc subscription information, please write to:

Nut Inc,
C/O Stuart Wright,
29 Hollidge Way,
Dagenham, Essex,
RM10 9SP,

Or visit the fanzines section of the MIS website at:


Towards the start of the week, Maddies able to pick-up BBC1 were
treated to a Madness-tinged edition of the ongoing show, `This is
Your Life`. For those of you unfamiliar with the show I'll explain.
Each week a different celebrity is brought onto the show totally
unaware of what awaits them. The next half hour is then a walk
down memory lane, from the earliest days as a child, right up until
today. During the show, family and friends are brought on, reunited
with the celebrity and say a few interesting words of wisdom. The
last show in the series featured none other than Madness frontman,
Suggs along with friends, family and band members Woody, Lee, Bedders
and Chris.

For any self-respecting Madness fan, this was a show that you could
not afford to miss. And whilst at this present moment in time, we've
got no video duplicating operation up and running, those of you who
missed the show can at least get a taster of what went on. Here's
Simon Roberts;

     "You can see the first 4min 4secs of the show
      in Real video at: www.ntmml.co.uk/life/life1.rm

      It's only 2.4Mb and good quality as well. Save
      the location - don't stream it.

      I'll put out three 10 segments (around 6Mb each)
      when I get time later this week..

      Time is pressing atm so this was just a test..

      But at least you can see Suggs get the red book,
      Ann in tears with the kids.. plus some snippets
      of a 'Question of Pop', Night fever, etc..."

Simon also reports that;

      "I've put some grabs up of the show at:
       www.ntmml.co.uk (click on the pic) This includes
       Suggs in the 'early days' (Suggs baby! and a 5
       year old with Hector!)  Ann and the kids (Scarlett
       and Viva), Suggs' Mum and some of Suggs' cousins -
       loads more grabs to come when I have time to put
       them up!"

Well, what are you waiting for? Get downloading at once! Thanks go to
Simon (wayfinder at btinternet.com) for the link.


It looks like Mark Bedford has been busy using his design talents as
once again we get the chance to sample some Bedders CD sleeves.
Here's Jenny Payne with the details;

     "Mark is currently designing the double CD box
      set for Doc Martens, which will initially be
      released & sold on a site, then possibly in
      the shops.

      It will cost around £40, & the case is made
      from the same leather as the boots. It will
      feature various artists & Madness have a couple
      of songs including The Sun & The Rain".

Here's what the Eden website have to say about this new album;

     "The Best British Brand Ever ?

      Dr Martens Boxset to be Released

      Dr Martens has been synonymous with British
      pop culture since the Mods adapted the workers
      boot in the 60s. Dr Martens launched with their
      original 8 hole boot on the 1st April 1960.
      40 years on and bands such as Idlewild are
      carrying on the tradition that has been adopted
      by bands such as The Who, Sex Pistols, The Clash,
      Madness, Elastica, Travis etc. Seminal British
      rock acts that have defined so many British Sub

      To celebrate Dr.Martens 40th Anniversary, Virgin
      Records in association with Dr.Martens is
      releasing a fantastic 2 x CD boxset. Cherry Red,
      leather bound with Airwair tag, the boxset
      features 40 tracks from 40 artists who have helped
      brand Dr Martens as one of the world's coolest and
      most recognised products.

      It also features a 28 page colour booklet tracing
      the history of DM's together with photos and all
      the facts you'll ever need to know about DM's.

      Artists to be featured on the new album include
      Desmond Dekker, Iggy pop, Sid Vicious, The
      Stranglers, Prodigy, Morrisey, PJ Harvey.

      More details to come".

Many thanks to Jenny Payne and Peter Gardner for the details.


Hi all!

I have just received Dean Eaves' video and to tell you the truth I
have to admit it's really fabulous.

When I read its content on the SAS list I knew I was looking at a
collector of quality material. Before sending the money, I remembered
some of the words posted about him from many of those know-it-alls
on the TMML; "He is not a madness fan."

Ironic as it may sound, that convinced me to send him the money. I
did this just a week ago and I have already received the video. It's
obvious that he is a man of his word.

