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1 - THE EDITOR WRITES - Latest news and information in brief

2 - VIP CYBERNEWS - Rob Lythall returns with the latest news and
    music info from the worlds only online fair at the VIP website.

3 - THE DEMISE OF BOXMAN - Following last weeks edition of the MIS
    where The Daily Star article featuring Suggs recent losses due to
    the collapse of the Boxman website, Mr Smash has kindly been in
    touch to set the record straight.

4 - A TOTALLY ROCKING WEEKEND - Considering how much she drank last
    weekend, it's amazing how much she remembers. For those of you
    who couldn't make the gig or had one lager shandy too many,
    Becky Lane attempts to fill in some of the blanks.

5 - SQUEEZED - I went to see Glen Tilbrook from Squeeze last night 
   (20th) playing at a venue in Cork City. Vince Foley reports.

6 - YOUR VOTE IS NEEDED - Following the recent announcement that
    DOTMUSIC are once again hosting their online music awards, two
    Madness related websites have put themselves forward for

7 - MADNESS UNSUGGED - As I forgot to pick my copy of the latest
    issue of the `zine at the recent Crunch meet, Vince Foley beats
    me to it with an in-depth review of what we can expect from
    issue number 5.

8 - ONWARDS AND UPWARDS - Thanks and closing words


Evening all,

Following the rush I had putting the finishing touches together for
last weeks MIS, it's nice to have a bit more time compiling this 
weeks issue.

Something I completely forgot to put in last weeks edition was a 
mention of a radio interview Chris and Lee apparently took part in
on the afternoon of the gig. Word went round the DC, initiated by a
Mr. Swandale, that the lads would be in the station from 12 noon on
94.9FM - London Live. Obviously no one in the DC managed to catch the
show, and if recent postings on the TMML are anything to go by, no
on there caught it either. If you were one of the few who did listen
to the show, please let us know what went on.

Some birthday news now, and on the 19th of October a certain Daniel
Woodgate celebrated his big four-o. The famous birthday was given a
quick mention on Virgin Radio. Nice to know that at least one station
keeps track of such things! Many thanks to On The Beat Pete for the

Time for some US Madness courtesy of the TMML's Jeff Young, who has
finally got round to scanning a selection of snaps from last year's
New York and Philadelphia events. Simply point your browser at:

Our thanks go to Jeff for the scanning effort - much appreciated!

Something for all London pub-goers. Suggs will be in The French Pub
on Thursday 26th of October. If you'd like more information or would
like to join in a small meet-up, please get in touch with Suggsylia 
at: suggsylia at yahoo.co.uk

Now, without further ado, lets get underway with this weeks news

Enjoy the read,

Robert Hazelby (MIS Online Editor)


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Dear People,

For your information the Star report about losing a large amount of 
money through the demise of Boxman is absolute bollocks.

The facts are somewhat more down to earth.

A friend of mine who was working with Boxman asked myself and Suggs 
to appear at the Boxman launch and sing a number so I picked that 
Eric and Ernie hit "Bring me Sunshine" which we both thought was a 
laugh and we duly performed it on the night . Instead of accepting a
grand each(thats one thousand pounds) we took shares.

OK so instead of half a million quid its a loss of one thousand or in
another way of speak " a bag of sand"

I hope this clears this "story " up




Greetings fellow nutsters!

This must be a first as I have lost my voice, but it was totally 
worth it!!

For all those that missed the gig- where were you?!?!

Friday night was spent in the D.C with cracking company, cold beers 
and the Nutty Boys album being played to death on the jukebox. 
Excited talk of the gig and reading through the latest issue of 
Madness Unsugged (nice job Mr. Carden!) also helped to get everyone 
geared up for what lay ahead. James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street 
Preachers was also spotted getting down to one or two tunes.

Saturday had to be one of the best days so far for pre-gig 
frivolities - lots of people in the Dublin Castle (no surprise there 
then!), spotted Darren from Big Brother and drank quite a few 
alcoholic beverages before being guided by Wood Green Pete towards 
Highbury and Arsenal to the next pub. Swanny, Graham and one or two 
others were already there and so the drinking continued. This is when
things got better and better....

