Madpost June 1998

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Review of the previous month’s goings on and a look at what this coming month could possibly have in store for the Nutter on the street.

Martin Colclough is here with details on improving your knowledge of Madness song lyrics. Could give you that much-needed boost of nutty knowledge if you’re planning to take part in `Name that Lyric`.

You may have noticed that `Name That Lyric` has been running for a number of weeks now, and after the initial teething problems it’s certainly been a weekly topic of conversation (and competition). Violeta Balhas, maintainer of `Name that Lyric` has kindly put together a little article so you can see how it works and how you can take part.

Diane Cooke’s review was one of the best summary’s taken from the batch that blasted onto the mailing list after the Stateside tour last month. If you missed it I thought it was worthy of an inclusion in the Madpost. Enjoy!

It’s too late to put your name down for a meet T-shirt if you want one for Madstock IV, but Adrian has kindly put a little article together so those of you who have ordered are aware of the price and if your name is on the list. Please, orders have been far far better than we could ever have hoped for – we just can’t print any more!

Want to get your hands on this complete rare live recording? Read on.

Al has been scouring the net for new and exciting Madness midi files, and with the help of one or two Nutties he’s built up quite a collection. The files are very small so even on the slowest modem they shouldn’t take long to download.

[8] – MADNESS IN L.A –
For all of us who missed the Stateside gigs, Paul Andrews has kindly put together an excellent review of the L.A gig which can be viewed by visiting his website. Paul is after some feedback, so if you pay the site a visit, please drop him an e-mail.

Chris Carter-Pegg still has a large selection of nutty items for sale since his list was published in a recent Madpost. All remaining items have now been discounted for a quick sale. Chris tells me that this is going to be his last sale for a while, so if you don’t buy now you may miss out!

A quick summary of rendezvous times and locations along with some mobile contact numbers for use over the meet w/e.

Looking forward to the next four weeks on and off the list.




Another month draws to a close, and fever pitch starts to set in for all those Maddies who are lucky enough to be going to Madstock IV next week. I can almost guarantee that this week will really drag – you mark my words!

Anyway, enough of Madstock IV, I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about it over the course of next month!

May (a usually quiet month on the list) was surprisingly busy with posts ranging from people chatting about their favourite bands which although in the majority of postings contained one huge lists of groups and artists, a few people did actually put into words WHY they liked the other groups and how they got into them.

Many thanks to everyone who posted their concert reviews from the recent Stateside gigs. Although they were a great read, I’m sure I can speak for the majority of people who didn’t make it and say that the reviews made us even more jealous than ever. Perhaps we can get our own back after MSIV ;-)

Still on the subject of Madstock IV, I’d just like to say a little `Thankyou` to Ed Stebbing-Allen for organising the hotel accommodation at the New Pembury Hotel. I’m sure everyone who’s room you booked is eternally greatful. Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan. If you sill owe Ed some money for the reservation of a room, please could you bring it with you to the meet.

It looks like this meet could be the largest the mailing list has witnessed. I’m looking forward to actually meeting some of these people who I’ve been e-mailing these past two and a half years. If you’ve not been to a Madstock or a Mailing List Meet before, I’m sure you’ll think that the journey was worth it.

Moving away from Madstock now… I was speaking to Stuart Wright a few weeks back and he was planning to have another issue of Nut Inc out in circulation before MSIV. With the concert only a week away it now looks unlikely. Of course, if I hear anything I’ll let you know. If you’re not subscribed to Nut Inc, or you want to know a little bit more about it, please click on the Nut Inc link found on the main Mailing List webpage.

And finally, a big thankyou to everyone who supplied the list with catalogue information and other related materials for the forthcoming `Heavy Heavy Hits of Madness` album. It’s out tomorrow in the UK and although it’s basically `Divine Madness` with `Sweetest Girl` added I’m sure most serious Nutty collectors will be buying it.

And on that note I’ll let you get on and read the June issue of the Madpost.

Stay Nutty,

Robert Hazelby (Madness Mailing List Maintainer)


I don’t know if you already know, but I’ve found a web site called LYRICS which is a massive searchable database of song lyrics, all of which are downloadable and printable.

A search on Madness brings up the complete set of lyrics to the albums One Step Beyond, Absolutely, 7, Rise and Fall, Mad Not Mad, Complete Madness and Utter Madness. Each song takes a matter of seconds to download.

