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Madpost August 1997

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It’s The August 1997



[1] – Introduction – A few words relating to this issue…
[2] – It’s Going to be a Blue Day Today – By Matt Goessler and Steve Bringe.
[3] – Mad Dogs Tour Programme Excerpts – Typed in by Suggsylia.
[4] – The Madness ICQ List – Alan Redpath’s realtime Maddie chat.
[5] – Madness – The Final Statement – Simon Roberts with Madness’ final press release from ’86.
[6] – Picture This – Diane Cooke and Joe Schipsi come up with a strange but Nutty photo idea.
[7] – Nut Inc – The Shop – Mark Bedford tells us about the shop Madness used to run.
[8] – Continuing to Grow That Nutty Movement – Darren Bowen with details of a new UK URL for his site.
[9] Fave B Sides Update – Steve’s Fave B-side survey.
[10] – Nut Inc Fanzine Update – The forthcoming issue of Nut Inc ‘zine.
[11] – Next Month – What may or may not happen on and off the mailing list over the next four weeks.




Hello there fellow Nutties,

Well, another month comes upon us, and with that, another issue of the monthly mailing list ‘Madpost’.

Since the last issue the list traffic seems to have picked up significantly, and you would hardly believe that most of the Nutties subscribed to the list via their UK uni accounts have gone home for the summer.

Unlike the last issue where I only had half the time to prepare it due to my holidays, this issue has had a good four weeks worth of article digging out and preparing. A number of the articles are postings from the list that I have tidied up. However, one or two are also seen for the first time here.

Well, I’ll leave you to sit back with a cold drink and get reading this latest issue of the Madpost.

Stay nutty,

Robert Hazelby.


It’s Going to be a Blue Day Today

Well, with the help of Matthias Goessler and Steve Bringe, you shouldn’t have any trouble in finding the ‘Blue Day’ real audio tracks. I’ll leave it to them to fill you in…


Maybe it has been posted before, but I´m new in the mailing list.

If not, it may be a interesting fact to all the Maddies, who can´t get a copy of “Blue Day” (which probably will be all who live outside the UK):

At the Chelsea London Homepage is the Suggs-song as a real audio track. It´s possible to download 3 different versions including the “Road to Wembley-Mix” and the “FA Cup-Mix”.

The adress is: http://www.chelseafc.co.uk

You have to register first to get access and then you must search for the right page (sorry, I forgot the right one).

Check it out, it´s worthwile!!!


Hey Maddies,

Thanks to Matthias for the clue-in. I browsed around a bit the CFC site and found the URL you’ll need:




Mad Dogs Tour Programme Excerpt

Hi everyone,

I’m typing in a few interviews/questionnaires… from the Mad Dogs’95 tour programme for the Maddies who haven’t seen the programme.

Anyway,… Here’s “CHAS SMASH’S VISION OF THE LAST GREAT SHOW ON EARTH” from the Mad Dogs’95 tour programme:

Being a Vision from The Book of Enthuses, imparted in full from the gibbering lips of His Brightness, THE MASTER OF OBLIVION…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I had a vision. At first me thought it a nightmare, yet when the fear had been replaced by a warm glow in the left and right temples of mine nut, I was impelled, nay convinced that I shouldst record it as I kneweth it contained the path to the future.

It was late and a voice, a dark brown coca-cola tone spoke to me in a dream, and this is what it said:

“And so, it shall come to pass that Madness shallst
delete all records on the 7th of January 1996. They
willst begin co-operation with the legions of
satellite broadcasters around the globe to transmit,
globally, the last Madness performance ever and it
shall be nameth “THE LAST GREAT SHOW ON EARTH”.You shallst goeth into isolation to compose a most
emotional and illuminated set of songs with lyrics
that, at the present time, are unimaginable and beyond
everyday comprehension, that will be devised with
such skill that it will penetrate the darkest heart
that walks this earth…And sow the seed of Hope,
Benevolence, Charity and The Heaviest Monster Sound.

Whilst incarcerated in the Secluded Studio Of Sound,
the tapes will be stolen by Dark Forces who will be
led by a dark-haired man who bears the name Bar
Code…He claims rights under an archaic contract
signed in biro, called The Term in Perpetuity.