Swanny reintroduced me to Thommo, and after the obligatory handshake
and a kiss,told  me that he remembered me from when we drank with 
him in the D.C in August. To say I was chuffed is a total 
understatement!! Every time I meet Lee he seems lovelier than the 
last time and have met him 4 times now. I then stood talking to Tad 
(who also remembered me) and we must have been chatting for a good 
hour and a half!

We then moved onto the Garage, and when someone happened to spot 
Woody in there, it was like bees round a honey pot!! Anyway, Woody 
is a top bloke-really genuine and had this massive smile on his face
all night.

As for the gig itself, it was absolutely brilliant (am working on a 
more comprehensive review for the Crunch! website) and I felt, better
than the Underworld gig, although it was shorter than last time. Lots
of big grins, loads of make up and top tunes from the band - a 
totally excellent night out. 

I would definitely recommend that if you get the chance, go and see 
this band!

Anyway, have to love you and leave you all...am very tired as we 
didn't tumble into bed until 4.30am!!

Much love and big hellos to everyone that attended!

Nutty Bex (nutty_bex at hotmail.com)


Hey Now!

Just a quick thing in passing....

I went to see Glen Tilbrook from Squeeze last night (20th) playing
at a venue in Cork City, the venue would normally hold 300-400 
people....our city showed itself up for the uncultured, 
unappreciative folk they are with a measly 15 people making it to
the gig.....

It was so embarrassing, even Glen tried to make a joke of it......
Christ I would hate any other artist of my choice to play here now 
for the fear of being so badly supported.

A true showman, he played a blasting set and signed an autograph for
me afterwards...I met him a few years back and as ever he is such a 

A Madness connection....I asked him how did he enjoy playing at 
Madstock 3.....'bizarre, but enjoyable' was the reply.....

Cork city, hang your heads in shame......Long live good music!

All the best

Vince Foley (vjfmadness at yahoo.com)


Following the details in a recent edition of the MIS that Dotmusic
are once again holding their annual `Dotmusic Online Awards`, two
Madness related websites have put themselves up for the awards;




Voting for either site couldn't be easier. Simply visit each one and
once there, click on the DOTMUSIC logo.

Many thanks to Jenny Payne for the news.


Hey Now!

Returning once again to a coffee table near you is the imaginatively 
titled 'Madness Unsugged' Issue 5. The Carden once again breaks the 
bank account and his mothers heart by giving in his all with another
action packed, dare I say it bumper issue. Well, with 48 pages this 
time its no wonder. 

This issue pays a credible to Lord Upminster himself, Ian Dury, with
a mugshot making the front cover with words ' will you remember his 
name' in the caption underneath.

Mr. Speaker gets the word with an introduction from the editor 
himself, where Carden once again fills in the maddie fan on 
happenings in and out of the maddiesphere, where he reminds us of 
recent happenings at Brixton, the Underworld and the Fleadh 2000. 
Talks of an Xmas tour are also discarded, something we've known about
for a while now unfortunately. A various thank you to all who 
contributed end the first page.

Since its beginnings last year, the Unsugged Franchise gains its 
biggest scoop yet with a fine article written by the saxes supreme 
himself, Lee J Thompson. He kindly offers his time and anecdotes on 
the life of Dury with some priceless and genuine stories of 
yesteryear. What Dury meant to himself, and indeed the music business
itself, for without him 'there would not have been any clash or 
pistols for a few years down the line...and Madness and the Jam would
still be walking round with Glitter in their hair (well most of them)
and Robbie Williams would still be in Take That!' Well Done Thompson,
a trooper indeed.

The Dury theme is continued with a review of the evening's 
festivities last June at Rhythmstock in Brixton Academy. It details 
the night's performances with a good account of all who participated,
the Blockheads, Madness, Robbie Williams and the likes of. If you 
were not there, then feats you eyes on this and see what you missed!

The same treatment is given to the first incarnation of the Velvet 
Ghost and the performance at the Fleadh 2000 festival in Finsbury 
Park last June also. Smashstock details the gig as well as the songs,
Madness and new that were played. As ever Carden spares no punches in
giving his balanced opinion of things Maddie related where he both 
compliments and questions the ghost's performance and materials. It's
always good to see fanzines do this, something that is not always 

Once again the Ian Dury tribute is furthered with an article entitled
'Diamond geezer' which chronicles the life of the man and his legacy,
sprinkled with some interesting tit-bits, previously unbeknownst by 
this here reader. 