The address is

I thought it might be of interest to other Maddies out there who don’t already know the lyrics to the songs.

Martin Colclough,




Deciphering lyrics is addictive and intriguing. Anyone who has ever listened to the chorus of Bruce Springsteen’s “Blinded by the Light” over and over again, with their ear glued to the speaker, only to come to the conclusion that it’s about being wrapped up like a sushi, knows this.

I first came across the idea for Name That Lyric at a U2 website. A line or snippet from a U2 song was posted every week, after which visitors to the site fell over themselves in the rush to identify the song and album it came from. Since Mr. Vox is not well known for his diction, I was impressed. And like all good ideas, Name That Lyric was worth filching.

The lyrical gauntlet was thrown on May 12 with a line from Nutty Theme. After this first attempt, because of international time zones, I decided that “first past the post” wouldn’t be fair, as the winning spot would be forever taken by the same caffeine-addicted insomniacs who are actually vertical and mobile at around 11.00am AEST. A little tweaking with the rules, and we were set.

Name That Lyric is sent out to MML members at about 11.00am AEST. The competition is open for 24 hours, after which all correct entries are collected, and placed into a hat (fez or porkpie, take your pick). I then close my eyes, and pull out one name. That person wins! I decided not to list every person who actually got it right, since there are people who do get it wrong: it won’t do to foster a “Madder than thou” attitude in something that’s essentially just for fun. Besides, I’m a parent, and as every parent who isn’t raising their child to be a football hooligan says, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game!”

And a fun game it is, too. Even the weirdest lyrics have their own weird context, and placing a lone line to its appropriate song can prompt lots of head scratching (record scratching, too. Remember lifting up a stylus and setting it down again to catch the bit you missed?). MML members can also put their hard work to use by privately donating a lyric line – a great help as this author has scratched a vast number of Madness records in one lifetime – remembering, of course, that they are ineligible to attempt to answer their featured lyric, lest other members cry, “Maddiegate!”

Once you think you have the right song – and album too, for extra kudos – mail the answer PRIVATELY to me (Vi) at:

The winner gets – nothing much. Well, there is the recognition and respect of MML members. And being the discerning, exacting bunch that we are, that’s no small thing.

Violeta Balhas





I just flew in from San Francisco, and boy are my arms– oh, nevermind.

Well, as I told Elizabeth just before we parted ways at the Oakland concert, it was “a most productive evening.” Thank God for frequent flyer miles and generous friends with sofas, which helped make it all possible.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, I’ll try to make a quick review of the evening, and try to bring you closer to what I got to see…along with responses to Elizabeth’s last posting…

First band up: Aquabats— envision about 7 or 8 nuts in blue and red super-hero outfits and masks… How can you go wrong with a band like that! I thought they were great, although I guess I should just say that I thought their last 2 songs were great, since I didn’t see anything else of them…

We arrived a bit late from Blondies… but it was nice to see a younger band with a positive outlook… I liked how they were saying “stop whining!!!” Good for them!

Royal Crown Review— nice swingin’ sound and again, fun! The lead singer added a nice touch by saying things like “thanks, kids,” after each song. I felt like I was in an old movie… I didn’t realize what a rage jitterbugging is these days to 14-16 year-olds… There were quite a few sets of teenagers cutting a rug in the back of the hall, which is where Harold and I were (along with a couple friends).

Dance Hall Crashers and Blink 182 weren’t my cup of tea, but then again, I didn’t hear too much of either of them, as I too spent that time out in the hall. I had one great tip from Mike, whom we had met earlier at Blondie’s Pizza, and that was to move in on the stage after Blink 182 leaves— all the moshers get tuckered out and leave, so THAT’s when we made our move, and I ended up right in front of Chrissy Boy at the rail of the stage (general admission has its advantages)….

The evening began with their customary sound byte from Mic Jagger saying “The only thing that makes it, that really makes it, that makes it all the way, is one that achieves madness!…” as 6 of them (minus Lee) lined the front of the stage facing the audience. Lee ran in last with his military helmet on and dismissed them to their “posts” on the stage.

No surprise that they started with “One Step Beyond” and “Embarrassment,” but I won’t go into the set list, as Elizabeth is the resident expert on set lists.

