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Magic Showtime Extra……!

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Hello and Good Afternoon Readers.

Arriving with an extra newsflash in your email inboxes today, because we are excited about a Magic start to 2014’s news.
‘I thought you would like to know we have sorted some gigs for Magic Brothers’

Came the exciting heads up today. We’ve been fans of The Magic Line songs since the album’s release last year to rave fan reviews, and indeed only last week we had a update on the bands latest efforts on that second album. The question of live gigs though has been hinted at a few times that work was going on in the background, with fans wondering when and where these might emerge…

“We have been talking to the Dublin Castle, together with Bugbear and we will be doing the following dates;

Monday 3rd March
Tuesday 11th March
Thursday 27th March
Thursday 3rd April
Thursday 24th April

“we wanted to keep it fairly simple to start of with (ease Nick in gently).”

So it’s a residency, at The famous Camden Town venue. To our Knowledge only the third band to ever have such an honour at this legendary band venue.  We are excited. Magic Brothers here today, They have finally come this way. :-)

“Still waiting for the details to be added to Bugbear & DC websites for fans to buy tickets and I’ll keep you posted – tickets will be £10.”

We will bring you ticket links once they are on sale. But for now go and see your works boss and use up that last holiday
card entitlement maybe to get yourself to the first dates of this brand new band.  The 9 piece band set up to play these songs, we can tell you is likely to feature Mike, Joe, and Steve the brass monkeys from Madness duties, as well as Woody’s wife of course on backing vocals, plus Mike and Tim on Bass and Guitar. Come and see the gigs, it’s great music,
of course we are all well aware of Nick’s situation too so I’m sure the dedicated fans here can help these gigs go well with respect to that, as the next step in Magic Brothers journey. But mostly right now we just cant help being very very excited about the music. Hearing great tracks like “You don’t have to hide your love away” Live.  Wow. What a magic start to 2014.

Make sure you are watching all the magic brothers news channels too.


“It has been a bit of a mission getting everyone together as there will be 9 in the band and some are extremely busy!”

Our thanks to Paul Smart (from The Magic Brothers web.)

MIS will see you there, for more Magic Meets.

Jonathan, Robert, Paul & Simon

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