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Madpost September 1997

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It’s The September 1997


A Few Words…

Greetings fellow Nutties, and what a month August has been.

Not only did we have the 3rd UK Madmeet in Camden Town, but Mark and Chris really pulled out all stops and put up some great additions to the official Madness website in the form of a news section and a Q+A section. Now that we have some ‘official’ news from the lads, perhaps we’ll see a lot less from Rumour Mill.

For those who sent in questions to Chrissy Boy, go and visit the Q+A section on the official site and see if your question(s) have been answered. Chris has put together some hilarious and informative answers.

Towards the end of the month we saw the release of the ninth issue of Nut Inc, although I do believe that at the time of writing (31/08/97) not all of you have received your copies. I can assure you that they WILL be arriving on your doorstep soon. Just be patient!

You may also have noticed the fun we’ve been having with the Merrill family who decided that they REALLY DO want to get off the list ASAP. Well, I can tell you that they have been taken off the list and the junk mail groups that they subscribed the list to have (hopefully) been cancelled. Thankyou for your patience during this little hiccup!

All this leads us onto September, a time where the nights start drawing in and you can spend more time tapping away in front of the computer. I’m expecting some long mails to the list now that you’ve got no excuses. September also witnesses a very special birthday. No, not one of the lads, but the mailing list itself. The list is two years old this September, doesn’t time fly!?

Here’s to another two years! Enjoy the show.

Robert Hazelby.

Contents – September 1997


[1] BEEN THERE, DONE THAT – Maartel Karel’s tour around record buying locations in London.
[2] TOTAL MADNESS RELEASE DATES AND INFO – Track listing and release dates for the forthcoming US Madness compilation.
[3] TWENTY ONE TODAY – Huge interview with Suggs from November 1985.
[4] SIMONS POST MEET STATISTICS – A quick who did what at the recent Madmeet. Compiled by Simon Roberts.
[5] NUT INC ISSUE NINE – What’s in the latest issue, how to subscribe, subscription prices and details.
[6] THE FAVOURITE B-SIDE TALLY CONTINUES – An update regarding the on-going Madness fave b-side saga.
[7] PLUG THOSE WEBSITES – Personal website reviews by Darren Bowen, Jordan Leigh, Jacco van’t Riet and Luke Roberts.
[8] MADNESS CONSPIRACY THEORY No.43 – Strange and completely mad wafflings from resident madster Paul Andrews.
[9] THE 3RD UK MADMEET – 16/08/97 – What went on and when, guest list of who turned up – By the almighty Suggylia.
[10] THANKYOU AND GOODNIGHT – Final words.


[1] Been There, Done That

Maarten Karel sent this little e-mail to the list just a few days before the recent meet-up in Camden Town. Anyway, I thought this was worthy of a re-post as it may be of interest to all you collectors out there…

Just been to London for a week and I found lots of goodies. The place where you can find the best collections of Madness 7″ and more is on a street nearby ‘Holland Park’ tube station, dunno the name anymore, but just ask for a street loaded with antique-shops and record-shops and a (daily?) market.

Second best: Camden town on saturday, more expensive, there’s a record-fair at the ‘Camden Ballroom’ which you MUST go to. There’s one guy there selling ANYTHING you want of Madness. He didn’t have too much Suggs or Nutty Boys, but LOTS of Madness.

Third best: Market-street in Soho, near Carnaby (spit) street. Old reggae and I found a Madness-bootleg CD I didn’t have yet. Oh: on the Camden market on saturdays there’s a bloke selling Madness bootleg tapes of the concert in Dublin 1995, check it out

Suggs was very hard to come by everywhere, the only ‘normal’ priced single CD’s I could find were in Tower-records (which is open till 1 AM (hail hail!)) or at Virgin’s megastores.

I didn’t find ANY nutty boys or crunch! things, just in the jukebox of the ‘Dublin Castle’ in Camden. They had the best posters of Madness and Suggs which I have ever seen (and I’ve seen lots) hanging above the bar.

Cheers from Holland,

I love yer capital, you Englishmen.


[2] Total Madness Release Dates and Info

Here’s a short little snippet that Darren Bowen posted to the list at the start of August…

The release of Total Madness has been pushed back to September 9th 1997.