I’ll do a fashion review…. Suggs, had on a gray suit with black bowler hat and shades…. Cathal had on a 3 piece lightish suit also with shades… I guess it was more of a tan than gray… Lee had on a black tea shirt with army khakis (I think) and a military helmet and shades… Chrissy Boy was dressed in fatigues with matching cap, no shades, Woody had on a non-descript standard buttoned short-sleeved shirt and shorts, no shades, Bedders wore an all-black suit, no shades, Barson had on a blue suit I believe and wore shades some of the time… They all looked really great! (How’s that for a fashion review?)

A few chairs were put out on the side of the stage just before the concert started for Sandra, Barson’s wife and kids one of which could be seen occasionally crawling around Barson’s feet as he played the keyboards.

I was standing next to these 2 girls who were about 14 years old or so (remember I’m 36), who didn’t know much about the band except Our House…. One of them kept turning to me to see what the lyrics were, as I was singing along with every tune they played. I looked at her and said “If you’re tired of hearing me sing, I’ll stop!” She said “Oh no! That’s alright!” These girls were so cute – Suggs saw them, as did Chrissy Boy, and before the evening was over, Suggs came over and slapped the girls‘ hands yelling “heyyyyy!!!!” to them.– I’m sure he thought they were cute too…. One of them turned to me and asked “what’s HIS name???” I said “That’s Suggs!” “Oh! THAT’s the one my friend had a crush on for so long! I’m going to tell her I touched him!!!”

One funny point in the evening for me was when one of them turned to me and said, “what’s the guitarist’s name?” I said “That’s Chrissy Boy!” The girl replied, “He’s kind of cute for an OLD BUCK!” I said “Watch it, he’s only a few years older than I am!!!!” It is scary to believe that I’m legally old enough to be these girls’ mom!

On a couple occasions, Bedders and Chris came out holding a small video camera and were grabbing home videos from the stage… I think I got in a couple shots…

From where I was, with my back literally against the speakers, I couldn’t hear the vocals or keyboards very clearly, and occasionally the sax was soft too… but then again, the sound guy isn’t mixing for a person standing NEXT TO the speaker cabinets…. Who needs to hear the lyrics anyway?

I’m happy to report that there were probably about 2-3 attempts from a small number of (probably Blink 182) people who tried to mosh, but it was met with great opposition, and not tried again— The crowd turned vehemently against those trying to mosh. Ahh yes, a reasonably civilized group. Not completely without incident, but from where I was, MY biggest problem is I didn’t have enough room to clap! I had to hold my hands directly in front of my neck to applaud.

At another point one of the girls in front of me thought they had heard someone yell “you suck!” and were greatly distressed…. “Who said that!!!” the girls said. I said, “Probably one of the members of Blink 182,” which made the people around me laugh. I’m guessing they might not have heard right… coz I didn’t hear anything but cheering!

Harold says there was a guy around him who was yelling “Speed it up!!!” and “Skinheads!!!”(oh yeah, I left my husband about 4 people behind me– but as he’s 6’2″ and I’m only 5’4” I couldn’t have seen as well from where he was anyway).. What was nice is no one seemed to pay any attention to the guy yelling, and he piped down.

Overall, the concert went without a hitch, except when Lee attempted to play “Night Boat to Cairo” from atop a stack of speakers. The speakers were probably placed directly in front of other speakers, as there was a great deal of feedback as he attempted the first blasting note a couple times…. He nixed the idea, and after a “sorry ’bout that,” proceeded to play it from his original spot on the stage. Oh well, that’s show biz.

Later I got every single one of them to sign a cover to the Madstock CD that Elizabeth so kindly lent me for the evening (E, I need your address to send you a replacement). Starting with Lee, Barson, and Woody. All of them were perfectly gracious. Lee was particularly kind as he could see my apprehension in getting Barson to sign the cd cover, since Barson was already on his way out the door.. “GO ON!” He said, “Get BARSON to sign it!” I really appreciated his persistence to get me to go up to Barson, because I sometimes am overly sensitive with butting in rudely on people.

I told Barson (who was accompanied by his family) I had recently seen “Take it or Leave it” again and was it true that he had left Carl in the car as depicted in the film… (apologies to those who haven’t seen it), and he says “Naaaaaaahhhh!!!!! It’s not true! They just wanted something INTERESTING to put in there, and it made me come off looking rather NASTY!”

