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Madpost August 1998

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General waffling, news and rumours from your mailing list maintainers – Robert Hazelby and Simon Roberts.

I know, you’ve been waiting to read this article for a week or so now. Well, now you can!!

Alan Redpath explains how the Madquiz works, how to enter, how to supply questions, and most importantly of all, shows us the scores so far.

A full review and lyric transcription of the new Suggs single – “I am”, by Alex Ingram.

What’s that? There’s a gap in your Madness collection? Log onto the PLR site this minute and see if they have what you’re after.

Thanks go to Ashley for typing up this album review of the re-packaged “Divine Madness”. This article was taken from a recent issue of Q magazine.

You’re probably read on the list that the Holland Madness concert is a no. Here’s how we came to out conclusion.

No, not to overcome some strange illness or phobia, just a hand with his website!

News of some excellent un-released Suggs tracks. Article courtesy of Stuart Wright from Nut Inc fanzine.

Alex Ingram’s Amiga may have gone belly-up and taken his Madness Amigaguide with it, but Alex isn’t giving up that easily. Perhaps you can give him a hand?

Painstakingly typed-in by resident MML subscriber – Suggsylia.

12] – AND SO, TO BED… –
Closing words from you Nutty Mailing List Maintainers




Hello and welcome to the August edition of the mailing list Madpost.

This issue is slightly different from any of the previous issues which have made it to the list as it’s the first one to be released since Simon Roberts stepped on board as fellow mailing list maintainer. With two of us working on the Madpost it should (fingers crossed!) be larger, more informative, and hopefully should have less errors as well!

The mailing list has been running with two list maintainers for almost a month now. From the general feedback Simon and myself have received, it looks like most of you are pleased with what’s been going on. The list has been pretty much argument free over the past four weeks, and the quality of the threads has been brilliant – keep it up!

On a more technical side, the list has gone through some slight changes, but 90% of you won’t even notice them. You may remember Simon and myself announcing that the list is now “closed”? Well, what this means is that from now on, should anyone wish to subscribe to the mailing list, they have to go through Simon and myself before-hand. Obviously, 99.999% of people wishing to subscribe will have good intentions, but we have already managed to see off some spam mailers attempting to sell rubbish to the masses. To reduce the risk of any spammers getting hold of your e-mail addresses we’ve also password protected the “who” list which should stop people getting hold of a ready made spamming list!

Anyway, enough of the technical talk, lets get back to the interesting stuff – MaDneSs!!!

It’s been yet another busy month on and off the mailing list with the famous PLR Madmail finally getting set up on the internet, and thanks to Alan Redpath‘s excellent work, they’re now ready to sell you Madness merchandise at some very competitive prices. Take a look at the site and get completing your collections.

I’m sure you can’t have failed to see all the excitement that’s been building up around the impending release of the new Suggs single which is (so I’m reliably informed by you Statesiders!) the title track to the new “Avengers” film. There have been mixed views on the list regarding the new track, some people loathed it, but I have to say that the majority are saying that once you give it a few listens to it really grows on you. One thing’s for sure, it’s likely to do well in the UK charts at least!

Right, that’s enough of me for the moment. I’ll now welcome fellow list maintainer, Simon Roberts as he walks across the stage…

Hello Maddies- I’ve been told to say a few words for Madpost- I was going to do loads of stuff – but a stinking cold and twelve hour shifts at work have preventing me from the amount of input I would like. (This Benylin stuff is better than beer;) ).
Rob says I’ve no excuse- But I haven’t been a maintainer for a whole month yet!!

As you all know I’m a co-maintainer with ‘old Robbo’ – we have got our heads together to make the mailing list better, secure and above all, more fun. Now being a maintainer, I understand the pain, grief, sweat and toil it takes to be a maintainer. (applause!- Mr.Hazelby) A lot of what happens may look simple – but a lot of hard work is needed.

We have new fresh ideas, competitions, etc.. to keep the list moving, some you may see in this Madpost! One thing is for sure- we wont be staying still! The new MML page is slowly taking shape, (cold/work permitting) and should be up shortly. The new “who’s who” will be up, we have about thirty of you now, please keep sending me those pics!. Someone else on the list has decided to start a similar project – maybe it could work together with the official “who’s who” site via linking.. who knows? Unfortunately my obscure MP3 site will not be part of it! I’m working on begging another 50mb of space fromwork for it- as It cant be part of the official pages for obvious reasons. Stay tuned!!

