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1 -  THE EDITOR WRITES - Latest news and information in brief.

2 - PLR MADMAIL - The latest catalogue from Madness stockist PLR
    Madmail is currently doing the rounds, so what better excuse do
    we have to give you all a run down on what's hot with the UK's
    leading Madness specialist.

3 - VIP EVENTS PRESENTS - A visit to Camden just isn't complete
    without a brief jaunt to the famous Electric Ballroom record
    fair. Now you can plan your next trip to London with the all the
    planned fair dates up until the end of the year!

4 - DROP DEAD FRED! - Uncle Mart is here with his slant on the whole
    Madness comeback. If you're of a nervous disposition, please keep
    your eyes and ears covered - you have been warned.

5 - MC MADMEET 2 - There were a apparently one or two corners North
    of the border that managed to stay in pretty much one piece
    during the last Mc Madmeet. So, to make sure the job is done
    properly, a second Mc Madmeet is being organised to be held over
    the Easter Weekend. Make sure you take that sick bag!

6 - RE-MASTERED DIVINE MADNESS - With CDZone announcing the release
    of the re-mastered version of `Divine Madness` in only two weeks
    time, there was only one thing to do. In an attempt to bring us
    the truth and a `proper` release date, Peter Gardner has been
    searching the length and breadth of the internet for the cold,
    hard facts.

7 - COMPLETE MADNESS - LATEST GIG NEWS - See if the band are
    playing in your area over the coming weeks and months. It'd be
    Madness to miss them!

8 - GOODNIGHT, GOD BLESS YOU ALL - Thanks and closing words.


Another week goes by, and yet the Madness internet community still
seems to be alight with chat relating to the recent chart position
of `Drip Fed Fred`, and to a lesser extent, last year's album.

So the releases didn't get to number one, but did you honestly
expect them to? The charts are currently full to bursting with
mind-numbing boy and girl bands with massive PR companies all
trying to knock one another off the top spot by ploughing in huge
sums of cash for advertising. OK, so our band never had this
kind of marketing muscle made available to them, but what they
lacked there, they more than made up for in the quality of tracks
lovingly placed on the album.

Sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that whilst there's all
this crap in the charts you can simply put on the new Madness CD
and listen to some quality music!!

Moving swiftly on, and MIS subscriber, Mark Rabinowitz reports that;

     "You might want to check out this URL to view
      an ad for a US-based dotcom, `canned4anything.com.`
      The ad used `One Step Beyond.`"

Pop along to:


Thanks to Mark for the info.

It looks like Simon Roberts has been busy since we last reported, as
he has uploaded some more `Drip Fed Fred` related goodies for you all
to download. Point your browsers over to:

TFI Friday (Live) -
http://www.ntmml.co.uk/fredmpg/Fredtfi.rm (2.1Mb)

National Lottery (dub version with Ian Dury), including the
tomfoolery during the draw!
http://www.ntmml.co.uk/fredmpg/freddylot.rm (2.5Mb)

All files are in real media, to save download time. Enjoy!

Thanks go to Simon for the info.

Elsewhere, and Vincent Carden reports that a number of CDR acetate's
are currently doing the rounds. The discs feature the following

 - Drip Fed Fred (Conspiracy mix)
 - Elysium
 - We want Freddie
 - Light of the way

You should be able to pick up the above for around 20 pounds, so all
you hardcore collectors had better keep your eyes peeled. If you
don't want to bother rummaging through ancient record collections,
you can easily add an acetate to your collection with a few simple
mouse clicks. Simon roberts informs us that;

     "Esprit has Elysium CD acetates (gold recordable
      Cds) up for sale.

      NOT to be confused with the DFF Promo (VSCDJ1768)
      nor the DFF acetate.

      One is the Virgin promo, the other is the Radio
      edit (mmm... are they sure?)

      Only one track, Elysium (3:53). - I dont have
      the timing for the radio edit though".

Thanks to Vincent and Simon for the details.

Exciting news just in is that the TMML's very own Scatty reports
that in a recent E-mail from Virgin regarding the re-mastered
`Divine Madness`, he was informed that;

     "it may well have the new singles included".

and, for all you lot out there eager to embrace new technology;

     "it's looking like it might be a DVD release as well."

If you don't have a DVD player already, now could be the time to
invest in one. Thanks to Scatty for the news.

On a sad note, `Total Madness Mailing List` maintainer, Jenny
Payne has revealed that The Magnificent Seven's plans to play on
Spanish soil have now been halted. No further news was available at
the time of this issue being released, but if we hear anything, we'll
let you know.

