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Madpost – March 1997

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Monthly Madpost – March 1997

Hiya all and welcome to the March edition of the monthly Madpost!

Well, February was certainly an active month on the list. Everyone seemed to be writing in describing their hair styles and asking if it was ok to have long hair and be a Maddie. Bex was wondering if it was ok if she could keep her girlie hair style whilst Elizabeth was pretty sure that she’d look a bit odd with a crew cut.

A few old chesnut’s seemed to re-appear during the month. One popular one was “What is said at the start of Los Palmas?”, other re-appearances were Carl being called Cathal (pronnounced Ca-hal), and general chat about “The Madness” album and The Madness in general.

Finally, after many weeks the “No Doubt” topic was put to rest once and hopefully for all :)


Well, the date of the meet is getting ever nearer and we could do with a few more Maddies on the day. So, I’m reposting this article to try and get a bit more of a reponse.

I’ve spoken to Pete Gardner and Mark Bryant and they’ve expressed an interest in coming as has Ed.

From further afield, we now have a special guest and his wife coming all the way from the United States. I’ll reveal more of that nearer the meet date.

At the time of writing there has still not been any reply from Lord Suggs to let us know if he’s interested in coming to the meet. We can but hope that he’ll let us know what his intentions are.

Right, enough of the waffling, here are the meet details…

The date is Saturday April 19th, and the meeting point is outside Camden Town tube station at around 11:30am.

As to what we’ll be getting up to that day we’re not really sure but it’s sure to be a laugh.

For more information visit the “Mailing List Meet” pages at:


or if you’re interested in who’s coming to the meet, point your browser to Jordan Leigh’s site at the following URL:


If you’re interested in coming to the meet and would like your name adding to the list in his site, please e-mail Jordan at:


Once Jordan gets your mail he’ll add you to the list that is maintained on his web site.


Here’s a little snippet from Christopher Byrne who found this little bit in a recent issue of The Melody Maker…

Hi everyone,

In this weeks Melody Maker (cover date Feb. 15th) there is a bit about Suggs at the Terence Higgins Trust benefit gig. It is in the gossip section, the heading is “Suggs gets pissed with Dodgy” and the main text is:

“The most drunken man of the week award has to go to SUGGS for his rather, ahem, ‘free and easy’ rendition of ‘It Must Be Love’ with DODGY at the Terence Higgins Trust benefit at the Hackney Empire.

Our theory is that the Suggster tried to keep up treat-for-treat with the Dodgy boys only to fall foul of their voracious appetites and iron constitutions, but when we put this to ANDY MILLER after the show, he just smiled enigmatically and mumbled something about ‘too many lager shandies'”.

Hhhmmm. Typical tabloid music press taking the piss.



Yep, this issue of the Madpost see’s another re-post and it’s to try and get more Maddies to appear on the Madness channel situated on Dalent.

At best we seem to get about 8 – 10 Maddies connecting and we could do with some more!!

These IRC sessions are held every Sunday evening at 8pm UK time and have proved to be a great laugh. The only problem is that the only people who seem to connect to it are the original Maddies who got the whole thing going in the first place. Whilst this is all well and good it would be nice to get even more Maddies on-line so that we can all chat about Madness and not so Madness related topics. So, if your computer is IRC capable why not join us?

The IRC server you want is: orion.fl.us.dal.net
(irc.dal.net seemed too laggy)

and the port you want is: 6667

Once connected connect to channel: #Madness

And that’s where you’ll find us.

If you want to see what goes on during these IRC sessions then take a look at: http://www.jabba.demon.co.uk/madness/irc.html

Come on, join in! With even more Maddies it could be a real laugh!!!


Here’s a recent plug that Kurt sent to the list a few weeks back. If what Kurt says is true and his links page is the most up to date around I thought it was worth re-posting here…

Hello all you Maddies….

after some rather painless work and gruelling minutes of typing, i’ve fixed up my Madness links on my 2 Tone page… these links are all correct, including recent URL changes from the likes of Inbar and John… i urge you all to come visit and update your bookmarks… (that sounds a little severe, doesn’t it?)…



PLEASE: if you have a Madness site that has not been included in my list, Email me with your URL…


Paul recently posted this little article to the list and seeing as alot of you Maddies collect ANYTHING Madness related I thought you’d better have these details again…

News for everyone who still wants to own a Madness calendar, even if it’s a month and a half late. Scandecor are still charging #4.99 for it, plus 2 quid for postage ! I’ve still ordered mine though….

If anyone else wants one, send a cheque for £6.99 payable to “Scandecor Ltd.”, to this address….

Scandecor Limited,
3 The Ermine Centre,
Hurricane Close,
Huntingdon, Cambs.
PE18 6XX

Or phone: +44 01480 456395

Bye for now !



I received this little bit of gossip from Iwona Smucerowicz towards the start of February and she’s given me permission to put it here so the rest of you Maddies can catch up on the actions of Lord Suggs himself…

Suggs was in Poland on 25th January. He was invited there by a TV show called “The Evening with Alice”. He sang “Cecilia” and gave an interview.

I am so unhappy I didn’t know of his plans earlier, because I would surely have gone to this show.

Suggs was asked about the possibility of a new album and he replied with “Maybe in 2027”. I hope we won’t have to wait quite that long.



You may have noticed a few posts circulating around the list during the past week or so relating to a possible mailing list meet in the USA.

James Clauser who now lives in New York is offering his services to arrange a meet in NY but you will have to arrange your own accommodation if you’re planning to stay more than a day there. James’s new flat is too small to put any Maddies up and is under the impression that his flatmate wouldn’t appreciate a bunch of drunken Madsters coming in at 3am singing, “There’s a shadow on my house”, I can’t think why ;)

Anyway, if you’re interested in the idea of a New York Madness meet please get in touch with James at: jclauser@303.spacelab.net


As I write this final section I’m getting ready for the dummy run of the mailing list meet which is being held tommorow (1st March) for a few Maddies who can make the date. As soon as I return I’ll post a mini review up to the list so you can see what went on.

If you’ve got any material you think would be worth including in the next issue of the madpost, please e-mail me with it and I’ll do my best to include it in the next issue.

Until next month…..


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