The track listing will be : Our House / It Must Be Love / Tomorrow’s Just Another Day / Shut Up / Grey Day / The Sun And The Rain / Wings Of A Dove / Michael Caine / One Better Day / Uncle Sam / Yesterday’s Men / One Step Beyond..

This album is to be released in the US and Canada ONLY, but I guess it will eventually be available in the UK as an Import.

Source : Complete & Utter Madness www.mindspring.com/~madness7

[3] Twenty One Today

Suggsylia has very kindly typed-up an interview with Suggs taken from ‘Number 1 Magazine’ – 2nd November 1985.


It’s just over six years since those young nutty boys hit the Top 20 with “The Prince”. Now Madness have just notched up their 21st hit in as many singles with “Uncle Sam”. Max Bell records their coming of age for posterity by putting 21 questions to Suggs.

1.How have you changed since you’ve been in Madness?

– I’ve changed a lot. I was 19 when I joined Madness. I wasn’t very worldly wise. I’m a little bit taller – trousers from that period need taking down. I’m the same person who realises more about my ever changing moods.

I’m more open-minded towards people and music. I used to categorise people as bloody lefties or hippies, if they didn’t listen to reggae or Tamla. It’s ignorance. The categories you use at that age are the ones people in power want you to use, they’re given you by the press.

2.Have you got a nasty side?

– Yes. I wake up with a terminal massive hump. It goes back to my mum being a barmaid working late. She never got up early so I had no discipline in the morning. It’s terrible, I wake up in a bad mood and my wife isn’t. I think I’m normal until I get out of the front door and realise what a monster I’ve been.

3.Are you close to your parents?

– I have only one, my mother. We are relatively close. I see her in London occasionally.

4.What’s the best thing about having children?

– I’ve got two – Scarlet and Viva – as in Viva the revolution or Vauxhall Viva to people of a certain age.

There are so many good things. It makes you realise how marvellous the miracle of life is, how transient it is but how worthwile. It makes life go much quicker because you do much more. I do the same amount in the group and then twice as much at home. It opens your mind to how good people can be and how bad the world is. The innocence of someone who is three is remarkable.

5.What’s the worst thing about having children?

– What are we going to do with this country? The education system is ruined, the world is so corrupt. Practically, it’s never quiet at home, which is something you get used to. Time is never your own but you should realise that first.

6.Has fatherhood made you more responsible?

– Yes. It makes you less selfish, you don’t get time to think about yourself. you’re responsible for someone else’s life. If you hold a three year-old kid and it smiles at you it’s obvious that anything you do will affect the child. It’s sad in a way. It SHOULD make you more responsible.

7.Describe your bedroom.

– It’s got pink and white striped walls like a marquee. When you come home late at night you feel you’re still at a party. It has two chests of drawers and a clothes rail because we’ve got too many things to fit in a wardrobe. It’s a bit hi-tech except the clothes get so squashed that when you take a shirt out the whole lot falls on top of you. The floors are sanded down and whitened but I put too much stuff on. We decorated it. Anne did the wallpapering and I rolled the, err, I rolled up the carpet. It’s got a fishbowl with two fishes in it and a baby’s cot for Viva.

8.Do you do any cooking?

– No, I’ve never been able to cook. That’s through laziness. I help, peel potatoes and do the drudgy things but I’ve never had the inclination to cook. It’s to do with being in a band. I find it hard to be creative about something I know will be scoffed in five seconds. But that’s a selfish attitude. I can imagine it’s nice.

9.What would you say to Margaret Thatcher if you met her at a party?

– I wouldn’t know where to start. If I was drunk, I’d push her over. I’d be really rude because there wouldn’t be any point in being serious about the state of the country. I’d be abusive, that’s the most constructive thing I can think of.

10.What’s your own worst personal fear?

– To discover that I hadn’t achieved anything and that pop music was looked at with scorn as pure whimsy. Those things worried Mike Barson, not fulfilling your life. We’re privileged to write songs etc but the rest, the promotion, selling records, I dunno…

11.Have you got a best friend outside of the band?

– Yup. He’s called Chalkie and he looks like the FA Cup. His dad went out with my mum when I was ten. I didn’t know him at school. He worked for the band for a while and now he’s a travel agent.