Woody and his wife were next, who look to me like a terrific pair! They’re best friends, you can tell– just like me and MY hubby, you can spot it! Good for them!

I introduced myself to Chrissy Boy as the one who had asked “where are they right now” on their webpage (go to and find the question and answer pages)… And he immediately perked up, stuck his hand out and Said “What a GOOD QUESTION! I had a lot of fun with that one!” And he and Bedders confirmed that everything in that answer was actually what was happening that day. He REALLY HAD called everyone to see what they were doing at that very moment! Too funny! His wife and I believe his son were with him too. I enjoyed talking with him briefly, then slipped off to nab Cathal and Suggs, the latter of which tells me his album is coming out soon, so be warned, Maddies… New Suggs material is on the way. Cathal, as expected was perfectly charming.

Anyway, we all went outside, the vans started to pull away, and Madness was off on the road again, leaving for Hawaii the very next day… I asked Bedders if he had ever been to Hawaii before. He said “No, but I’ve seen Hawaii 5-O!” Brilliant!

So, that’s a sort of capsule of what took place on April 29th, 1998 in Oakland California. God is good!

I’m really curious to know if anyone on this list knows how the Hawaii gig went!

Cheers everyone!




Hi gang,

Just a quick (but important) email to let you know the latest on the Finsbury98 T-Shirts…

Myself and Robert have been totally swanped out with orders and, in short, we can’t take any more…Sorry if anyone has missed out, but we have literally run out of time.

Demand has far exceeded our humble expectations!

We will however, be more than pleased to produce some more (if needed) after madstock 4, if anyone would like a souvenir etc.

So…Here’s a complete list of orders received…If you are on the list, please email us at “” ASAP to confirm the details of your order…If you don’t confirm, we cannot guarantee delivery!

One again, please do NOT send any more new orders until after the Madstock 4 mad-meet!

Here’s the list…

2 x Adrian (Me)
1 x Robert
1 x Richard Pountney
1 x Elizabeth
2 x Joe Schipsi
1 x Chris Byrne
1 x Mike Thomas
2 x Jose Gomez
2 x Peter Gardner
1 x Dominic Kearney
1 x Luann Lockwood
1 x Silvia Mobili
1 x Kevin Tizzard
1 x John McEvoy
1 x Jim Hammersley
1 x Yvette
1 x Blake@donker (no name on order?)
2 x Becky Lane
1 x Cris Carter-Pegg
2 x Lisa Dekker
2 x Aad Van Der Niet
28 total

Price is confirmed at 34 pounds per shirt….HA HA, got you worried there for a sec eh? ;) …Price is as originally stated at 5 (FIVE) UK pounds per shirt ;)

One final point…Everyone who gets a shirt will also recieve a “Care for your shirt” leaflet, which should be read carefully…Epson (who manufacture the image transfer paper) recommend certain criteria when washing and ironing the garment etc etc…Follow these guidelines properly and you won’t have a problem…ignore them, and you may end up wishing you had read the leaflet more carefully!

Thanks for listening, and a HUGE apology to anyone who has missed out!

Kind regards

Adrian & Robert
(T-Shirt making type blokes)





Thanks to everybody who replied to my original posting regarding the Mad Not Mad Party DAT/CD.

After much time and expense I have managed to transfer the DAT to CD-R and I am now prepared to send copies out to list members. The recording is just one of many Madness concerts I have on DAT and I decided to use this show as a test before deciding to transfer others in a similar way.

The CD contains 10 tracks recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon as part of a BBC 2 TV special on the 31st December 1985, to welcome in the New Year. Only a few of the tracks featured on this CD were actually broadcast and the others laid in the BBC archives. Luckily I have a contact at the BBC who was prepared to sell me a DAT recording of the show which I have now been able to cut to CD. The full track listing for the CD is:

I’ll Compete
My Girl
Michael Caine
Grey Day
Uncle Sam
Yesterday’s Men
Listen To Your Father
One Step Beyond

As well as nine Madness classics the band where also joined on stage by special guest Feargal Sharkey to perform his hit Listen To Your Father.