At the moment the list is bigger and madder than ever before- posts are up by 300%– no more slanging matches (as you know what will happen!)- less spam, automated bouncing service, added security to the members, who can now stay anonymous without anybody tapping into the server.

Remember we cant please all of the people…. ;) most of the time ;)

Madmeets! I heard someone cry! Camden Madmeets will only be held when something special happens i.e. Madness/Crunch!/Terry Edwards gigs. At the moment it looks like no Madness gigs until next year (20 years! they must play Finsbury Park! ‘ Madstock V – The Finale’ ;) ), what with Suggs promoting and soaring up the charts, and tied to WEA. Terry Edwards all-stars looked to be sidelined until another Madness revival in 2006!!, Crunch! is looking favourite for late this year, if Lee Thompson shows interest (Thx- Mole :) ).

A Few people have talking about rare Madness vinyl, or in fact the most expensive. In the early 80s I collected anything that moved, but usually I went for the rare imports. The best imports, I found. were the ‘Ariston’ range from Italy. They where stamped “Stiff” but they had a twist to most other imports. The master tapes where mixed in Italy by some Italian geezer- who must have some days “got the wrong tapes”!! – Gems like “Thats the way to do it” full version- (we had the infinite hammer loop on the 7″) – “Mrs. Hutchinson” was extended, “Day on the Town” had the Horns mix extended, were such gems that appeared on LPs. They covered most Madness LPs, but the Singles were usually 12″ and are now worth the bomb. Most UK LPs, (Stiff re-issues) appeared as Aristons in the Mid 80s, the OSB LP had the Italian version of One Step Beyond!! I wish I had a full catalogue of their releases. My last Ariston buy was the ‘Keep Moving’ LP. The guy re-mastering did some slight tweaking- it sounded better than the original! (or was because it didn’t have a black and silver label- who knows??)

The rarest Stiff release is ‘DQMOT’ 12″ Demo– hand written by Suggs I think (For those who are lucky enough to have a copy!) only 500 pressed. The most expensive I’ve seen is � for a 12″ flat black vinyl ONE sided version of ‘Our House’. The most expensive single must be ‘In the City’ Japanese release – changes hands for �- all compared with the measly � book price for ‘DQMOT’ 12″ Demo!!!- again if you know of more expensive stuff- let me know.

Rare bootlegs are a different matter- only good stereo radio bootlegs make the grade. The last bootleg was the Madstock III digitall broadcast- which I de-coded by my wonderful ‘Panda’ stereo box via the gifts of prisms, I strategically placed around the countryside (thanks Jim). The tape was then burned/Cut in defiance to one of my ex-girlfriends- to show my love. I’m not that stupid I still have the VH1 digital master;)- I think Old Robbo Hazelby and Ms.Suggsylia have a copy of the VH1 stereo feed- (minus the extra tracks- dohhh!) (Yes, you sent it to us some time ago! – RH)

I have an interesting bootleg of Lyceum Xmas 84 gig – Mike Barson’s last performance ever.. they played like, erm… better not swear.. not very well…

The last official pre-Madstock bootleg escapes me…. The Hammersmith gig in November 1994. It was aired in Stereo on radio-one. Less of this- more bootlegs!!-

You’ll probably know that Madstock 4 was filmed by Viacom. I emailed VH1 soon after asking when it was going to be screened, unfortunately they decided to plump for the Guinness Fleadh concert on the Saturday. Also there were rumours that BskyB had bought it for a PPV (pay per view) event-but sky have backed out.

Latest developments:
I’ve emailed Vh1 (Europe) again asking why they where showing the half-full Finsbury park on the Saturday instead of the 36,000 sell out on the Sunday – they have still not replied.

Recently a producer for VH1 joined the mailing list to find out the latest happenings as he was producing a ‘segment’ for a programme. He’s left now.

The Fleadh and some another concerts will be on VH1 (Europe) on 23rd August at 18.00. I don’t know If we will get a snippet of Madstock.

