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Madness Information Service Online Newsletter Issue Number: 839 – Sunday 7th June to Saturday 13th June 2015

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Welcome To The MIS (Imagine that said with a bit of echo mic and a dramatic curtain opening with smoke.)

Yes The Grandslam continued this week into Chelmsford and down to the sell out Portsmouth football ground gig.

The opening tune is the new starting blocks song “Grandslam” which worked wonderfully in the context of the tour and the sporting motif.

“Grandslam! am I everthing you think I am, a part of the master plan, or a normal HomoSapien” following as it does the opening video montage, that includes amongst it some sporting heroes, the new tune sets up the premise of will my team play well today? And play well they then did, back of the net, (McPherson/Foreman)

A second song by the Woodgate Brothers takes up the downtrodden setting familar in the Madness sound in such tunes as Grey Day and Tomorrow’s Just Another Day, this one more lamenting “Where Did All The Good Times Go?” lyrically painting the world of the underdog, Madness sax and guitar solos’ break up the repeated chorus. I guess in the context of a sporting tour, supporters are no stranger to this question either.

There are more entrants in the new songs contendours list, and plenty more Grandslams this season, to see if any more venture off the bench. Night Boat has been returned to it’s defense position playing so strongly at the back end of the set there.

Check out some faceboook videos of the new songs set to public and placed on the French MIS facebook page here.

Another festival has been announced, within the Grandslam timescale as Madness head to the Gibralta festival on September 6th
http://www.gibraltarmusicfestival.com/ A festival set which see them follow the Kaiser Cheifs and support headliners Kings of Leon
(will they play Leon before Kings of Leon? we predict riotous house of fun on fire!)

Enjoy the read,

Jon Young, Rob Hazelby, Simon Roberts, Paul Williams


See below for all forthcoming Madness and Madness related gigs and events. If there’s something we’ve missed off or you feel should be added then please let us know.




“Sporting theatres jumping with joy is the goal. Grandslam Madness – the greatest open air tour in the history of Rock & Roll…”


26 – Newmarket Racecourses
27 – Doncaster Racecourse
28 – Hove, Sussex County Cricket Club


2 – Silverstone Circuit
3 – St Helens, Haydock Park Racecourse
4 – Carlisle Racecourse
5 – Montrose, East Links, Scotland
9 – Epsom Downs Racecourse
10 – Chepstow Racecourse
11 – Rhyll Outdoor Events Arena


6th – Gibraltar Festival *** NEW DATE ***

11 – Canterbury, Kent County Cricket Club
12 – Bristol, Gloucester County Cricket Club
13 – London, On Blackheath Festival
18 – Leeds, Yorkshire County Cricket Club
19 – Newbury Racecourse.
25 – Wolverhampton
26 – Chester-le-Street, Durham County Cricket Club

November 2015

November 20th – 23rd 2014 – Minehead – The House Of Fun Weekender Five
Early bird tickets on sale now

Near Jazz Experience


16th – NEAR JAZZ EXPERIENCE + Bad Cats Blues + DJ Set
Indo 133 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DT *Free* 8.30pm BST
Visit: https://www.facebook.com/NearJazzExperience

The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra

24th Llangollen Town Hall, Denbrighshire, Wales (Fringe Festival Event)

1st The Garage Highbury, London

Cathal Smyth

More events coming.
Latitude Festival in Suffolk in July, could be joining the “Other Voice” section of the festival.
Other dates in October and Dublin are future plans. No confirmed dates yet. Coming Soon.

The Silencerz

August 15th – Chados Arms, Colindale 8pm

Deaf School


5th – Bingley Music Festival (Headlining Stage 2)

The Clang Group

19 June – The Islington, London N1


The Grandslam Sporting Tour Programme

Once again Gavin Martin a vetran of writing Madness Tour Programmes steps up to the podium in first place when it comes to delivering a quality item.

Like the tour itself the Grandslam Programme takes inspiration from the world of sport, and the easy to hold A5ish sized glossy booklet compiled by “Talking Music Revolutions” this year ressembles the kind of programmes you get at Football stadiums. Decked in the green theme of the tour, the massive amounts of inside writing starts with an amusing peice by a fictional groundskeeper of the event you are attending, in tone like that of a slightly disgruntled parkie.

