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Madpost – November 1996

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Madpost – November 1996
Greetings fellow Maddies, and welcome to another addition of the monthly Madpost.Hopefully, if all goes well, you should ONLY recieve one copy of this in your mailbox, unlike last month where it somehow gave birth to another 2 or 3 issues somewhere on its travels around the internet.

Well, this past month has seen a huge increase in mail traffic to the list. Possible factors of this may have been some of the excellent topics that have been sent to the group – Keep ’em coming!

The details below were posted by Darren Bowen a few weeks back. I thought it was worth including in the madpost as it could be an extremely useful tool for solving those arguments you have with friends and other mailing list members.From approximately the 25th October 96 “ALL” song lyrics to the commercially released material by MADNESS will be available for your sing-a-long pleasure…..(Album tracks, ‘B’ Sides, ‘A’ Sides) you name it we’ve got it.

Brought to you only by Complete & Utter Madness.



This little snippet was kindly typed in by Simon Roberts who managed to see the airing of Madstock 3 on VH1. If Simon or anyone else managed to catch this, please tell us!!An interview with Lee’s Wife (Debbie)[1st & then 4th Wife I think, maybe someone can shed some light] – Made me laugh! Goes something like…

Int> What kind of inside info can you give me ? Is he a nutty boy at home?? (Referring to Lee)

Debbie> He’s a miserable little get aint he Tuesday? ( turns to Tuesday (Lee’s daughter) – She nods and strongly agrees )

Debbie>They’re all fat gets- not to mention the wife’s!! (Laughs)

Int> Why do you think they got back together?

Debbie> Because we are all skint, I think they should do ’em every year!! ( Laughing )

There was also confirmation of Madstock 4 (in 1998) on the programme. On a previous Madstock 3 interview, (Not tonight’=s), the last ever Madness gig will be in July 1999, 20 Years of Madness, and that’s your lot! ( Probably not!) – Shit- I feel old. See you there!!.

Simon Roberts
Adrian has recently mailed me saying that his site needs a few more hits.So, if you want to take a look at some top quality Madness material then connect to the following URL:

Knowing Adrian, he’s been hard at work adding new material to it so I strongly urge you to take a look.

Adrian can be contacted at: aburns@madstock.demon.co.uk

Whilst we’re on the subject of web pages. If anyone out there has any Madness www site under construction, or you already have one but you’ve added some new material to it, please contact me and I’ll post it up in the next issue of the Madpost.

Here’s a little snippet from Simon Roberts (mts@airtime.co.uk) regarding Madness and their christmas tours… “Well, if we don’t hear in the next two weeks there will be no tour.”

“Curiously, the usual Madness Xmas dates at the major arenas are still vacant.”

“I’m a betting man, yea, a Christmas tour.”


Well, after a break of a few months, October saw the re-appearance of “Song of The Week”.


October’s SOTW were:
Believe Me, Brand New Beat, White Heat, Calling Cards.
If you’d like to nominate a song for “SOTW” then please e-mail Richard Pountney at:


I have just been told by Richard that he’s hard at work creating the “Song of The Week Web Pages” which should be up and running very soon.

From here you’ll be able to E-mail Richard to nominate a song, and also see what the previous “SOTW” were so that songs don’t get nominated twice.When the pages are up and running he’ll notify the mailing list.

Yep, it’s true! You can now speak to Madness fans over the net in realtime!The Madness channel is located on a DALNET server so if you’re trying to get on it then set the server setting of your IRC program to: irc.dal.net 6667

Once you’re connected, select #Madness as a channel and you’ll be there!

Well, after alot of confusion and planning the first proper meet-up of Madness fans finally became reality on Sunday 27th October at 8pm UK time.

The people who were there for our first meetup were as follows:

Diane (Apkat), Jordan (Jord), Andrea Nans (The Madness), Jerre (Jerre), Darren Bowen (Eight_ball), and myself (RobH).
As it was our first meetup it was more of a chance for everyone to get used to this new way of speaking to each other. Madness chat was pretty thin on the ground as most of us used the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better.We did decide however that Sundays at 8pm UK time are a good time to meet on IRC so if you want to chat Madness then that’s the time when you have the most chance of finding people on there. At other times it’s most likely you’ll be the only person. Give it a go anyway!

There was a bit of Madness related chat that evening and that was Darren wondering how on earth I could say that “Solid Gone” was a crap song. Diane found the conversation most enlightening as she hadn’t actually heard the song so was trying to get some idea of what it was like from Darren and myself.

Well, after half an hour of being on and two crashes of my computer I decided to call it a day. If anything else happened after I went I’m sure it’ll get posted to the group.

Who knows what next month will bring? I have to say that I think it’s very unlikely that Madness will be doing a Christmas tour this year due to the fact that I haven’t seen anything and it’s getting awfully close to the usual time when the concerts usually are.Perhaps they’re taking a well-earned rest this year? Who knows.

Until next month, bye!


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