12.If you could change any part of your anatomy what would it be?

– My brain. If I had a pair of brains the one I’ve got now would die of loneliness. My brain or my willy…

13.Have you got a favourite Madness video?

– Maybe “It Must Be Love” because of the beginning in the graveyard. My opinions have changed over the years, I take things more seriously. “Shut Up” is a favourite video, not a favourite song. The images are good like the piano dropping out of the sky, me dressed as the burglar, policemen hitting each other over the head. It’s slapstick. Without meaning to do so at the time, we were portraying Englishness a bit like the silent films – say the Keystone Cops – things that are indigenous to the time.

14.Have you got a favourite Madonna song?

– I don’t paricularly like what she does. “Material Girl” has a dreadful attitude but maybe that’s just the music biz. Maybe that’s what people think I expound by being on Top Of The Pops. It boils down to the same thing. It’s like Malcolm McLaren being an entrepreneur, I don’t believe in that either. Madonna’s alright as a joke but being serious about materialism is sick.

15.Have you got a favourite item of clothing?

– I’ve got some clothes I hold with affection. I’ve got a shirt from Paris which is grey with red and white stripes which I wore for a No.1 session once. If it burned in the dryer I wouldn’t be that bothered. I remember the clothes we wore when we had no money like a green Tonik suit which was too baggy and made me look a bit portly. I used to roll the waistband over which amused Chris.

16.Where will you be on Christmas Day?

– At home. I’d like to be in the Virgin Islands but I haven’t got any money. This tailor we know, Charlie Allan, comes from there and he tells me they have wild carnivals at Montserrat. A family Christmas is OK but it’s a funny time. Christmas is a mixture of real happiness, forced happiness and desperation. Some years it’s great, some years it’s a pain. Great when you’re a kid.

17.When will you be too old for this pop star lark (Suggs is 24)?

– With this tour I sometimes think am I going mad or am I too old? But that’s how you think no matter what your age is, unless you’re Mick Jagger. I look at people like Ian Dury who remains interesting, you never know what he’ll do. Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and the Stones seem stuck in a certain period and don’t have many, err, exciting traits. Mind you that also applies to some bands who’ve only been going for a couple of years.

18.Who would you rather be – Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?

– Mickey Mouse because Donald Duck’s got a speech impediment.

19.Do you think you’ll have 21 more hits?

– There is a perverse satisfaction in thinking that you will. I hope we will. Yeah. We are proud of what we do for ourselves although I read that bit in a King interview. Twenty one more hits in the mood I’m in now seems fine because that will mean we’ve had a lot to say about life.

20.Who’s your favourite Chelsea footballer of all time?

– Great. Peter Osgood initially because he was the glamorous number 9. I had a Chelsea shirt with that on. He was in a brilliant team. Alan Hudson went to the same primary school as me in Fulham. Charlie Cooke because he epitomised the hard side without being mean. A generous footballer and a midfield wizard. My all time fave is Pat Nevin because he’s brilliant and he’s got brains. Anyone without an opinion is incomplete. A man without an opinion is no man at all; it’s no excuse being a footballer. Nevin’s in the same position as someone in a group and I agree with him politically and socially. What he says and does is important. He’s like a cross between Dennis Skinnerand Otis Redding.

21.Tell us a secret.

– Secrets are things you only tell one person. I could tell you a really naughty one but your tape’s just run out.



[4] Simon’s Post Meet Statistics

After Simon had given himself a few days to recover from the heat, the stress, and of course, the hangover from the meet, he found a bit of spare time to produce the ‘Mailing List Meet Statistics’.

If you didn’t go to the meet-up then you may find a number of the entries to be a tad on the unusual side. If you did go to the meet I’m sure this will bring the memories flooding back…

Latest arrival: Ed. (Shame on you)

Most Pissed: Too close too call.

Endurance Award: Suggsylia (Last at the Temple.. after you pissed up bastards went home – ) Me! (Turned up on Sunday at the ‘Temple’)

Most Embarrassing moment: Al , he allegedly pissed himself whilst asleep, In Church!!! .. Those pews are sacred!!!