A four page chat with Suggs, begins in general, before venue specific questions are asked. Each of the six band members are graphically made superimposed as sporting heros in great artwork inwith the booklet, over double page spreads, interviewing them with a pletora of match stats like statistic on life, and both music and sporting opinions. There are some ammusing photoshop jobs too that we wont spoil but they are a must see. Clive Langer appears via the photo back drop shots of last years Mad Head tour. A number of parents proudly get their little wonders into a Mascot corner (Well done to Kev Crowther, Carol Escate, and Sheena Robert and familys to name just three there.) While all the current solo albums, Chas, Woody, and forthcoming LTSO are all give a shout out advert. All this comes at the price of £5 thats the kind of value Stirling Moss would approve of, or George Best raise a pint of Gladness to. It gets the MIS trophy of best conceptual design layout.

The Grandslam Tour T-Shirt


The Grandslam is go, and you can get the latest official Madness T-shirt here…

The charcoal grey T-shirt (available in small or large sizes) costs £20 and is exclusive to the Madshop.

In Your Mind – Woody Woodgate solo album

Pre-Order Now on Amazon. – *** Released July 6th ***
OR IF YOU WOULD LIKE A SIGNED ALBUM INSTEAD http://www.propermusic.com/product-details/Woody-Woodgate-In-Your-Mind-Ltd-Autographed-Edition-188454
Album – 13 tracks with new band line up and vocalist Dan Shears.
*** New Info *** The first single from the album will be “In Your Mind”. A release date for this is to be confirmed. Shooting for the video will commence shortly.

Lovestruck & Night Boat – Madness Beers – And Win Grandslam Tickets


Find out where to buy the beers here…


News and info from online and offline media sources.

Prestatyn Madness schoolboy goes one step beyond


Cai Roberts is about to feature on the junior mascots page of the official Madness Grand Slam Tour programme

A young Madness fan is making a name for himself in the ska world – and he’s only six-years-old.
Not only has little Cai Roberts danced on stage with his musical heroes and become the face of a Dr Martens global advertising campaign, he’s now gearing up to go another “step beyond.”

The primary school pupil and pal of Johnny Vegas is about to feature on the junior mascots page of the official Madness Grand Slam Tour programme.
His proud grandmother, Sheena Roberts said: “Cai is a massive Madness fan and has been ever since he was a baby.
“In 2013 – when he was four, he danced on stage with them during a gig at Haydock Park and bid good night to a 20,000-strong crowd.

Madness Take To Track Ahead Of Silverstone Concert


Four members of the band, Graham “Suggs” McPherson, Dan “Woody” Woodgate, Mike Barson and Mark Bedford all took part in a driving challenge, driving the Formula Silverstone Single Seaters. These are bespoke, race-prepared single seater racing cars, expertly engineered to provide a genuine racing experience and capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in under five seconds. Winning driver of the day was drummer Dan “Woody” Woodgate, setting the fastest lap around Silverstone’s Stowe

Madness are about to embark on their biggest ever tour, “Grandslam Madness”, which will be the UK’s largest outdoor tour to be staged by any band ever! The 20 date itinerary will see them perform at a selection of the UK’s leading sporting grounds, including football and rugby stadiums, cricket grounds, race courses and Silverstone Circuit. Their appearance at Silverstone will take place on an open air stage overlooking the track on Thursday 2 July, just a few days before the Formula 1 British Grand Prix.

Speaking of his experience behind the wheel, Suggs commented “I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped, there were some ringers in the band who have obviously done this before! You think you are doing better than you are, it was all good fun, great fun”. Asked if he was looking forward to playing at Silverstone, Suggs said, “I like motor racing; I’ve never had the opportunity to see it in the flesh so I’m excited about coming here. It’s a great event to be involved in. We were looking at different things to do this year and this is certainly one of them.”


Get in touch with yourself. – by Carol Anne Rice


It’s a lifetime’s journey to find out who we really are and one serious hitch hiker on the road to authenticity is Cathal Smyth.
Formerly known as Chas Smash of Madness the past 10 years has been a process of metamorphosis.

He has gone from manager, singer songwriter, musician, dancer and pop royalty (all shades and flat -top hair cut) to tweed -dressed wiseguy and flaneur.