If you read on you’ll find an article about Huntsham Court Songwriters weekend bash. A pity ‘Big Mike’ Ben Barson didn’t play with Suggs!

Old Ben hasn’t done too bad- He’s played with likes Kate Bush and Gabrielle, but the most interesting combo must be ‘Clive Langer and the Boxes’ – Clive on Guitar/Vox – Suggs’ wife on vocals, Mr.Ben Barson on keyboards, plus others… Mmmm. sounds interesting but probably crap.

Anyone got the single??? (from 1980?) Anyone else know of any bands Ben has worked with? (apart from Suggs and Carlene Carter)

Right I’m off- I’ll let Rob get a word in….
I will be asking questions later. ;)

I think we’ve waffled on rather too long Simon. I think we should let them get stuck into this month’s Madpost. ;-)

See you all in the outro (if you make it that far!).

Robert Hazelby and Simon Roberts
(Madness Mailing List Maintainers)



Well, it’s been exceedingly difficult for Simon and myself keeping this one under wraps. As soon as anything slipped out and we say that we’re keeping the details until the Mapost, World War 3 almost breaks out. Sure, we could have given you all the details before issuing the Madpost to the list, but where would the fun be in that?

Besides, you wouldn’t want a Madpost which only contained articles you’d already read now would you?!

Ok, don’t get too excited. There are TWO new* releases on the way, but they’re really a set of updates than brand-new items featuring never heard-before material.. I’ll let Mark (Bedford) explain.

“It’s all very quiet at the moment. After the tour of the States
and Madstock people (members of the band) have tended to go their
separate ways and have a rest.”
“The only thing we are working on at the moment is the re-packaging
of two budget albums: ‘It’s Madness’ and ‘It’s Madness Too’.”

“I don’t know if you know these records? They are compilations with
B-sides on mainly sold through ‘Woolies’ and WH Smiths.”

“We were going to delete them but they begged us not to. So the least
we can do is to make them look nice.”

Thanks for that snippet, Mark! The updated Madness albums are due to be released sometime in September So keep your eyes peeled! There are no prizes for the first person who manages to get hold of these releases, but if you could give us all a review of the new packaging it would be appreciated by one and all.

(Remember the clue was in the mail! ;)Simon)




Hello everyone! Rob has asked me to write a short piece about the Mailing List MadQuiz so here goes….

History of the MadQuiz
The MadQuiz was started ages ago by mailing list regular Kevin Tizzard and was a popular weekly feature on the mailing list. Towards the end of last year Kevin found he no longer had enough time on his hands to prepare quizzes, mark answers and tend to the general running of the quiz so I offered to step into his shoes and take over the running of the quiz. I ran it for about 8 weeks towards the end of last year and it was becoming quite a popular event but then I decided to pack my bags and set sail from the UK bound for Canada where I’m currently living, because of this I was offline for a few months and the Madquiz was slowly forgotten about…..But now its back…..

How It Works
The MadQuiz is posted to the list every Friday, its also posted on my website at http://www.listen.to/madness and on the mailing list homepage at http://www.jabba.demon.co.uk/madness/

The Quiz consists of 8 questions per week which must be answered and sent to me no later than 12 midnight EST on the following Thursday. Every 4 weeks a ‘Madbrain of the Month’ is announced, the Madbrain is the person(s) who have the highest total score for the four weeks.

Help Wanted
As much as I like to think that I know a lot about Madness I still need help from time to time with questions ( and answers! ) I’m always more than happy to receive questions from people to include in the quiz, if you send in a question your name will be up in lights ( well *’s ) on the quiz that your question is used in.

The Quiz So Far
The Quiz has now been running again for almost 3 weeks and already there’s a clear leader for the title of Madbrain of the Month…. here’s the scores after two weeks…..

Mark Bryant 13
Stefan Hotz 7
Domicic Kearney 7
Yvette Reader 7
Andy B Wilkins 7
Veronica Pherson 7
Ed 6
Rob Hazelby 6
Peter Gardner 4
Elizabeth Walker 4
Joanne Marie Reeves 1
Steve (haretonic) 1

As you can see Mark Bryant has established himself a considerable lead…come on the rest of you…..start sending in your answers! There’s over 200 of you on the list and yet I’m only getting about 10 replies a week!