Highlights: Everyone singing (well almost), Record Fair at the famous Camden ‘Electric Ballroom’ , Someone telling the band of the night at the ‘DC’ to ‘Keep the noise down- we’re listening to f*ckin Madness’, The dog on the glass roof above where we were sitting, Rob & I finding a ‘secret passage’ in the DC that lead us see ‘Butterfeild 8’ & ‘Crunch!’ Flyers/Posters!! – many other highlights- too many too mention!- Parklife!

Downers: Not many… Barman at the Dublin Castle sighing a sigh of relief as Madness tunes left the Jukebox. Finding out Suggsylia’s real name; it’s : Agnusvillia Portspiralstaircasesuperos. (Old MIS Joke – I bet Yvette gets it!).

Most Daring Move (s): Robert shouting ‘This is all about the, err, computer’ (ERNIE Live mg) at the top of his voice, in the ‘vestry’ at the DC (The room in-between the bogs/fire-escape/stage entrance). Nathan ordering and getting a Pizza in the DC. Luke & Nathan putting their heads on the road on Camden Parkway. (Unknowingly I think!)

Lost People: Andy Hall, en-route to Primrose Hill.

Best Dressed Person: Rob with his ‘Madidas’ Madstock 7 T-Shirt!

Most Funniest Name for a Japaneese Restaurant: Otafuku (ought to f*ck you), 75 Parkway, Camden Town, Directly opposite the Dublin Castle. How we childishly laughed!

Luckiest Person: Suggsylia (Meeting & seeing Jarvis Cocker, Alexi Sayle (this must be a sign!), Rowan Atkinson.

Least Surprising event: Nathan going to a party afterwards. (I wont give him life-assurance anyway!)

That all I can remember for now…….

A good time was had by all.


PS: Cardiac Arrest 12″ is a warp mix….(Woh-Ooh! – listen to that vibe solo!) – ( I am Cruel… But I have waited a long time!!) ‘I Pronounce You’ CD has extended Patience version. I dare not play the ‘test press’ of One Better Day…..

[5] Nut Inc – Issue 9

Well, after a wait of a few months the latest issue of the Madness fanzine – ‘Nut Inc’ popped through my letterbox just the other day.

When Stuart Wright (the Ed) started putting this issue together Madness material was a bit thin on the ground, and rather than have a huge delay from one issue to the next, he decided to make Nut Inc issue 9 – a ‘Ska Special’.

As you would expect, being the Madness fanzine, the lads are covered, but if you ever wanted to know what happened to other 2 Tone bands like ‘The Specials’, ‘The Beat’, ‘The Selecter’, and others, then all will be revealed.

This issue also features a section entitled – ‘The Internut’, which contains listings of all the known Madness sites, a bit about the mailing list, and a quick snippet regarding the official Madness site.

All in all the issue is a great read, if you’ve not heard of the other bands mentioned in the above paragraph then I suggest you get hold of an issue or a subscription and see what you’ve been missing.

For more information, write to:

Stuart Wright,
29 Hollidge Way,
Dagenham, Essex,
RM10 9SP,

or visit the ‘Nut Inc’ pages at:


Price of a 5 issue subscription is:

UK Subscribers pay 10 pounds,
Overseas pay 12 pounds.


UK residents – 2 pounds 50 per issue,
Overseas – 3 pounds per issue

Issues available: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9

Overseas Nutties – please send an ‘International Money Order’ or an ‘overseas cheque’.

Please make all cheques payable to: Stuart Wright.

[6] The Favourite B-Side Tally Continues

Hi Maddies,

Just back from a three week trip back east, and I see from my mailbox that a few of you hadn’t forgotten about the favorite b-side tally (although I had!).