It all started 10 years ago when his relationship with his wife, spanning nearly three decades, broke down and so did the world Cathal had constructed up until then.

The Irish/London Catholic threw himself into serious spiritual makeovers via Buddhist retreats and rehab and some excoriating soul -searching.

He says: “My rose-tinted glasses cracked.

I felt like a metal plate had fallen off my chest, I had to re-programme my software.
I had no passion, nor integrity and I didn’t want to be one of those guys who moan on about bad luck”.

Looking fit, healthy and dapper in a riot of autumnal tweed, a stubbly beard and chic red glasses he has given up on alcohol and almost ditched the ciggies.

He talks about the “courage it takes to be vulnerable”, going from “abject loneliness to the sublime solace of solitude” and how hard it is to be gentle with himself.

His new solo album, entitled A Comfortable Man offers healing words and personal reflections that cannot fail to move.
He is the living embodiment of the album’s title. He has a benign magnetism and an easy laugh.

He has been one step beyond his old self and likes what he sees on the other side.

“I am happy to be above the ground and breathing the air,” he says with a grin.

“I sleep well at night.” He pauses and with wise refection adds with portent, “I’m OK.”

And he says that with the Zen simplicity of someone who knows that on a very deep, very authentic, very real level he is.


This show aired today as we were doing todays issue you can listen again on i player.

Includes acoustic guitar versions of “Do You Believe in Love” And “Wings Of a Dove”



We woke up fairly early such was the excitement of the day to come. It was an absolute beaut of a day with the sun shining and few clouds. We made our way to Havant and met up with some of my best mates in Spoons in Havant, where we were already seeing guys around with trademark hats and clothing. Then got on the train down to Fratton, bit early so again popped into The Jean Jaques for a swifty, then onto Nell Guinns who had a Ska DJ and were later going to host The Racketeers, one of the
supporting bands.

Then into the pre-gig show at The Rifle Club. Had a few beers and a quick catch-up with Graham Yates and Andrew Shoults, and low and behold Lee Thompson is stood there also. The man is like the Scarlet Pimpernel. After a quick convo, he’s gone. The band, The Ska Dogs, start and get us up on the floor for a few jigs. about half hour later Thommo pops up again in the bar area and has a quick dance with one lucky lady, and then he’s gone again. The master of illusion. The pre-gig carries on and everyone is up dancing to ska classics from the efficient Ska Dogs by the end. A quick bite to eat, then onto Fratton Park.

Fratton Park Pre gig Interview

To add spice to the day, several texts/phone calls are going on, attempting to get us into a late meet and greet. Which eventually happened, and I hasten to add my immense gratitude to the people that made it so, thanks so much, you know who you are. Anyway, Fratton Park is buzzing and the atmosphere feels good, the Stadium is looking great and its nice to be there with my other half, my son and my mates, there is a bit of a cold breeze blowing making us wish we had brought jackets. Me and the missus go off to wait for the ‘meet and greet’ in the Victory Lounge where the VIPs were situated. Bit warmer in there thank goodness. We are buzzed through a few drafty corridors with several others and wait in anticipation. Eventually walking into an area where the band are lined up waiting, all except Lee, who has gone missing once again. Mike and Suggs are big fellas and I shake there hands, and get told I have a ‘nice hat’. Get the chance to personally thank Chris for his input on the All Things Madness page to which we get a ‘What have I done now?’ They also rag me because I got my missus to take a few snaps, apparently ‘I’m in trouble later’.

Anyway the missus jumps in with me for a couple of group shots and then we are off again. Very quick but very satisfying to get the opportunity many would relish.

The Madness Meet and Greet at Fratton Park Portsmouth

So back out into the ground we catch the end of Chainska Brasska, who have a Pompey fan in their ranks. Then wait for Madness, the place getting chillier and seeing several friends around. Then the Grandslam video starts and an immense cheer goes up when the boys appear and play the new tune ‘Grandslam’. Then it’s into Embarrassment, The Prince et al. We didn’t have a great view from where we were but there seemed to be plenty of energy and the crowd where enjoying it all. Suggs mentioned during the show about Thommo visiting various drinking establishments around town and drinking the city dry. The place had warmed up by now with the dancing and singing. We were treated to one more new song as well as all the other classics and pearls, such as ;You Said’. Chris gave us a rendition of ‘Living on a Prayer’ for showtime, then the place went bonkers for the big hits. There was a few rounds of ‘Play Up Pompey’ which the crowd were very receptive to, strangely enough. Then an encore of ‘Madness’ followed by the final ‘Night Boat’, just where we love it, at the end of the show. With the crowd singing and dancing along to ‘Always look on
the Bright side of life’ we made our way out.