Onto this issue now, and as usual it's full to bursting. The latest
catalogue from Madness mail order giant, PLR Madmail has recently
been released. If you're not subscribed to their mailing list or
you've not had the pleasure of ordering from them in the past,
perhaps the article in this issue could change all that.

Staying with you record collectors out there. Now you can plan your
trips to Camden by making sure they co-incide with one of their
famous record fairs. Just don't take too much money with you!!

Further on, and `Uncle Mart` gives us his views on the whole Madness
comeback saga. If you're of a nervous disposition, you may want to
skip this one!

If you're one of those people who's idea of heaven would include
numerous pints of beer and lots of irrelevant Madness chat, then
Mr. G's announcement that the `Mc Madmeet 2` is in the planning
stages will obviously be of interest to you. Thanks to Mr. G,
we have dates and contact addresses.

Peter Gardner of the TMML tells us that the re-mastered version of
`Divine Madness` is already receiving varying release dates
depending on what website you visit. Get the diary out and pencil-in
multiple reminders over the course of a couple of months!

And finally, thanks to Claire Keegan, we have the most up-to-date gig
listing for the excellent Madness tribute band, `Complete Madness`.
With a gig listing this large, there's just no excuse for not seeing
them play live at least once!

So, without further ado, lets get the show underway!

Enjoy the read.

Robert Hazelby (MIS Online Editor)


Those of you who have been collecting Madness memorabilia for a
number of years will surely be familiar with Paul Rodgers and his
company - PLR Madmail. PLR Madmail specialise in supplying rare
and not so rare Madness stock on a worldwide basis.

The current catalogue of stock has just been released, and as usual,
it's amazing the quality and quantity of goodies that are for sale.

For the fans who missed-out on getting their hands on some of the
merchandise on sale at the Christmas concerts, you'll be pleased to
know that PLR has a number of items in stock from the shows so you
can finally get hold of something to bring back those memories or
open those sodding beer bottles!

Looking for one of the classic Madness albums on vinyl? Then your
search could be over as PLR have an excellent selection in stock
including the US picture disc and the very rare It's Madness. Perhaps
you've a few Suggs singles missing from your collection? No probs.
It's highly likely that these will be in stock as the selection is
huge with promo ads and European releases also available.

I know many of you are having difficulty tracking down `Nutty Boys`/
`Crunch` material. If you've not yet tried PLR, you may now be able
to find what you're looking for including the Crunch T-Shirt!

It's really going to be the serious collector who will benefit most
from PLR Madmail with its wide range of promo's and sought after
releases, but it's certainly worth checking out if you're just a
casual Madness collector as you may find something your collection

As with the majority of unofficial Madness resources, PLR Madmail
has its feet firmly in the 21st century and can be contacted with
a swift E-mail or you can browse freely at the online catalogue at


Send E-mails to: plrmadmail at btinternet.com

or write to:


For the most up-to-date listing of merchandise, it's always best to
get hold of a printed version as Paul often ads flyers with his
latest catalogue which usual detail latest bargains/offers and
products just in.

I've ordered from PLR in the past, and I can say that my offer was
dealt with quickly and the goods arrived in excellent condition.

Good luck with the collecting!

Robert Hazelby


Many of you who have visited Camden in the past will surely know that
no visit to the area is complete without a trip to the famous
Electric Ballroom Record Fair.

Well, thanks to the kind people at VIP Events and their excellent
website, you can now plan your next trip around one of the many
upcoming fairs.

Here's what VIP have to say...

The event takes place in the Electric Ballroom that has, itself,
hosted all the major bands over the years. Camden is one of the
world's hottest tourist spots and receives an influx of new visitors
every week.

The venue is in the heart of all the action and fairs take place at
least twice a month in order that sellers can exploit the new
visitors on a regular basis. The event has been running for well
over a decade and has processed more buyers and sellers than any
other show on earth.

There is a special section for dance, soul, and black music buyers
- probably the best selection in London. You'll find six markets
and over a dozen shops to visit whilst you are at the fair. A
visit to the capital is not complete without a trip to the

Future Camden Fairs are:

25th March,
15th & 29th April,
13th & 27th May,
10th & 24th June,
1st, 8th, 15th July,
12th, 19th, 26th August,
2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd September,
7th, 21st October,
4th, 18th November,
2nd & 16th December 2000

Venue Details for buyers and sellers are as Follows:

Buyers Admission Times:  10am       Entry time for sellers: 7.30am
Buyers Admission Prices: £1.00      Table capacity: 75
Buyers Early Entry Time: 8am        Table size: 6ft
Buyers Early Entry Price: £2.00     Table price: £40
Catering Facilities: Inside fair    Sellers parking: Nearby
Ground level venue: Yes             Buyers parking: Contact VIP
Nearest underground station: Camden Town
Nearest railway station:  Euston/St.Pancras

For more information, please visit: http://www.vip-24.com

Rob at VIP Events also tells me that:

     "It will shortly be possible to do links to the
      Camden info and there is soon to be an actual
      on line fair organised by us. For a small
      monthly fee you can exhibit at the fair with
      products or services. This will be backed by
      a massive global marketing machine drawing
      people to the site and your stand".