Anyway, here’s an update:

In The City [9] 
Jennie (A Portrait Of) [7]
Fireball XL5 [7]
One’s Second Thoughtlessness [7] 
Don’t Quote Me On That [6] 
That’s The Way To Do It [5]
Crying Shame [5]
In The Rain [5]
Guns [5] 
Tomorrow’s Just Another Day (E. Costello Guest Vocals) [4]
Sarah [4]
Shadow On The House [4]
Deceives The Eye [4]
Maybe In Another Life [4]
Please Don’t Go [4] 
If You Think There’s Something [3]
Swan Lake (Live) [3]
Stepping Into Line [3]
The Business [3]
Victoria Gardens [3] 
The Young and The Old [2]
Call Me [2]
Inanity Over Christmas [2]
Memories [2]
All I Knew [2]
Disappear (Live) [2]
A Town With No Name [2] 
Land of Hope and Glory (Live) [1]
My Girl (Live, Sun and the Rain 12″) [1]
Nutty Theme [1]
Walking With Mr. Wheeze [1]

If you’d like to vote and haven’t done so, here’s a handy form I’ve set up on my business site:

Also, if you need a listing of the b-sides, check out The Unofficial Madness page:

Anyway, if you’d like to keep this tally going for a while, I’m game to keep the tabulation up to date. If you’re getting sick of seeing this posted to the list, though, let me know and I’ll make a final count. :^)



[7] Plug Those Websites!!

Finally, after enough shouting, a few people have got back to me with details regarding their Madness websites. Have a look at what the sites have to offer and then pay them a visit…

– Title of website

Complete & Utter Madness (the madness homepage)
– Contents of website

REAL AUDIO : Bi-weekly votes for tracks by Madness, The Madness, Crunch! & Suggs
DATABASE : Post Wanted Ad’s, For Sale Ad’s, Current News You’ve Heard About…..
INTERVIEWS : Museum of Interviews from 1979 to 1996
FEATURES : Bi Weekly Featured Articles and Museum of Past Ones
NEWS RPTS : As And When They Happen
LYRICS : Museum of Lyrics from Madness, The Madness, Crunch! & Suggs
PICTURES : Some Rare Unseen Material, Magazine Covers, Advertisements

– Future Plans
Some really interesting stuff coming, including but not limited to :

INSPIRATIONS (Soul Boys or Rude Boys)
COMIX IN-DEPTH (by Mr. Donk Dank)
PICTURE MUSEUM (Touched & Enlarged) and
MY SCRAPBOOK (Exposed!)”Don’t watch that…. Watch THIS !”

– URL of website:

US Server – http://www.mindspring.com/~madness7
UK Server – http://www.crojam.demon.co.uk/madness7

Title of Website:

Take It Or Leave It (formally Cairo East)

URL of website:


Current Content: As of Sep 97 Issue

Headline Articles
The Long Standing Appeal and Popularity of Madness
New Suggs, Nutty Boys and Madness Album info
Mad Dogs Tour Interviews Part 1
The August 97 Meet Up – short Review

Every Month:

Madness UK Discography
Madness US Discography
Nutty Boys Discography
Suggs Discography
Realaudio Stuff
Midi Stuff
Videos Guide
Magazine Reviews and Interviews

Reasons for recent changes etc:

Recent changes have come about in the content of the website for many reasons, but the main ones are as follows.The layout and design of the site has been completely altered so that it looks the same and is viewable on as wide a range of browser as possible, from text based to netscape and microsoft. New articles are added each month resulting in better content for the reader and less stagnation and boredom. The title has changed as I felt Cairo East didn’t stand for anything really and the new title does.

– Title of website:

The Business

– Contents of website:

Video hotspot of Madness video clips,
Madness art section,
Maddogs tour section,
Madstock III/Madmeet I pictures and reports.

– Future plans:

Major revision with Java applets and a Madness video game.

– URL of website:

Title of Website:

The Madniverse

URL of site:



The Madniverse is a Madness site with a personal view to it. The Madniverse offers some Madness related Reviews & Write Ups, A photo gallery of the band line up from the absolute begining till the end of Madness, and Madnesss reviews some of their songs.
[8] Madness Conspiracy Theory No. 43

This recent posting from Paul Andrews made me laugh so I thought it would be worth putting in this issue of the Madpost. I think this theory may now leak out of the mailing list and into public view…

What-O List,

I’ve had a couple of songs running through my head the last few days, and last night at the pub, I made the connection. What I am about to say must not leave this list; I already fear for my safety.

The songs are Holiday off of Lone Ranger and Where’d You Go? By the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. I realized they had a similar feel. It was then I realized that Dicky Barrett is very slightly similar to Lord Suggs. Coincidence. I do not believe so.