For those of you with MPEG players a sample of Uncle Sam from the CD can be downloaded from the following URL:     

I am willing to send out copies of the CD for � to those living in the UK or $20 US for those outside the UK. The price will include postage but please remember that the original DAT tapes did cost me a lot of money and I am only looking to recoupe my original outlay so please do not duplicate these CD’s as I do hope to make other earlier recordings available. Unfortunately I will only be able to accept personal cheques from people within the UK.

The CD’s have been recorded onto GOLD CD’R and DO NOT included any artwork, as I did not want to push up the production costs of the CD’s.

People interested can e-mail me for a contact address at:

Please use the subject heading MAD NOT MAD, as I sometimes receive so many e-mails that many are simply deleted.

Once again thanks to those who replied to my original e-mail.






Hi all….
just to let you all know, I’ve got a couple of new Madness Midis up on my site now

Midis Available Now;

One Step Beyond (new)
Baggy Trousers (new)
Our House
It Must be Love
House Of Fun
Benny Bullfrog
Driving In My Car (Thanks To Steve Bringe)
Cecilia (Thanks To Steve Bringe)


Visit the New Look Dont Quote Me On That





What-O Maddies all,

Just a shameless plug here, if I may. I just finished a write up of the 26 April show for my poxy site. I rambles a bit, and I spend alot of time on preliminaries, but if any would like a gander it’s at:

Please feel free to tell me if I’ve made any glaring, or not so glaring errors. Also keep in mind this bit is going to be read by simple ska types, people of the land, salt of the earth, the backbone of the American west, you know, morons; so please excuse some of my generalizations. Cheers, Annette…oh, I mean,

Paul Andrews





Here follows a list of all my surplus Madness stock that I still have for sale. You will notice that everything left has now been reduced since my initial email last month.

This is to be my final sale for a very long time.


All items are sold on a first come, first served basis. For the majority of items there is only one copy available: –

MADNESS CLEAROUT ’98 (Free postage for all UK customers)

(UK Pounds:)

Man in the Mad Suit ’93 – Tour Programme �50
Mad Dogs ’95 – Tour Programme �50
Official 1997 Calendar (Still sealed) �95

Madstock Xmas ’92 Tour – T Shirt �95
Man in the Mad Suit ’93 Tour – T Shirt �95
Mad Dogs ’95 Tour – T Shirt �50

M.I.S. Comics: Nos. 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,11,13,14,15 �50 each
or a set of 10 (Nos. 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,11,13,15 – not No.14) �.95

M.I.S. Set of seven portraits �95
M.I.S. Poster 24″x34″: ‘Cowboy Outfits’ �50
Nutty Boys Poster 16″x24″: ‘It’s OK, I’m a Policeman’ �25

Set of three 4″x6″ promo cards for Madstocks 2, 3 & 4 �75
Suggs: The Lone Ranger 12″x12″ promo card �60
Madstock (the album) 12″x12″ promo card �90

Uncle Sam – sheet music �75


The Business – 3CD box set (Still sealed) �.75


My Girl: 1992 single (Fair) �90
No More Alcohol: (Suggs) �00
Blue Day: (Suggs) 1997 single �00
Blue Day: (Suggs) 1998 single �00
Utter Madness (Still sealed) �95


Return of the Los Palmos 7: Spanish (Intro done in Spanish) �25
House of Fun �00
Our House: Special Stretch Mix �50
Our House: USA; B/side Cardiac Arrest – V.diff sleeve �25
Michael Caine �00
It Must Be Love: (’92 reissue) �75

Michael Caine: picture disc �50
Uncle Sam: picture disc �.95


One Step Beyond �.25
My Girl �50
Return of Los Palmos 7 (Yellow Label + comic No.1) �.95
Cardiac Arrest �25
Driving in My Car �75
Tomorrow’s Just Another Day �95
Wings of a Dove �95
The Sun and the Rain �95
Michael Caine �95
One Better Day �95
Yesterday’s Men �95
Sweetest Girl �95
Waiting for the Ghost Train �95

Night Boat to Cairo – ’92 remix 4 track (Promo) �95


Absolutely: Portuguese �50
Seven: UK (Stiff) + inner sleeve �95
Rise & Fall: UK (Stiff) (Fair) �95
‘Madness’: USA compilation, lyrics on inner sleeve �50
Keep Moving: UK (Stiff) + insert �95
Keep Moving: Italian + insert �50
It’s Madness: very rare limited edition LP �.50


