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Madness Information Service Online Newsletter Issue Number: 813 – Sunday 7th December to Saturday 13th December 2014

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Hello Madheads!

The Madhead tour is go and currently four gigs in. If you’ve been along to any of the shows so far please send us your gig reviews and we’ll make sure they’re published in a future issue.

In this week’s issue we have the first set lists and reviews comments from fans and the press.

Madness are never ones to rest on their laurels, and “Operation Grandslam” is now underway, with the band teasing an active Summer for 2015.

You’ll also be pleased to learn that the next Madness song is here, from the studio, for you, for free, by horse and cart, or by the internet. It’s like Christmas come early!

See our review feature in today’s issue for more details. These are exciting times for Madness and their madhead fans.

In other news, as our year long support of Mad Not Cancer album project is nearing it’s end, Specialized Projects has launched a new website and more, to ready itself for it’s own 2015 and beyond activities. Please check that out in the Specialized section, where you can get the Mad Not Cancer album for a Christmas present at the cost of just £10. You can only get it at that price this weekend

If you are at Newcastle on the Madhead tour MIS will see you there. Gotham Town is the Mad Meet location for all the Geordie boys and girls, from 5pm. Come along and join the pre gig festivities.

For now, keep enjoying the Madness tour, and read on…

Jon Young, Rob Hazelby, Simon Roberts, Paul Williams




See below for all forthcoming Madness and Madness related gigs and events. If there’s something we’ve missed off or you feel should be added then please let us know.



December 2014

All for the M.A.D.H.E.A.D Tour

SUPPORT BAND.  Madness have announced “Scouting For Girls” as the support band for all tour dates.  (Except Ireland)

Monday 8th, Plymouth Pavillions, Plymouth
Tuesday 9th, Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth
Thursday 11th, First Direct Arena, Leeds
Friday 12th, Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
Saturday 13th, LG Arena, The NEC, Birmingham
Monday 15th, Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Tuesday 16th, The O2 Dublin, Dublin
Thursday 18th, The SSE Hydro, Glasgow
Friday 19th, Phones 4u Arena, Manchester
Saturday 20th, The O2 Arena, London

Links to purchase tickets for the above tour can be found at: http://madness.seetickets.com/tour/madness/?pre=premad&src=madnesspre

For tickets also see links via: www.madness.co.uk



* New * Operation Grand Slam… Summer 2015


Do you expect us to talk?   More information coming soon from Madness.co.uk on a large number of events, subscribe to official madnews with your email and hear first.


November 2015

November 20th – 23rd 2014 – Minehead – The House Of Fun Weekender Five

Early bird tickets on sale now




March 2015

12th March – An Evening With Suggs and Friends, in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK. Held at The Emirates Stadium. At £160 a ticket we’re not sure if many MIS readers will be attending! http://www.thegigcompany.org/events/pcuk2015/


Near Jazz Experience

* New * January 27th


Indo 133 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DT *Free*

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/NearJazzExperience




If money’s currently burning a hole in your pocket then perhaps we can help with your dilemma.

Brand new T-Shirts, Merchandise and XMAS Jumpers! * Now in kids’ sizes *

MIS Note: The XMAS Jumper is being advertised as a ‘jumper’, but in the small text it explains that it’s actually a sweatshirt. A number of fans have confirmed that this is indeed a sweatshirt. If you’re after a Madness jumper then do not order this item!


A whole new range of cool merchandise for the tour was unveiled first at The House of Fun Weekender. The official shop now has Christmas jumper design sweat tops in stock. These were the most wanted item at the weekender.

There are laurel leaf official polo’s. In White, Navy and Black.T-shirts for all three beers. Night Boat. Lovestruck. Gladness.

There are black laurel Beanie hats, with the M crown logo, nice ‘cus there haven’t been beanie hats available for a while.

A new royal logo like Fez for gigs.Blue and Charcoal House Of Fun T-Shirts. A mad head design mug.

The black and red Dangermen Vs Invaders shirts are brilliant, half designed on the original 2004 Dangermen poster look with added flying saucers on making a really nice retro feel to the whole design.

There is a blue Madhead Picture T-shirt now with a slogan on.

You will find all previous lines reduced, and some Oui Oui Si Si merchandise still available.


* New * Terry Edwards – One Step Beyond Book

It’s 35 years this year. Time to plug Terry Edwards Definitive book on the album. Get it for Christmas. It’s brilliant.

30% off “One Step Beyond…” – Terry’s book on Madness:

UK – http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/madness-one-step-beyond-9780826429063/

USA – http://www.bloomsbury.com/us/madness-one-step-beyond-9780826429063/

Australia – http://www.bloomsbury.com/au/madness-one-step-beyond-9780826429063/




Items in the press that have caught our eye over the past week or so…


Bournemouth Echo… 

“It’s not quite an institution playing gigs at Christmas, but it’s heading that way,” Suggs previously told The Guide, adding: “Christmas holidays, office parties and Madness. It’s a winning combination.”