The gig in summary from Fratton Park Pavillion Cam.

The pubs around Pompey were packed and bursting with Ska and Dancing into the night, but we had to make our way home and after queuing at train stations and cadging lifts we eventually got there, collapsing into our beds with aching limbs but all round had an incredible day.

NW5 Portsmouth – Montage Video

Thanks Madness for coming to Portsmouth.

Warren Moyle


My review from last night. Pompey Madness – Saturday 6th June

What can I say about this gig. Two words Bloody Awesome

Madness started the set with Grandslam, my first time hearing it. A nice start to the show definitely one song that will get played on my radio shows when the album comes out.

A great blend of the early show regular tunes Embarrassment, The Prince, My Girl, My Girl 2, album tracks Take it or Leave it, You Said, Breakfast Man, John Jones blended in well with Lovestruck, Return of the Los Palmos 7 and the new track “Where Did All The Good Times Go”

Eventually we had Chrissy boys Showtime and instead of leading into House of fun we was treated to One Step Beyond which sent the raucous crowd into a frenzy cue the mosh pit House of fun, Wings of a dove, Baggy Trousers, Our House and It Must be Love. The band coming out for an encore to Madness and Night Boat to Cairo to finish what was a barn storming show of pure fun.

Next week, Reviews of Chelmsford Grandslam and Deaf School at The Garage.

If you’re attending any of the gigs this Summer, and you’ve got more fan passion in you than just the length of a one finger typed tweet send us in your reviews of Madness’ biggest ever outdoor tour. Your review doesn’t have to be massive. Just a sentence, a paragraph, or a set list, or a video link, or a full blown account of your Grandslam. It’s entirely up to you. Whatever your experience let all our readers know how your day was, what were the best bits, and make Madness proudly a band
people truly talk about. We’lll publish your efforts in a future MIS newsletter, in our Live and Intensified regular section, and also on our website blog. There may even be a prize or two given out come September and tour end!

Be a sport and send us your post match analysis.

Send whatever you madly muster to Jonsmad@hotmail.com

Jonathan Young


The Massive Madness crown sit’s proudly abover the stand in the touring Grandslam stage design.

So it’s time for a selfie or get a mate to crown you Sir or Dame, become a King or a Queen of the grandslam by wearing the crown.
Position yourself midfield and turn away from the stage until your camera line of sight put your heads appearing underneath the logo and click away.

Post your pictures on your facebook and twitter and share them with the group over at All Things Madness where Karen started the new craze.


And join the ranks of royal fans. Bring back the, we want the, Prince and Princess’s of the Grandslam to take a bow.
We will add you to our Grandslam Gallery at www.madnesss-mis.com

Feature Started by Karen Manktelow


Two years in the making and featuring special guests Chris Foreman & Lee Thompson, JENNIE & THE SLINGERS are a combined band that have come together to bring you ROCKIN – SKA – BLUES band members are:

Jennie Bellestar Matthias on vox
Philip Doyle on Guitar
Andy Kandil on Guitar
Bruno Malo on Double Bass
Rob Poyton on keys:
Special thanks to Chris Foreman & Lee Thompson from Madness for guesting on this album.

If you like all things Rockin SKA Blues then damn you’re gonna LOVE this – today we would like to introduce you to a taste of what’s to come.

Studio Preview


Red Treasure


This week, MIS co-editor Rob Hazelby, goes back in time to report on what was going on in the world of Madness 5 years, 10 and 15 years ago this week.

5 years ago… Issue Number 579 – Sunday 6th June – Saturday 12th June 2010

It’d been one of those weeks where things began quietly, and we started resigning ourselves to the prospect of sending out a short edition of the MIS. However, by the time Sunday got here we seemed to have enough news to ensure that another lengthy newsletter once again landed in your mailbox.