The Fanzine is also peppered with various facts, enough to keep any 
anorak happy I think with the segment entitled 'The Facts Machine', 
no doubt a few more statistics, facts and figures for the ever 
seasons Madness memory bank. Some good stuff here as well!

The next gig up for review is that of Crunch at the Underworld. 
'Crunchstock' details their performance last July in London's Camden
Town where the band returned to the stage after a three-year hiatus.
The following page gives a full and comprehensive track listing of 
practically every Crunch song so far, I reckon 40-50 in all. Many of
these still remain in the vaults, waiting for the day when they will
be released on what is perhaps the most 'difficult second album' of 
all time.

The results of the Velvet Ghost competition are also released in the
next page; the album entitled 'The Father, the Son and the Velvet 
Ghost' sees two recipients managing to come up with the title of the
eagerly awaited album..watch this space! A few pages on we are 
treated to an interview carried out online a while back with C J
Smyth and his hopes, feelings and aspirations for the Velvet Ghost 

The Madfile is an interesting few pages as it basically gives an 
insight into some of the Madness fans out there, giving accounts of
their name, age, favourite tracks, album, b-sides etc. Even the
legendary Chris Carter-Pegg gets a mention here, that in itself is 
worth the admission fee!!!!

A centre page spread gives two very moving and insightful pictures 
of the Dury funeral, with one showing one Christopher J Foreman 
carrying the coffin of the people's poet into the Church for his 
final sending off.

An appeal is made on behalf of CancerBACUP also with another few 
words on the life and charity work done by Ian Dury.

Two programmes of interest make an appearance in some form here: 
the Roots of Rock Documentary (shown last September) and the 
legendary Scatty gives an account of his participation and day out
with the recording of the BBC2 documentary 'Young Guns' just 
recently shown on TV.

I should also mention that there are few choice photographs thrown
in here and there for good measure, the best being an early picture
of the band at what looks like a Stiff Records hosted Press 
Conference from 1980. Cool stuff!

'Cybersmash hits the net' is another review done on the two sites 
now out in the World Wide Web that look after the Cathal Smyth 
alter-egos. The Dopple-ganger of the Velvet Ghost and Chas Smash 
are now online, and the review gives a detailed and hopefully 
insightful review into both www.velvetghost.com and
www.chassmash.co.uk: definitely worth a look!

The Lyrics and word of the people's poet make up another enjoyable
read in a piece entitled 'Lyrical Genius and Poet' going through 
the various songs that he had done down through the years. Rock 
poetry might be one interpretation of these; another would be simply
'the dogs bollocks'.

The programme dedicated to the life and times of Graham 'Suggs' 
McPherson (i.e. This is your life) next comes up for review, in a 
page called 'Is this my life?' I offer my own slant on the 
broadcast, and must be forgiven if I appear quite cynical in my 

The Millennium Poll fills the final few pages and the pen-ultimate 
page gives the full un-adulterated lyrics to the unreleased Crunch
classic 'Here he comes'.

The back page shows a little mind teaser with a picture taken last 
year in Doc Marten headquarters in Covent Garden. Can you spot the 
difference in this picture of the Wonderful album sleeve, I can!

In all the Carden once again pulls out all the stops to put forward
what is thoroughly an informative, enjoyable and easy reading 
fanzine. It seems to get it right this time, in color content, 
structure and style. Well done me ol' cocker, the boy he done well.

If you want to get you mitts on a copy now, an I  really suggest you
do, email Vince Carden at:

dripfedvin at yahoo.com

All the best

Vince Foley (vjfmadness at yahoo.com) 


Yes, that's pretty much your lot for this week. 

Many thanks to everyone who provided material for this weeks edition
of the fanzine. Thanks also go to Mark Emsley who sent me items in 
for submission last week, but in the rush I had putting the issue
together after getting back from the Crunch gig, I forgot to put them

If you'd read Vince Foley's review of `Madness Unsugged` and you're
not subscribed, please get in touch with Mr. Carden and get hold of
a copy of this issue. You really will not regret it, and you'll be
killing yourself for not subscribing earlier - trust me!!

Well, enough of me. If you'd like to submit some material for next
weeks edition, please get in touch.

Until next week. Take care!

Robert Hazelby
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