Suggs: I’m Only Sleeping – DJ Promo (diff. cover + press release) �95
Suggs: The Tune – DJ Promo (diff. cover) �50
Suggs: Cecilia – DJ Promo (diff. cover) �95
Suggs: No More Alcohol – DJ Promo (diff. cover + press release) �95

Suggs: I’m Only Sleeping – CD1 �25
Suggs: Camden Town �75
Suggs: The Christmas EP �25
Suggs: No More Alcohol – CD1 (Blue CD) �75
Suggs: No More Alcohol – CD1 (Rare white CD) �95
Suggs: No More Alcohol – CD2 �25
Suggs: Blue Day ’97 – CD1 �25
Suggs: Blue Day ’98 �25

Crunch!: Magic Carpet (Still sealed) �95
Maureen Rees: Driving in My Car (Cover version) !!!! �95


All items are UK issues unless otherwise stated.
All items are in mint condition unless otherwise stated (e.g. Fair).
Postage within the UK is free, international Maddies will have to pay slightly extra just to cover costs.
All orders must be paid for in pounds sterling, international Maddies may have to obtain a bank draft or International Money Order to achieve this.


Email me stating precisely which items you wish to buy. I will then email you back with my address, stating which items I have been able to reserve for you. The items will remain reserved for a limited time, to allow you to get a cheque to me. All items will be mailed out in strong packaging within 14 days of receipt of the cheque.

Please email me if you have any queries regarding the items for sale or the ordering process.

See you at Madstock IV ??,


p.s. A free gift of a CD single by ‘The Specials’ will be sent with all orders over 25.00 pounds. Offer limited to one per customer while stocks last.





Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you all with another e-mail detailing what may or may not happen over the course of the Madstock IV weekend. The purpose of this small article is to summarise what the meeting times and locations are, and also to provide you with some contact numbers which you can feel free to use over the weekend.

SATURDAY 6TH JUNE – Meet time is midday to 12:30pm outside Camden Town Tube Station.

Sunday 7th June – Meet time is 2pm just past the turnstiles of the arena entrance.

Monday 8th June – We’ll play this one by ear as we’ll probably need to recover!


If you fail to meet up with the main group at any of the above times and locations, please feel free to contact us on the following mobile phone numbers. It would be appreciated if you ONLY use these numbers on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Adrian Burns: tel – (removed)

Ed Stebbing-Allen: tel – (removed)





Well, that’s it for another month. If you’re still awake after reading this far then congratulations, you’re a true Nutty.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I think it’s safe to say that the list will be bombarded with concert reviews from the Madstock IV gig. I’m sure Simon (Roberts) will be on hand to compile another set of `Post Meet Statistics`. If you are going to the meet and you see Simon nearby it’s advisable that you’re on your best behaviour as Simon will be taking EVERYTHING down and using it against you when he returns home!

NUT INC subscribers will be pleased to know that Stuart is ready to release another issue of the zine! Stuart’s original plan was to get another `zine out before MSIV. I’ve spoken to Stuart this evening (Sunday 31st) and he tells me that due to work commitments and a fractured arm (I kid you not!) or two he’s had to put it back.

At the time of typing, Stuart tells me that the issue will be going off to the printers tomorrow (1st) and you should all be receiving an issue within the next couple of weeks. The more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed ads for NUT INC appearing in the NME and MOJO music papers as well as others. Apparently the ads have done the trick and Stuart now has over 100 subscribers to the `zine. Congratulations!

It’s looking very likely that a future issue of Nut Inc will be a `Madstock Special`. Apart from the `Madness Record Library` and `The Madness Story` everything in that issue from the cover to photos and articles will be Madstock related. Stuart is looking for photo’s gig reviews, interviews and anything to do with ANY of the Madstocks. If you don’t have any of that material but would like to put together a short Madstock related article then please get in touch with Stuart (address can be found at the back of your `zine).

If you aren’t subscribed to Nut Inc and you’d like some more information all those who are coming to MSIV will be pleased to know that Stuart will be coming down and bringing a selection of back-issues for you to have a look at. I can assure you that it’s well worth subscribing to it!

See you all at Madstock!


Robert Hazelby (Madness Mailing List Maintainer)

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