Coming Up Soon
Prizes! Steve Bringe has kindly offered to donate a prize to the Madquiz….I’ll be running a special 4 week MadQuiz once the current 4 week contest is over….I’m sure that will get a few more of you entering! Who knows…..maybe you’ll see more prizes in the near future…..keep Watching your in-box.

So, thats the Madquiz summed up in 25 words or less…..if you want to get in touch with me to offer your help with Questions, email me at geordie@interlog.com or if there’s any generous sponsors out there willing to donate prizes for the quiz, get in touch and we’ll try and arrange something…..

I’ll look forward to seeing the answers to the next quiz flooding in…..





Many thanks to Alex Ingram for the hard work in annoying his parents, and the typing up which were required to bring us this little newsflash…

Well I’ve listened to it a few times now, having dashed across my bedroom to hit the record button as soon as the name Suggs tripped out of the DJ’s mouth.

I think the song is great – though that might not last with time, it’s certainly an appropriate song for the Avengers title tune.

The music is a bizzare Madness-esque mixture of Trumpets and Piano, drums and guitar and keyboard.

The song is definitely a Suggs number and bears all his hallmarks, though the lyrics aren’t exactly overdeep in meaning but then should any film have a deep and meaningful song as the title track, especially not the avengers (Which BTW is one of my favourite TV shows ever – I always like the 60s combo of Peel and Steed – I hope Thurman and Fiennes are good enough to fill the boots, kniky boots even ;->

OK, now to put myself out on a limb – I reckon that the single will peak at number eight.

(Simon-) Nahhh! I go for No.1 or 2. There’s a lot of crap in the charts atm.

And now, here are the lyrics to Suggs’ new song!


I am a man
I am what I am
I am a man

I am a man
I do what I can
I am alive

I’m alive!
I’m alive!


Cos What You See is what you get
Yeah my friend we haven’t started yet
One small step for a man
One giant leap for mankind
You’ve gotta let it go
You’ve gotta let it be
You know you cannot hide from the devil in me
You’ve gotta let it
You’ve gotta find

Some kind of peace of mind


I am a man
I am what I am
I am a man

I am a strange
I do what I can
I am alive

I am a man
Wouldn’t be nothing without
And I wouldn’t

I live and breathe
I am what I am
I am alive

I’m alive!
I’m alive!


Cos What You See is what you get
Yes my friend we haven’t started yet
One small step for a man
One giant leap for mankind
You’ve gotta let it go
You’ve gotta let it be
You know you cannot hide from the devil in me
You’ve gotta let it go
You’ve gotta let it be
You cannot hide from the devil in me
You’ve gotta find

Some kind of peace of mind


I am a man
I am what I am
I am a man

I am a man
I do what I can
I am alive


I am a man
Ooh I am what I am
I am a man

I am a man
I do what I can
I am alive
I am alive

I am a man
Yes I am what I am
I am a man

I am a man
I do what I can
I am alive

I’m alive!
I’m alive!

alive, alive-oh!
Alive, Alive oh!

I am a man
I am what I am
I am a man


Alex Ingram – e-mail: alex@good1.demon.co.uk




For those of you who dont know, PLRMadmail is a supplier of Madness Music and Memorabilia by Mail order.

Up until now you had to send off to them for a catalogue……well the good news is I’ve just completed their website, and now you can browse their catalogue online!

They currently have in stock a wide selection of UK and Imported Singles, Albums and CD’s, rare promos, picture discs, flexi discs and more!

They also have a great selection of Madness Memorabilia including comics, badges, promo displays, tour merchandise and others.

Check out their web page at http://plrmadmail.home.ml.org

Alan Redpath.






Hi All you fellow Nutters,

Just read the August edition of “Q” magazine and it has a review of “The Heavy Heavy Hits” so here it is…….


Twenty-three songs presumably re-packaged to capitalise on this summers inevitable Finsbury Park get-together for festival fun and easy buck-making.

The form is the same as ever. Between 1979 and `83, The Nutty Boys had an incredible 17 top 20 hits before their powers began to wane and Uncle Sam and Sweetest Girl failed to make their mark expected of Madness singles.