We started off with news from Union Square’s Steve Bunyan, who although had news of a new Madness album, it was probably going to be one that only the most hardcore of collectors will be adding to their already bursting stash.

Yes, it was another “Greatest Hits” release, but before you started moaning that record companies were once again milking the fans for all they were, but Steve explained that this would only be sold in Tesco and on Tesco.com, as an exclusive for Father’s day. Titled “Ultimate Madness”, this would contain 21 hits from the Madness back catalogue.
Moving on, and earlier in the week we received an email from a Sarah Clarke, informing us that the Slough Windsor Maidenhead Theatre Company (SWMTC) were currently rehearsing for their next amateur production, ‘Our House’, the Madness Musical.
Sarah, (who’s the producer of the show) continued by telling us that the musical would be performed from the 20th – 24th July 2010 at Norden Farm Arts Centre, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Next, and with the enhanced versions of Rise and Fall and Keep Moving about to hit store shelves and web stores, it was nice to see that these two great albums were getting noticed by a wider audience. Radio 2 recently devoted 14 minutes to The Rise and Fall, while Phil Jupitus had posted up the cover and liner notes he contributed, to his Twitter account.
Yet another special offer was running in this week’s issue, and yes, it was from those nice people at Retro Madness.
This week they had reduced the price of the Mrs Hutchinson / It Must Be Love – Holland 12″. For some reason Mrs Hutchinson was chosen as a Double A sided single with It Must Be Love for the Dutch market back in 1981. This 12″ had a very different sleeve to the UK version as well as a slightly different mix of It Must Be Love. They had reduced the price of the 12″ version for the following two weeks from £29.99 down to £19.99 including UK postage. Bargain!
On to anniversaries, and as the Fink Brothers record was now over 25 years old, the Fink Brothers web site had been updated and moved from it’s original location to a new blog format. Not only that, but there was a little new content, and we were promised new sounds shortly.
Elsewhere, the French MIS’ Judge Fredd interviewed the legendary Violin Monkeys, and was kind enough to send us the full transcript for publication. What a gent!
We brought this issue of the MIS to a close with the news that Ska tribute act Big 10 had now uploaded a number of high definition video clips to YouTube, and you were urged to check them out.

10 years ago… Issue number 317 – Sunday 5th June to Saturday 11th June 2005

If you were one of the many people who were sitting on the edge of their seats at the impending arrival of the Dangermen sessions, then this issue wouldn’t disappoint, thanks to Jean-Pierre Boutellier of Ska News and his review of the album promo.
Indeed, a promo sampler CD had already surfaced on Ebay this week. “The Dangermen Sessions, Vol. 1”. 5-track Sampler contained the songs.
1) Shame and Scandal.
2) Girl.
3) Iron Shirt.
4) John Jones.
5) Taller Than You Are.

Total playing time was 15:47, and the release came in a cardboard sleeve.

JP was kind enough to give us all a track-by-track breakdown of the new album, and finished off his write-up by telling us that;
“it’s a superb album, with good drums, bass, keys, sax, guitar etc … good production.
Some tracks could be more catchy but it’s a great Madness album… bravo guys”
Most of us would have to wait just that bit longer before we’d be able to listen to the album ourselves.
Next-up we had news in from Dan Burdett, revealing that North London band JAG, would have one of their tracks aired this coming Wednesday on London station XFM. We were told that “Stranger Things” would be the title most likely to receive airplay.

We were also urged to log on to the “Unsigned” section of the XFM web site, and vote for JAG. If the band managed to get the most votes they’d have their track played again, this time on Friday morning’s `Drive Time` hour.
Much of the rest of this issue was taken up with three articles from Madness fans who were giving their views on the forthcoming Madness album. Had the band sold out by releasing an album of covers instead of original material? Would this be the last Madness album before they split? The general consensus was that as long as the band were still playing then the fans were happy and would continue to attend the gigs. If the forthcoming Forest Tour was to be the last set of concerts the band performed, then so be it.
We finished off this week’s issue with a plea, asking those attending the Forest Tour gigs (kicking off in Thetford this coming Saturday) to please send in reviews.

15 years ago… Issue number 55 – Sunday 4th June to Saturday 10th June 2000

A few weeks back we ran a short article mentioning that an Ian Dury tribute gig was going to be held in New York City, with proceeds going to the very worthwhile CancerBacup charity.