40 Years??* Down The Line and Suggs Has Still Got it 


* article begins claiming 1976 as the band’s start date, which is still 38 years, so they say “Nearly”. Tut, tut

The set opened with their 1979 ska anthem Night Boat To Cairo. As Lee Thompson gave an opening blast on the sax, the crowd went mad. He may not have been dangling from a crane, but his sax solos were incredible.

All the big hits were there – House of Fun, Baggy Trousers, It Must Be Love. And all still performed with the same energy and enjoyment as when they were first released.

As the band played the opening riff to the 1980 classic Baggy Trousers, the atmosphere was amazing as beer was thrown in the air and the crowd of 7,000 all started skanking.

I tend to associate “mosh pits” with going to Reading Festival when I was a teenager, but a big pit, largely made up of old skinheads, formed in the middle of the crowd.

There were new tunes too, including The Last Rag and Bone Man, which the band performed live for the first time in October. Although a lot of fans were clearly there for the old hits, the new tunes went down well.

It’s great when an audience is really loving a show, but it was a shame that much of frontman Graham “Suggs” McPherson’s talking was drowned out by drunk fans shouting “It Must Be Love”.


Capital FM Arena 


Support comes from Scouting For Girls, doubtless brought on board to please those accompanying their parents. I arrive in time for a cover of Wings’ Live and Let Die, presumably aimed at those parents. Sung horrendously out of tune, it goes down like the proverbial lead balloon.

Things pick up with catchy number one This ain’t a Love Song. Then they announce their last number, yet play three more climaxing with pleasant, poppy debut She’s So Lovely.

Madness have been together for 32 years (not including the six years they took off from ’86-’92). Recently, trumpeter Chas Smash left to pursue a solo career.

Two saxophones mirror the video backdrop and meet in the middle of the stage. They’re closely followed by the rest of the nine piece group and Madness launch into Night Boat To Cairo. An appropriate opener, given that a good third of the crowd sport red ‘Ali Baba’ Fezes. The band charge into Embarrassment, which sounds as good as when it came out.

The first half of the show follows a rough pattern of hit followed by lesser known song. A fine My Girl, for instance, is followed by recent My Girl 2. A lovely The Sun and The Rain leads into the promising new The Last Rag and Bone Man. That they’re still writing new songs is key to this group’s longevity.

You never feel like they’re going through the motions. The light show and use of video is top class throughout.

Hits get more frequent. After Los Palmas Seven, Suggs says ‘Let’s Go Back In Time’ and we’re into their exuberant tribute to the ska star who gave them their name, The Prince. Shut Up is splendid. The only bum note comes at the hour mark, when the guitarist is given the stage to play Highway To Hell. It goes down about as well as Live and Let Die did.

There’s no room for melancholy masterpieces like Grey Day, Tomorrow’s Just Another Day or Michael Caine. Pity, but House of Fun and Wings of A Dove make this one big party. Baggy Trousers is even better, Our House transcendent. A corking It Must Be Love brings the main set to a close.

Then they’re back with that original nutty sound: One Step Beyond and, of course, Prince Buster classic, Madness, as much fun as when I first saw them play Nottingham, 35 years ago. A loving cover of Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag and they’re gone. Long may they run.


Q Magazine

Madness are also in Q Magazine Cash for Questions. January cover date issue.




With the Christmas 2014 tour now well underway we begin to cover some of the dates that have been and gone.

Thursday 4th, Capital FM Arena, Nottingham

Neil Hodge – Twitter

“Madness were shite in Notts: complacent & lifeless. They were more like a tribute band.

Walked out during the fat-man karaoke of AC/DC song.”


“Went to see madness at Notts which was a great gig, but can someone tell me why they than sang a song of ACDC (I think) high way to he’ll ! They lost the crowd at that point” Shaun. Facebook.


Lovestruck – Video Darren Worthington



Elvis Aint Dead – Scouting For Girls.



Mummy’s Boy



Friday 5th, Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Louise Davies – Twitter

“Great show in Cardiff tonight – my 11 year old thought so too!”


Last Rag and Bone Man – Video Darren Worthington



Saturday 6th, Brighton Centre, Brighton, Matinee

Kevin Baldock – Twitter

“Brilliant show this afternoon in Brighton, huge smile on my face :-)”


The sexy new intro of Night Boat To Cairo, brings Dance Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylors bath tub no less!

As the iconic sax man that is Lee Kix Thompson appears from old video silhouette, to modern day spot light rendered hero.  As he blows the opening notes to Night Boat Cairo, the curtain falls to reveal the band united, and ready to skank, the thumping Drums, strong bass, twinkling keyboards, twanging guitar chime into unison and the boat man Suggs Singing loudly of exotic river trekking. The voyage of the Mad Head Begins here….