I think I have the answer. It is my belief that in an attempt to shift the ska scene to the US from the UK, an evil scientist, identity as yet unknown, must have gone hold of some precious Lord Suggs DNA. Maybe from a pub glass, or a bit of newly shorn hair, I don’t know, but definitely without prior permission. He then went to Boston and tried to clone Suggs. Something, obviously, went horribly wrong. I believe that some rogue genetic material was entered into the DNA cocktail. I think it was the genes of Marc Price; Skippy from Family Ties; that produced Dicky Barrett.

Please do not disclose this to any non Madness fan, until we have brought the guilty to justice.

Paul Andrews

[9] The 3rd UK Madmeet – 16/08/97

For all you Mailing List Maddies who were unable to come to the recent Madmeet, I have tried to produce the definitive review of the days proceedings. I’m sure I’ve missed a few things out, but that may be the fault of the beer that was consumed during the day. Well, here’s what happened…

Richard and myself arrived outside Camden Town tube station at around 10:45 and were a bit shocked to find only one Maddie – Chris Byrne waiting by the railings. Still, I suppose we had turned up early so maybe we should have expected it.

Gradually over the course of the next hour or so, the other Maddies arrived in dribs and drabs. Alan Redpath turned up with a bag full of records and told us that he’d got there early and so he decided to see what Madness vinyl he could find at the Electric Ballroom record fair. “There’s one stall with loads of really good Madness stuff” said Alan, so we decided that as soon as everyone arrived we’d take a look and see what we could find.

Midday was getting nearer and nearer, and still we were a few Maddies short. The crowd that had arrived already were starting to get a little restless, so we decided to wait till just gone noon and then we’d make a move. Just before midday Nathan turned up. This was a major shock to the system as we were all expecting the lad to be the one we were waiting for, but with his arrival it meant that the only person we were waiting for was Dominic.

Dominic eventually arrived as the rest of us were getting ready to move off. He mumbled something about the trains and then we all wandered off to the Electric Ballroom for the record fair.

Upon entering, Alan took us straight to the stall that had the most and the best quality Madness merchandise. I think the man behing the stall wondered what he had done to deserve so many Maddies rummaging around in his stuff. Still, he was making some money and seemed to enjoy answering our questions.

One of the most expensive items for a sale was for an accetate 12″ single (I can’t remember which one). The stallholder informed us that an accetate is produced before the run of single pressing to see what the sound quality is like. If the sound is good enough, then the singles will be produced. Obviously its rarity contributed to its high price. Still, even though it was almost as rare as rocking horse poo, no-one actually bought it!

Once everyone had got what they wanted, we all made our way to the mecca that is The Dublin Castle. By about 1:30 in the afternoon everyone was starting to get a little peckish, so we decided that it might be a good idea to get something to eat over at The Spreadeagle. As a few people had just bought drinks in the DC we split up. Richard, Nathan, Yvette, Suggsylia, Simon and a few others went over to the Spreadeagle, whilst the rest of us Kevin, Alan, Chris, Ed, Andy and myself stayed a little longer in the DC waiting for 2 people (who shall remain nameless) to finish their umpteenth pint! Once they’d finished we made our way over to the Spreadeagle where we found the rest of the group perched at the bar. Assuming that they had ordered their lunch and were waiting for the meal to arrive, we had a browse through the menu and were about to place our order when we were told that they had just stopped serving meals. By now we were getting pretty hungry, so we told the rest of the group that we were wandering off to get something to eat and we’d meet them back in the DC later on.

Off we went down toward the center of Camden looking for a McDonalds, when we passed a cafe that served all day breakfasts. The six of us dived in there, got seated, looked through the menu and placed out orders with some gentleman who, to put it politely, sounded like Manuel from Fawlty Towers, and was just as difficult to understand. As we’d all had a few pints it proved quite a challenge to bottle up the laughter!

Once we’d eaten our lunch it was back to the DC for more, err, socialising! Everyone took it in turns to put selections from Divine Madness on the jukebox, and I think we must have got through the album at least 3 times. A few people pointed out to others that this had to be the only pub in the world that had the Nutty Boys/Crunch CD available for play.