Many thanks go to Rob Lythall at VIP Events for the details. To get
in touch with Rob, regarding any of the above, please drop him an
E-mail at: rob at vipevents.co.uk


Firstly, for the record, I don't take lightly to any sort of
criticism aimed at Madness. In fact, writing this is like a form of
self mutilation! But all this week, the pop flop that is `Drip Fed
Fred`, has been nagging away at me so much, I can't hold my anger in
any longer. So you lot are gonna get it!

Cast your mind back to last year. You're sat at home on Saturday
night, tin of beer in hand, and what have you in the other! Preparing
yourself for the spectacle of Madness in your front room on that ABBA
tribute show. Are you there? Good. Various modern groups banging out
some fantastic ABBA remixes, all good fun, yeah. You sat there and
wondered how Madness were gonna fit into such a modern celebration of
music didn't you. Well I did anyway! Then..... bang, `Money Money
Money` belts out. I sat rooted to my chair, unable to move in fear
of missing a nano seconds worth, of what was a truly class
performance. Madness were completely electrifying, and I challenge
anyone who would not agree. Did the hair on the back of your neck
stand up as well?

On to the Monday at work.

People were buzzing off that performance! Everyone at work knows
I am a Madness fan, and all those who had scoffed at my taste in
music previously, ate their words that day! I was proud to be a
Madness fan.

I will get to the point soon, just let my frustration dissolve first!

How many bands would have rode the wave that Madness had suddenly
found themselves on? Got on every show possible, interviews, radio,
and of course release a few singles on the back of it. How many?
F******G loads, that's how many! Why? You have just hit the most
lucrative audience possible in the music business.........KIDS! Kids
buy music, kids make number one hits, kids can make anyone famous,
regardless of whether you're any good or not. Where were Madness?
Can anyone enlighten me? Big opportunities in life seldom appear,
and 'for me' Madness missed the 'Night boat' . SO sad eh?

Johnny The Horse, released, then forgotten. Nuff said!

Drip Fed Fred............Sorry, never heard of it! Familiar?

Hold on, DFF, another gift horse? Oh yes it most certainly was. Ian
Dury on lyrics, in a song that was made for him, that's gonna sell
records surely. Not on  your life. This is twenty first century
Madness we are dealing with here. The band name is certainly very
apt these days isn't it! Drip Fed Fred was a sleeping giant in my
opinion. Oozzing Originality, it stood out from the crowd. Crying out
for promotion, crying out for airplay. My kids love it, do you know
why? Cause they've heard it. The kids of Britain would have loved it,
if they had been given the chance. No, lets just kiss goodbye another
fantastic opportunity.

The TFI appearance, no Ian Dury. We all love Suggs don't we, but DFF
is not DFF without Ian Dury is it. Where was Lee? A terrible
performance, I think. Chris Evans did us no favours that night either.

The Ian Wright appearance, well done again! Let's just bang the last
nail in the coffin shall we. Not one reference to the band or the
album. Shame on you Suggs. And as for Ian Wright, you are not worthy!

Suggs, in a recent interview with Johnny Waker sums the whole thing
up. 'if there is anything good', 'IF THERE IS ANY INTEREST'. Were
just two of the derisory statements made by the front man. Complete
sacrilege for hardened fans, I think you would agree. Suggs, look
around you, how much interest do you want. After all these years we
are all still here. Still talking about it, still listening to it,
still writing about it. Don't you dare, question interest in the
band. I, for  one take that very personally. Take a good look at
yourselves, question your own belief in the band, not the fans, I am
sure then you will find answers!

Finally, DFF did not make it to the top because of the band, and
that's all there is to it. When the record was released, a certain
band member went off on his hols. What does that tell you eh?
committed, I don't think so. Stop making excuses, stop blaming
everyone else involved, stop fighting it.

Wonderful, is exactly that. The music is unquestionably first class,
the fans  are the best in the world. The band..........well I think
I have said enough, don't you?