Well, we started off this issue with news from Nick – one of the organisers of the events. Nick explained that while the turnout was relatively small (only 60 Ian Dury fans turned up), they managed to raise almost $1000 for the charity. Nick finished off by telling us
“Thanks to all of you over there for your interest and support, we might make this a yearly event, the owner of the club, Chuck Harris, loved it and the bar-maid for the evening, Leslie having never heard much Ian Dury, came away besotted”.

Next-up was subscriber Nahuel, who gave us an in-depth review of the recently released bootleg – a three hour long video of rare Madness footage. Nahuel was impressed with both the content and the quality of the footage, and rounded off his review by explaining that he already had another bootleg on order.

Following on from Nahuel’s article was an urgent plea from subscriber Alex Smith. Alex explained that as he lived just around the corner from the venue where the Ian Dury tribute concert was going to be held, he’d held off buying tickets, and instead intended to pop over there in person to get a couple. Unfortunately, tickets had sold out far quicker than he’d expected, and so, was now desperately searching for two. Could the online Madness community help out? Hopefully, as time was running out.
Elsewhere in this issue we had the latest gig dates for Madness tribute band, Complete Madness. Amongst the many dates they had lined up was the headline slot at Ska Fest 2000 in Morcambe. Not bad at all!
After all these years we’re still not sure how he did it, but Vince Carden was a man who always seemed to get hold of releases before they hit the stores proper. This week was no different, when he revealed that he’d managed to get hold of the digitally re-mastered version of Divine Madness. Here’s what Vince had to say at the time; “Digitally remastered……..my arse!! I still can’t believe I wasted £17. Basically, none of the tracks sound any different.

It’s only good for one thing. It’ll probably win the band a few more young fans again. It has certainly received more shelf space than ‘Wonderful’ and was one of six albums that HMV were playing all day”
We finished off this week’s issue with a review of the Madness Unsugged fanzine – issue 4, courtesy of Vince Foley. Whilst this issue wasn’t as colourful or as fancy as Vince Carden’s previous issue Mr. Foley was pleading with us to make sure this didn’t put us off, as it was the most packed fanzine ever, weighing in at a whopping 32 pages.
Rob Hazelby


Mike Barson ‏@Mikey108 · (Portsmouth gig day)
Brilliant crowd tonight – thanks to everyone who came to make it a great night!

Mark Bedford ‏@I_be_MarkB ·
Looks like I’ve made the team at Fratton Park. Not sure about being right back with my left foot? Play up Pompey!

Graham McPherson ‏@suggsgmcpherson · Jun 5
Pomp pomp pomp me up!!!

Woody Woodgate ‏@woodymadness · 3h3 hours ago
Our kids used to dance on stage to Night Boat, now they come on & take selfies. How times have changed.


Purchasers of the Grandslam programme, may have seen an advert for the second Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra album. A second working title. “Biting The Bullet” is mentioned as is Autumn as a “hopeful” release window. Recording progress has been swift so far this year. Lee is looking for any serious album sponsors. Bite the Bullet is also one of the newly written tracks an instrumental ska tune penned by Mark Bedford.
Lee told us…
“Theres a little more album work going on, some overdubbs of vocal’s, then its down to Ironworks early June for some mixing by Mr Pelanconi.” Great to hear its being mixed by Mike again aka Prince Fatty. He did all the first album and you may have seen him and horseman playing at House of Fun weekenders he been at 2 and is at the next one. Maybe there will be some dub mixed again this time of some of the new tracks.
“Backlinks,Rankings?Bookface verification……? Im going back to bed!” Thommo’s question marks can only mean one thing. His new Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra website built by US at MIS, has passed through it’s beta testing stages and will be online soon. More details on Simon Robert’s hard work coding and the content, soon as the site is launched.
Congratulations to Specialized, as Mick Jones joins a band as a musician on this years covers of The Clash album.
And we never ever expected to end an issue like this… But Chris Rocks. If you want to join his chorus here’s something to practice along to…


Have a good week!

Jon Young, Rob Hazelby, Simon Roberts, Paul Williams
(With thanks to Warren Moyle, Sharon Staite, Karen Manktelow, Jennie Matthias)

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