A battle begins between the Dark Forces and Madness’
legal representation… They meet in the ring at
Madison Square Garden and hurl insulting claims at
each other like… “I AM A FAN”…”I LOVE THE RECORD”
…Unbeknownst to the band,
the Dark Forces have broadcasted this fight which
will get dirtier and dirtier to pay TV fight fans
who claim it an instant success and call for the fight
to be serialised, as it shows no sign of being won…
The referee calls in the ultimate ref, the treater
of Rome…but even he can make no sense of anything…

Meanwhile, a bootyleg copy of the “The Last Great Show
On Earth” has reached a mass audience through digital
radio and has caused a mass conversion experience
across the globe…This forces China to release Tibet
from the shackles of diplomacy and all fascists begin
walking into the sea…

The band are forced to hire a super-tanker and decide
to sail out to a ley line in the middle of the ocean
to perform the last great show on earth…
Unfortunately perhaps… the ship is taken over by
scientologists who declare the band as the multiple
reincarnation of L Ron Hubbard and prostrate
themselves on deck…The satellite broadcasters are
gleefully transmitting the strange heavy heavy
monster channel across the world and of course it is
reaching other worlds who, strangely enough,
ignore it…

The band try to explain to everyone that this is not
the second coming but the first arrival and that this
train goes nowhere, yet begin to suspect that they
have inadvertantly sailed into a new world period and
have recognised it as the last great age of EASINESS,
and HUMOUR and elect A TRUSTED

This was all I saw and heard. But do not be afrighted friend, as love and peace win out in the end…

And the last great record shall be made.



The Madness ICQ List

Hi everyone, just a quickie to let you know about The Madness ICQ List.

Whassat?, I hear you say, well…..

First up, for those of you who dont know about ICQ, ICQ is a small mail program that sits on you’re desktop (unfortunately Windows only at present), and informs you who is online or offline at all times, its a great little program that allows you to send messages, files, mail and chat to other people on ICQ, but best of all you can download the beta version free.

So what’s The Madness ICQ List??

On my web page @ http://www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/palms/2829 you can find the Madness ICQ list, its a list of ICQ enabled Maddies (if you havent got ICQ you can download if from my page), the idea is this, using the list Maddies from all over the world can easily see when other maddies are online and be able to chat with each other easily, swap files, page each other etc.

All you have to do to join the list is go to my page and email me or page me from the ICQ list page, you will then be added to the list and people visiting the page will be able to get you’re ICQ # and contact you easily.

Well thats it, any queries, just mail me…

Oh yeah, while you’re there sign the guestbook!

Cheers, Al.


Madness – The Final Statement

For all you Maddies out there who missed Simon Robert’s typing-in of the final press statement regarding the Madness breakup in 1986, here it is again…

Hello Everyone….

Weather not too hot, I hope.

I promised a few people the official press release from the Stumpz management regarding the disbandment of Madness:

Here it reads!


Top pop group Madness have split up.
The group formed in 1978, notched up 22 chart hits, 7 albums, to become one of Britain’s best bands.

‘After 400 top-ten singles, three record labels, the odd video, two managers, countless innuendoes and being banned from here to eternity for our lack of professionalism by people with as much flair as a yoghurt carton, the ‘nutty’ ghost train grinds to a halt, pulls into a station: terminal Madness.

Oh what fun we had! But now it’s a heart-felt thanks to all who helped us on our way, particularly ours fans and friends . We came, we saw, we left ‘ A group insider tried to explain why they quit:

‘ There have been a few rows of late, but I think the band got fed up and decided to call it quits’

The boys have hinted that they may form a new band in the future.

Dont feel too depressed, we’ll see them next year!!!



Picture This

Earlier last month, Diane Cooke came up with the idea that us Maddies should try and get pics taken of ourselves in locations that would show people where we lived. For example, if you lived in Paris, you’d stand in front of the Eiffel Tower, or if you lived in New York, you’d stand at the bottom of The Empire State Building. Anyway, you get the idea.

Also in this picture, you have to be wearing of holding something Madness-related. Perhaps you could be wearing a donkey jacket and Dm’s, or be holding the ‘Keep Moving’ album.

Joe Schipsi has kindly offered to be in charge of this little venture so I’ll let him give you a few more details…


On my way to the Jersey shore to frolic in sand…. In regards to the proposed “MADNESS MAILING LIST PICTURE WEB SITE” I have no problem putting this together. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mail the pictures to me along with a note identifying yourself, those in the picture, place where the picture is taken, miscellaneous b.s, shoe size, etc. Send to;

Joe Schipsi
302 Barclay Walk
Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034
United States
Please indicate MADNESS on the back of the envelope.

We’ll be seeing each other very soon!!