One last piece of advice from Uncle Mart, if you really want a big
hit this year, you could do lot worse than a Euro 2000 soccer
anthem!! Think of the possibilities!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone, I feel so much better now!


Any comments good or bad, E-mail: clartin at aol.com


Hey all you nutters out there!

Who wants to get hammered, talk Madness and discover the wonders
of a new civilisation?

You do? Well we're organising another McMadmeet due to popular
demand. There have already been a few people placed on the list of
attendees for Easter weekend (21/22 April) so if you'd like to join
us in Glasgow for a right good nutty sesh, then post a mail to
myself or Wee Stoo at any of the following addresses.

We'll be able to put you in touch with places to stay etc. I'm going
to put up a section on my site for anyone wanting to access details
shortly, I'll let you all know when it's up. It'll have the
arrangements, names of definites, places to stay, the plans and maps

Just imagine, experience what it's like to be in the company of all
the head-bangers north of the border :-)

See ye's soon!


Addresses are :- cgalb at hotmail.com
                 madness at netlineuk.net
                 weestoo at tesco.net


Hello to all in Maddieland,

I've been getting e-mails from CDZone for the last couple of weeks
telling me that `Divine Madness` is coming out on the 27th of March.
It didn't have any info about it being re mastered but obviously it
has to be the re mastered version they mean. As this date is only 2
weeks away I thought I would do some digging around the internet
shops and see if anyone else had it listed.

Well Boxman (www.boxman.co.uk) also had it listed as the 27th of
March, so I thought this might actually mean it could be right.
However, I also found it listed on the Music Capital site
(www.MusicCapital.co.uk) who have Divine Madness (re mastered) listed
for a June 5th release and available for pre-order at £11.99! So
make of that what you will.

I would go along with MusicCapital personally. And does anyone know
if it really IS going to be the single versions used??? It's not as
if they don't have the single versions at Virgin because it's the
single versions which appear on "It's Madness" and "It's Madness...
Too" (except for "House Of Fun), so they've got no excuse to rip us
off with the album versions.


Peter Gardner (TMML Co-Maintainer)


Many thanks to Claire Keegan for the following Complete Madness gig

For further details on ANY of the dates below, please contact the
band at: Complete at madness2000.fsbusiness.co.uk and tell them we sent

As soon as any dates are added to the list, you'll find them in the

Wed 22nd    Jumping Jacks, Swansea
Thur 23rd     New York, New York, Rotherham
Fri 24th        The Waterside, Southampton
Sat 25th        Sea Golf Club, Portsmouth
Sun 26th       Carcroft Village Club, Doncaster
Wed 29th      Jumping Jacks, Maidstone
Thur 30th      Jumping Jacks, Basildon
Fri 31st         Victory Suite, Portsmouth

Sat 1st           Welfare Hall, Shropshire
Sun 2nd         Firth Park WMC, Sheffield
Wed 5th       Chicago Rock Cafe, Stratford
Thur 6th        Theatre Royal, Barnsley
Fri 7th           Batley Frontier
Sat 8th          Batley Frontier
Wed 12th      Minster Pavement Club, London
Thur 13th      Chasers Fun Pub, Workington
Fri 14th        Morley Hotel & Leisure : JD's
Sat 15th        Barry Young's Stardust, Leicester
Sun 16th       Bellhouse Road WMC, Sheffield
Tue 18th       Pontins, Camber Sands, Rye
Wed 19th     Chicago Rock Cafe, Banbury
Fri 21st         Pontins, Blackpool
Sat 22nd       Eastwood View WMC, Rotherham
Wed 26th      Chicago Rock Cafe, Bradford
Thur 27th      New York, New York, Rotherham
Fri 28th         Thurnscoe WMC, Rotherham
Sat 29th        Springfield Hotel, North Wales
Sun 30th       Sheffield Lane Top WMC

If anyone manages to get along to any of the above, please could they
knock up a gig review. Make it as long or as short as you want and
send it to the MIS.


That's about it for another week.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition of the MIS
either directly (by sending me material) or indirectly (by having
their articles gently copied from various locations).

Special thanks go to Vincent Carden for the band photos and a tape
of him singing - yes, I kid you not! If I'm still alive after
listening to it (just kidding, Vince!), I may treat you all to a
review in next week's issue.

Thanks also go to Simon Roberts for making all the Drip Fed Fred
material available for download on his website. I'm sure I speak
for many when I say that it's the only way we've been able to see
the excellent video. If you've not downloaded it yet, what are
you waiting for.

Until next week. Look after yourselves, and keep sending in the

All the nutty best,

Robert Hazelby
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