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Madpost – February 1997

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Monthly Madpost – February 1997

Hiya all!

Welcome the February issue of the monthly Madpost. Before you dive off and rummage through the articles I’d just like to say a big “thankyou” to everyone who’s been posting to the list throughout January. There hasn’t been any let up in the quantity and quality of postings. Keep it up.

We’ve got it all this issue, from rumours of Madness one-off gigs to birthday celebrations and even a Madness meet. Anyway, I’ll let you have a read for yourself.

Stay Nutty,



Earlier in January the mailing list was abound with rumours that Madness may possibly be playing a one-off gig in Worthing.

A number of subscribers responded by saying that it was probably a cover band such as “Utter Madness” or “One Step Behind” and not the genuine article at all.

Kevin Tizzard who was the one who informed the group of the possibility of Madness playing in Worthing attempted to get more information about the gig by phoning up the venue and seeing what they had to say about the matter.

I’ll leave Kevin to finish off…

“After spending the majority of Sunday trying to follow up the rumour that Madness were going to make an appearance at Illusions Nighclub in Worthing, the whole situation came to a awful anti-climax, when after finally managing to get through to someone, I was informed ….

And this weeks first prize, goes to Mark [spot-on!] ….

It was the imitation band, Utter Madness who were going to be there.

Sorry to get everyone’s hopes up, but you can sleep easy in knowing that the person who fed me with this piece of deceitful information, was searched for, found, and given a piece of my mind … you know, the bit above the nose and under the hairline.

Here’s a little snippet sent in from Pete Gardner earlier in January. I’ll let him do the talking…

Hello all you Maddies,

I had forgotten all about this but Simon Mayo on Radio One said it was the Lord Suggs’ 36th birthday today (Monday 13th Jan). To commemorate this he played ‘Michael Caine’ !!??? A bit strange to play the only single sung by Carl ! Anyway just thought I would post this in so we can all have a Birthday thought for the Mads’ almighty leader. It also reminded me that, if Suggs is 36 today, that means Carl is 37 tomorrow (if my memory of their Birthdays serves me right). So that’ll be another Birthday thought tomorrow.



Well, the date for the “Mailing List Meet” has now been finalised as Saturday 19th April 1997.

The meeting point is outside Camden Town tube station at around 11:30am.

As to what we’ll be getting up to that day we’re not really sure but it’s sure to be a laugh.

The list’s very own Chris has recently written off to Suggs at his home address explaining to him about the mailing list, the meet, and has asked him if he’d be interested in joining us for an hour or so. At present Chris is awaiting a response but you can be sure that as soon as one arrives he’ll be posting it up to the list for us all to read.

For more information visit the “Mailing List Meet” pages at:


or if you’re interested in who’s coming to the meet, point your browser to Jordan Leigh’s site at the following URL:


If you’re interested in coming to the meet and would like your name adding to the list in his site, please e-mail Jordan at:


Once Jordan gets your mail he’ll add you to the list that is maintained on his web site.


Well, just before I was about to post this month’s issue of the Madpost off into the void of the internet, Chris Byrne posted this little snippet to the list which I thought was of some interest…

“Just a quick note to let you all know that Suggs is doing the Terrance Higgins Trust gig at Hackney Empire on 5th Feb. Dodgy headline along with Steve Coogan and other comedians. Tickets are 10 quid. I saw this in this weeks Melody Maker which reads “…the evening celebrates a new book, It Must Be Love, a collection of the winning entries in the Waterstones/Terence Higgins Trust short story competition”.”



Here’s a little snippet from Richard (SOTW) Pountney… “I was browsing through Robert’s excellent Madness web page last night and saw the results of the 1996 top ten songs poll as voted by you lot last year. Well, it was almost a year ago and we have a lot more people on the list now, and I’m sure most people change their minds about their fave Madness songs from day to day, so I have decided to run the poll again. If you want to enter the poll, here is what you do:

1) Try as hard as you can to narrow down all your favourite Madness classics into a top 10 list.

2) Put your list in order. for example, if ‘It must be love’ is your favorite song then put it in first place. If ‘The Sun and the Rain’ is your 10th favorite song then put it in 10th place.

Your list should look something like this:

1. It Must Be Love2……………..








10..The Sun and the Rain


The reason for the songs to be in order is because I give each song a score depending on their place. 1st position = 10 Points. 10th position = 1 point etc.

3)E-mail me with your top ten list before the 14th February. This will give you just over a month.

My E-mail address is:


Please DO NOT mail the Madness mailing list with your votes.

The results will be published soon after the closing date.

If anyone has any questions please mail me about them.

Hope you have fun selecting your fave songs.”

If you still haven’t voted then you still have time. It’ll only take a few minutes to do and once done we’ll be able to compare the results to the one’s compiled last year!


As well as the famous “SOTW” the mailing list now has its own “Weekly Madness Quiz” which is supplied and maintained by the mailing list’s very own Kevin Tizzard.

To answer the questions that are included in each issue of the Mad Quiz please send the your answers to Kevin’s own e-mail address so that he can record your results and so that the quiz is still worth entering for people who got their mail late.

If you’d like to help Kevin out by providing some questions (with the answers!) for submition to the quiz, you can contact Kevin at:


I’m sure Kevin will appreciate any help as it takes a fair while to come up with all these questions.

COMING SOON! Hopefully within the next few days the “Mad Quiz” pages will be up at the mailing list web site. The pages are currently under construction and I am awaiting Kevin’s comments. As soon as I get the all clear the pages will be made available to everyone.


One of the most popular threads of mail recently has been related to the possible idea of a t-shirt for all us internet capable Maddies here.

Many ideas have been posted to the group from what colours should be used, what can we put on the t-shirt, should it be long or short sleeved, and even the cost of the T-shirt.

A number of people (including Dave) have said that they may be able to get the t-shirts produced cheaply once we all decide what’s going to be on them and who’s going to design the shirt.

To get your say in this please post your comments to the mailing list for the rest of us to read and digest.


A few months before Christmas a number of us IRC capable Maddies set up a Madness channel on DALNET and arranged meeting times for us all to get together and chat.

These IRC sessions are held every Sunday evening at 8pm UK time and have proved to be a great laugh. The only problem is that the only people who seem to connect to it are the original Maddies who got the whole thing going in the first place. Whilst this is all well and good it would be nice to get even more Maddies on-line so that we can all chat about Madness and not so Madness related topics. So, if your computer is IRC capable why not join us?

The IRC server you want is: orion.fl.us.dal.net (irc.dal.net seemed too laggy)

and the port you want is: 6667

Once connected connect to channel: #Madness

And that’s where you’ll find us.

If you want to see what goes on during these IRC sessions then take a look at: http://www.jabba.demon.co.uk/madness/irc.html

Come on, join in! With even more Maddies it could be a real laugh!!!


Well, that’s your lot for this month.

If you’ve got any news, articles or gossip that you feel is worth printing here then by all means send it to me at: robert@jabba.demon.co.uk and I’ll do my best to print it.

I’d really like to do a website roundup in the next issue, so if you’re the maintainer of a Madness related website, please send me the details of your site (contents etc) along with the URL and I’ll put those up for the world to see.

Until next month, stay nutty,


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