At one time it seemed impossible that a British teenager wouldn’t be able to sing every single word of Suggs’s lines, as Madness covered serious social issues(Embarrassment, Grey day) and simple human emotions (My Girl, It Must Be Love) with absolute assuredness. These songs remain masterful and the lesser tunes are still passable( cheeky git!!), but without new material or sleeve notes this is an opportunity missed, irrespective of the music’s quality.

(given four out of five rating)

The article also includes a picture(sorry no scanner!!)taken from about the Mad Not Mad era(no Mike) and includes a sarcastic comment..”Suggs reveals exactly how many copies of Uncle Sam were sold” as he’s holding up five fingers!

Hope this was of interest






With all these rumours of a Madness concert being held in Holland on 1st August, our mainland European Madddies (and a few based in other countries!) were all running round like headless chickens at the prospect of seeing their beloved Nutty Boys live yet again this year.

Jacco (van’t Riet) and Luke (Roberts) being locals tried their best to get hold of any information that was going. The ticket office received phone calls from these two, the promoters also received calls from these two, but details were sketchy. This obviously lead to doubts that Madness actually were planning to descend onto flat old Holland, but as there was still a possibility, they were getting ready to pack their bags ;-)

A quick e-mail from Mark (Bedford) soon got us the information we were after. Madness (perhaps not surprisingly) were not planning to play in Holland in August, the band are all off with their families enjoying a much deserved Summer break.

In the meantime, Jacco and Luke had also managed to obtain the answer (finally) from the retentive organisers. A Madness cover band from England would be playing, but alas, the original seven wouldn’t.

Unpack your bags and hold your horses for Madstock 25! ;-)

Many thanks to Jacco and Luke for the Sherlock Holmes-style investigation.





It’s true….I need help….with my website that is…

I’m currently trying to compile a list of every known Madness Tour/Gig for my site http://listen.to/madness

In the future I’d like to eventually list every Gig Madness have ever done, along with this information I will be listing known audio and video bootlegs for each gig.

Also, I’d like to be able to post on my site Reviews and Photos from different gigs.

So…If anyone out there wants to help out by sending me information about gigs they’ve been to or know about. If anyone has any Reviews of gigs they could type up or Photos from gigs they can scan or provide me with copies of. Or if anyone has track listings from gigs that I could include, send me an email to geordie@interlog.com

I will give full credit to anyone who helps out with this project.

Thanks in Advance.

Al. (Alan Redpath)





In the autumn of 1996, EMI Records invited renowned artists aligned to their umbrella of record labels to Huntsham Court to flex their muscles for their annual song writing courses.

Around fifteen songwriters and performers took part and the line-up was quite impressive to say the least. They included the Mighty Suggs, Chris Difford (of Squeeze), Kirsty McColl, Graham Gouldman (ex – 10CC and writer of classics such as the Yarbirds “For Your Love” and the Hollies “Bus Stop”), the god-like Lamont Dozier (who helped write tons of Tamla Mowtown hits in the sixties) and Ben Barson (Mike’s big brother).

Suggs collaborated on five songs with Graham Gouldman and Chris Difford, and sang vocals on three. The first track “There Was a Day” features Graham Gouldman on lead vocals and has a very laid-back feel and wouldn’t sound out of place on a 10CC album. “Sad Old Man” follows, and this again features Gouldman on lead vocal with Chris Difford on backing vocals – an acoustic number, almost in the singer/song writer mode of the early seventies. The third number, “That’s The Way we do it” is more like it. Suggs sings vocals and the tempo and sound isn’t a million miles away from the “Saturday Night, Sunday Morning” track performed by Madness at the Madstock III gig in 1996. Next up is “Me and You Against the World” which again features Suggs on vocal and has a slow reggae beat and some nice lyrics. The final number, for me, the best. “Two Bacon Sandwiches” is a cockney music hall romp in the vein of the Kinks’ “Harry Rag”. Chris Difford supplies backing vocals and the song sounds like exactly what it is; a head-on collision between Madness and Squeeze, with 10CC supplying the acoustic backing.

Sadly, these songs will probably remain unreleased or offered to other performers. One or two could turn up though, albeit in a different form, on Suggs’ new album which is pencilled for release in the autumn of `98.