Halfway through the afternoon, Simon decided to go back to the record fair just to see if there were any bargains that he’d missed. A few others (Chris, Yvette, Suggsylia, Jordan and Andy) thought they’d get some fresh air and take a hike up to Primrose Hill as it was a REALLY hot and sunny day. The rest of us had to force ourselves to stay in church (as Simon refers to the DC) and continue in the merriment.

Half an hour or so later Simon returned with a bag full of vinyl. I can’t recally much of what he’d bought, but he seemed very pleased with himself as he’d bought a copy of “The Prince”, and a promo copy of “One Better Day” which he still hasn’t dared to play.

Later on that afternoon, the Primrose Hill gang returned from their little outing – one man short!!! Yes, I kid you not, one minute Andy Hall is with them, the next he’s not! Andy tells me that he got split up and managed to find his way back to the tube station without too much of a problem.

Highlights later in the afternoon include: Alan falling asleep in church, Simon and myself finding a corridor with Crunch and Butterfield 8 posters, and me having to order some food for Richard at the cafe that I’d had lunch in earlier. Rich had had one too many and I was elected (by him) to make the order.

Upon our return to the DC we found Nathan, Nathan’s mate and a few other Maddies (Luke Roberts and his brother) tucking into a huge pizza. Apparently no one could be bothered to move out of the pub but they were all really hungry. Nathan came up with the idea to order a pizza on his mobile phone! The pizza company were really helpfull and even asked them at what table in the DC were they sitting at so that they could give them their order with the minimum of fuss! The staff at the DC didn’t seem to mind them eating food on the premises, and Nathan even had the cheek to go to the bar and ask them for a knife so that they could cut the pizza up!

It was about this time that people started to leave. I can’t remember in what order this was, but I think the early leavers were Jordan, Yvette, Chris and Ed, although I can’t be 100% sure about this. As the evening wore on, we moved outside the DC and onto the street to continue the proceedings. Luke and his brother seemed quite happy to sit in the road, ignoring car horns beeping as drivers narrowly missed them. At this point Nathan and his friend went off for an hour or so, and the rest of the group carried on doing whatever it was they were doing before he left. Luke pointed out the shop sign on the other side of the street. He thought it was hilarious, and had taken a photo of it earlier in the day.

An hour or so later Nathan returned, and proceeded to confess his undying love for Suggsylia! I think she was a bit taken aback by the whole thing. Everyone else found it rather amusing though!

At around midnight Nathan, Rich, Nathan’s mate and myself made our way back towards the centre of Camden to get a taxi back to his place. Richard and myself were ready to fall asleep. Nathan and his friend had other ideas and were planning to head off to a party. Rich and myself got dropped off at Nathan’s, whilst the other two took off to this social event of the decade. Once Nathan arrived at this party he decided to phone us up every or so to let us know what a good party we were missing!!

And those were the day’s events as I can recall. Thanks to the following Madster’s for turning up:

(list compiled by Suggsylia) – Yvette Reader – Simon Roberts – Jordan Leigh – Ed (still undecidED?) – Alan Redpath – Richard Pountney – Andy Hall – Kevin Tizzard – Luke Roberts – Dan Roberts – Chris Byrne – Nathan – Andrew (Jordan’s mate) – Lee (Chris Foreman’s friend) – Suggsylia

Thankyou everyone, thanks for coming. See you all again, someday, in heaven or hell.


[9] Thankyou and Goodnight

Many thanks to everyone who’s contributed to this rather large edition of the Madpost. Please keep the articles coming to the mailing list as well as to me via my own e-mail address.

Thanks go out to the following Madsters: Maarten Karel, Darren Bowen, Suggsylia, Simon Roberts, Stuart Wright, Steve of the B-side Tally fame, Jordan Leigh, Jacco Van’t Riet, Luke Roberts and Paul Andrews. Thankyou one and all.

As for the next issue, I have no idea at this point in time what to expect. Hopefully some of the US Maddies will be able to give the rest of us the lowdown regarding the forthcoming “Total Madness” album to be released by Geffen Records. Apart from that we shall all have to wait and see.

Anyway, enough of me, enough of me!!!!

Robert (robert@jabba.demon.co.uk)

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