Joe “Skips” (HACP83A@prodigy.com)


Nut Inc – The Shop

This article has been sitting on my hard drive for a couple of months now. In fact, it’s been there for so long that I can’t even remember who asked me to enquire about ‘Nut Inc’. I think it may have been Dominic, but I can’t quite remember.

Anyway, whoever it was asked me to ask Bedders to provide a bit more information to Madness’ own shop/office – ‘Nut Inc’. Here was what Mark had to say…

NUT INC. was an early attempt by the band to make and sell its own merchandising.

It had its office/store in Liverpool Road, N1 (close to Upper Street, Islington, rather than Camden Town). I don’t think that it was ever offically open to the public.

We produced the original ‘F**k Art, Let’s Dance ‘ T-shirts from there and also one which just said ‘Nutty’ and had a pork-pie hat above the word.

When the band signed to Stiff records and the touring got more frantic, we handed over the production of t-shirts to the record company.

And that was the end of NUT INC.

Regards, Mark


Continuing to Grow That Nutty Movement

Well, my request for webmasters to plug their site via the Monthly Madpost seems to have fallen on deaf ears again. Apart from Alan Redpath’s snippet relating to the ‘ICQ List’, I’ve had no e-mails at all. If you are a web master, please send me an e-mail (make it as large as you want) telling me what features your site has, and of course, the url and your e-mail address.

Anyway, enough of that. Here is the new UK URL for ‘Complete and Utter Madness’

All MML List Members,

Complete and Utter Madness is pleased to announce its first service in the UK, providing faster site access for all Maddies in the United Kingdom & Europe.

Complete & Utter Madness – UK

The Original US Site for all Stateside & Canadian Maddies…

Complete & Utter Madness – USA

….. enjoy!


Fave B-Sides – Update

Hey Madfolk,

Here’s a vote update on the “favorite b-sides” poll. So far, about 10 list maddies have voted; since I know there’s a bigger population than that on the list, I’ve included the URL for the voting form as a gentle reminder at the end of this message.

Fave B-Sides – July 1997
1 – [Number one – Receiving Four Votes]
– In the City

2 – [Joint Number Two – All Receiving 3 Votes Each]
– Jenny (A Portrait of)
– Fireball XL5
– The Business
– That’s The Way to do it
– One’s Second Thoughtlessness

3 – [Joint Number Three – All Receiving 2 Votes Each]
– Sarah
– The Young and the old
– Stepping Into Line
– Crying Shame
– Deceives The Eye
– Don’t Quote me on That

4 – [Joint Number Four – All Receiving 1 Vote Each]
– Tomorrow’s Just Another Day (E. Costello Guest Vocals)
– Swan Lake (live)
– Shadow on the House
– In the Rain
– Call me
– Inanity Over Christmas
– Memories
– Maybe in Another Life
– Victoria Gardens
– Guns
– Disappear

As you can see, there’s a little leeway with what is a b-side (Disappear, which wasn’t released as a b-side until much later, and Don’t Quote Me, which was an a-side first), so don’t be bashful.

If you’d like to vote and haven’t done so, here’s a handy form I’ve set up on my business site:


Also, if you need a listing of the b-sides, check out The Unofficial Madness page:


I’ll be updating this every week or so for the next few weeks, assuming I don’t get called out of town, so vote away, gang!


Steve (summit1@flash.net)


Nut Inc Fanzine Update

Hiya all,

Have recently spoken to Stuart Wright who runs Nut Inc, and he tells me that issue 9 is complete but he is still waiting for the artwork to be completed so that the issue can go to print.

Stuart has kept himself busy during the wait and tells me that he has issues 9,10 and 11 almost complete!!!

Now for some exciting news. He is in touch with a friend of Lee Thompsons’s who tells him that MADNESS HAVE BEEN BACK IN THE STUDIO recording new material. At present he knows of only 3 songs. I think one had the title of ‘Wizards’ or something to that effect.


Next Month

Next months issue of the Madpost should include reviews of the August Madmeet to be held in Camden Town on the 16th. There will be a list of who attended, what we got up to, and hopefully a URL for meet photo’s.

If you’re really lucky we’ll have some more information about the new Madness material, what tracks have been recorded, and what the possibility of this material getting a commercial release actually is.

If you’ve got anything you’d like to include in the next issue of the Madpost then please get in touch with me via my address in your sig. I’m really keen for website masters to get in touch with me with a review of their site. Come on, get typing!!!

See you all next month,

Robert Hazelby

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