This article has been taken from issue 12 of Nut Inc fanzine – reproduced by kind permission of Stuart Wright. For more information on Nut Inc subscriptions, back issues, articles and more, set your browser to: http://www.jabba.demon.co.uk/nutinc/

STOP PRESS! Just as this issue was going to be sent out to all you MML subscribers, Simon quickly typed up the lyrics to one of these unrelease tracks. Take it away Simon with “Me and You Against the World”

We’ve played so many songs
I’ve smoked so many cigarettes
and the candle is really nearly out
It’s burning at both ends
It’s burning at both ends

Well I nearly said goodnight
It must have been a thousand times
and I am surely going to regret
So much of what I said-
But not just yet

Glad to be here with all my friends
I hope the party never ends
But the day is breaking through
Now it’s down to me and you

So tell us one more of your rotten old jokes
and give us one more of your smokes
That damn day is breaking through
Now that’s down to me and you

I really should go to bed
and rest my weary head-

The birds are singing now
For us only-
Who fancies one last dance
With this old loony

I cant understand a word you’re saying
and what’s that song they’re playing

Its me and you against the world
It’s down to you and me
Me and you against the world
It’s down to you and me

(Guitar solo)

I know I shouldn’t stay
I really should have knocked it on the head
But while there is still a little something in my glass
and nothing in my head
Not a single shred

I nearly said goodnight…

(Repeat verse/chorus 2,3,4 (filthy instead of rotten) ,5,6,7,8)

Its me and you against the world
It’s down to you and me –

(to fade)





Robert and I have been working for some time on a new FAQ for this list, but we found that to keep the size reasonable it was best to keep many items left out.

These included a comprehensive lyrics archive, notes on the songs, history and so on.

Therefore these will be put onto the web (with a deadline of the end of the year for completion) and so available for all to consult.

I aim to include as much as possible, though within some copyright restrictions so copyrighted sounds and pix will be left out along with tab sheets (if I could find them).

I do want the following:

-Details of every gig anyone from Madness has played.
-Background info for bios of all members and important figures.
-Out of print reviews, interviews and features on/with the band.
-Any good reliable lyrics.
-Behind the scenes info on the music.
-Who plays what on each track.
-A submission from every web master so that if they answer some questions featured in the FAQ their sites can be accessed via the Mega-FAQ.
-Reviews from Joe Public.
-Anything you think may also be helpful.

I currently have:

-A few recently typed-up articles from the list.
-A lousy copy of the lyrics.
-Most of the Madness CD’s.
-A total of 40MB of webspace at my disposal on two accounts – one free forever, the other on my ISP

Any help and so-on should be sent to:


Alex Ingram





Well, here we are again with another snippet from Chris Foreman’s 1982 Diary.

No, your eyes do not deceive you, this is indeed the June chunk. Suggsylia has been tanning herself in foreign climates recently so her typing has got a little behind the times. :-)

Anyway, enjoy this little snippet as next month we should be having July and August’s Diary.


We’re still in Japan. We are doing another Honda advert. For this one we are doing Kung Fu. Also, we are dressed as Arabs.

On the 9th we leave Japan. On the 10th we arrive back in London. It’s always quicker on the way back! Meanwhile we were in the Studios again until the 24th when we do a Radio One session for Kid Jensen (30th).

Then Lee, Mark and I cycle from Wolverhampton to Worcester, about 30 miles to raise money for charity.
We are with the Radio One Road Show and Simon Bates. That night Lee and I stay in Birmingham and go to see Roy Orbison.






Have we time for one more?

That wraps up the Madpost for this month, hope your stay was a pleasant one!.

The next Madpost is going to look different – we are working on a new format.

Well August is upon us, and there’s no sign of ‘Mr.Sun’, looks like a miserable summer again for us in the UK.

Brightening August up should be the re-appearance of Mr.McPherson with the release of his new single, and hopefully TV coverage, promotions etc…

Maybe he’ll be down at Tower records again signing his new single, no doubt some of us may pop down to Camden!!.

If you have ideas or any articles you would like to be included in the Madpost, just let us know.

The Madpost is the only mail that reaches the outside world via the Internet.

Many thanks to all the contributors for making the time.

Until the next Madpost….

Take care

Robert Hazelby / Simon Roberts
Madness Mailing List Maintainers
www.jabba.demon.co.uk/madness/ www.madnotmad.home.ml.org

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