I couldn't believe me eyes at the avalanche of songs from 1979 &
1980. Who wouldn't pay to have the live preformance of "Keep moving",
"OK, I am a policeman", "DFF" and "Johnny the Horse" Promos, The
Madness and Nutty boys live, Madness playing with UB40 and Madness
in Russia? What were they doing there? (It was Mike's Idea - Ed)

Now I have on just one single video tape different versions of Chas:
fat, thin, blonde, bearded, long-haired and even playing the piano!!!
The picture quality is much better than I expected and the editing
is simply great considering it was home-made. I am a fan of video
taped material and I would be lying if I didn't say that the video
material I got from Elizabeth Raskin, Steve Harris, Luis Cereigido,
Vincent Carden (nutty sounds), and of course Simesy is top quality
stuff. However, this time something really strange has happened to
me. I am feeling really dizzy from watching Madness. Of course, I
forgot to mention that the video is THREE HOURS LONG!!!! :0)

I think this is a unique opportunity for all those maddie fans who
love the band from the bottom of their hearts; simply a collector's

Dean, I DO APPRECIATE your willingess to share with all maddie fans
a piece of your priceless collection which you've compiled over the
years. Thanks again from the bottom of the heart of this Argentine
Madness Fan.

Nahuel Foppoli (jfoppoli at sinectis.com.ar)

The 3 hour long tape features the following;

Johnny The Horse         promo video
Drip Fed Fred            promo video
It's OK I'm a Policeman  promo video            Crunch/Nutty Boys
I Pronounce You          Saturday Night Live    The Madness
Beat The Bride           Saturday Night Live    The Madness
I'm Only Sleeping        Danny Baker Show       Slow Version
I'm So Sorry             Danny Baker Show       Morrisey cover version
Night Boat to Cairo      Brit Awards 1994
The prince               Top of the pops   Different version-very rare
My girl                  Dont Forget Your t/brush    Suggs solo
Come up and see me       Dont Forget Four t/brush    Suggs solo
I'm Only Sleeping        Top of the Pops
One Step Beyond          Top of the Pops 1979/80     Very rare
Night Boat to Cairo      Top of the Pops 1980
House of Fun             Top of the Pops       via satalite from japan
Los Palmos 7             Top of the Pops
My Girl                  Top of the Pops
Baggy Trousers           Top of the Pops
Embarresment             French TV
One Step Beyond          Live French gig
My Girl                  Live French gig
Swan Lake                Live French gig
Razor Blade Alley        Live French gig
Night Boat to Cairo      Live French gig
Dont Quote me on That    Live French gig
Harder They Come         Top of the Pops           From Russia
Green Eyes               Jools Holland             Suggs solo
Off on Holiday           Jools Holland             Suggs solo
One in Ten               Charity Concert           with UB40
Madness                  Charity Concert           with UB40
Madstock advert
Sekonda advert
Harder They Come         promo video               very rare
Victoria Gardens         The Tube                  very rare
Driving in my Car        Pebble Mill               very rare
Razor Blade Alley        Dublin Castle      very very rare /nutty boys
My Girl                  Euro 96
Wonderful                Euro 96
It must be Love          Euro 96
Tommorrows Dream         The tube                  very rare
Night Boat to Cairo      Old Grey Whistle Test   rarest footage I have
Keep Moving              The Tube
Lovestruck               Jools Holland
Drip Fed Fred            Jools Holland
Our House                Jools Holland
Johnny the Horse         Jools Holland
Money Money Money        Abbamania
Lovestruck               Top of the Pops
Drip Fed Fred            National Lottery

The video is priced at: £17.50 and includes postage and packaging.
For more information, please contact Dean Eaves at the following
address: dean at assessment.demon.co.uk


That about wraps it up for another issue.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed towards this issue of the
MIS. Your help and assistance has really been appreciated.

I'm hoping that things will start to pick up on the Madness scene
over the next week. Wake up and get typing!

Until the next issue.

All the nutty best,

Robert Hazelby
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