Night Boat To Cairo.



Catch the boat during these next two weeks up to Christmas and fill your soul with adventure, fun and nutty sounds.  Here’s what you might hear…

















MUMMY’S BOY – (Nottingham Only)

JOHN JONES – (Cardiff and House of Fun)











PIGBAG – (Nottingham and House of fun)


Paul Rodgers writes….

“Seen Madness setlist for Nottingham. Slightly worried that I should have bought tickets for venue other than Brighton as there was at least one ‘Invaders’ track at Nottingham. If they rotate them the tour will be brilliant beyond words.”

Based on the first couple of gigs, this does seem to be happening, so any fans touring around watching the band might get to witness a few more of those gems from Friday’s Invaders VS Dangermen set on this tour.  If any tour warranted a matinee of The Invaders followed by an evenings Madness gig, then this tour would be that!  Maybe that’s something Grandslam could deliver!

“Really enjoyed the matinée, roll on the evening show!” Brighton – Paul Rodgers.

“Just got back from Nottingham Gig! Loved it…..great atmoshere….great band….great night!!!”  Angie Ball – Facebook

“Ears still ringing! Great set.” – Cardiff.  Will Hellier – Facebook



Fan photos’ at Cardiff.



Where’s Chas?

As there’s been little comment form the band and press as there’s one question that’s been slowly burning through the Madness fanbase, and that is “Where’s Chas”. This seems to have been fanned into something larger and larger, and will no doubt run into the new year.

Here is one particular rant;

“Ffs another moaner. Jesus Chas is entitled to do his thing whenever he wants, Chrissy boy, Bedders and Mike did and it was only last year that Lee missed some gigs to peruse some LTSO gigs but all of a sudden Chas is not allowed, so I guess it is also wrong for SUGGS doing them 2 solo albums, Woody as The Magic Brothers & Woody Woodgate band, Crunch, The Madness, Velvet Ghost, Fat, LTSO, Voice of the beehive, all wrong then or have the fans turned into selfish gits, 35years work to please us fans, and a member leaves/takes time out and is not allowed. Sorry but I think Fans need to get a grip.”  Brendon Guy Boby.

Nice one Brendon Let it out. :-)

The questions continued;

“I was taking my boyfriend it was his first time, whatever his (chas) reasoning’s for not being there, its a real shame!! ‪#‎disappointed!”  Tanya Kelleher

While other diehard fans are stating that they’ll no longer be supporting the band if Carl’s not present;

“Yeah but 35 + plusyears ago Chas was there to Shout the intro in his Smashtactic way…now the One Step Beyond sounds weak also on Shut up 123 they missing his vocals…and Take it Leave…i think having watched them without Chas I will leave it…”  J Rich Crosby

Others have been questioning the strength of the band without Carl;

In most bands there are people who are integral to the flavour of the band . I consider Chas to be in this category . He is highly unique with his different vocals and the dual vocals with Suggs. His Dance moves though they are less frequent theses days. He adds a quirkiness to the performance and the sound of madness and whilst Madness can easily perform without Chas it could be seen as a chink in the constitution of the band . ( or maybe not)” Steve Smith.

And others happily stay delighted and defend the band;

“I’ll say it again…if there are any ‘miffed’ punters out there that are slightly peeved at the thought of not seeing Chas Smash, then look no further at The Specials. They recently toured without 3…YES 3 of the original members… Jerry Dammers with the bollock ache about stuff from 30 odd yrs ago, and Neville Staples and Roddy Radiation, doing solo projects along with arguments thrown in…probably to do with petty time consuming bollocks. Specials Tickets were quite expensive, but they still sold out on a fair few of the venues! That’s their greatest hits package, minus any new material! Madness have plenty of fantastic songs in their armoury…old and new…and that’s without ONE member! Yes his presence is missed…but the band still put on a fantastic show. There’s a lot to look forward to here! Chas will return in the fullness of time. BUT for now…lets enjoy it people eh? The only performance, that makes it…that makes it all the way….is the one that achieves Madness!”  Andy Shoultz




Madness have been quoted in interviews in the past saying that back during The Invaders days they used to play the theme tune to “Steptoe and Son”


Now in 2014, after The Invaders come back gig has happened and the first nights of the Madhead Tour are taking place, some 35 Years on Madness are playing once again in that mode, and are now singing about the demise of a real Rag and Bone man. They were characters who used to walk the streets when Madness were first getting together, even still a feature of BBC TV then. Now in 2014 they are few and almost none in the country as recycling centres take their place in the modern world and horse and carts are no longer the way it’s all done.

“New Songs For Old”  shout Madness from the street, (well the internet, cus they’ve moved on, too!)  They are giving something away free to fans to enjoy. Here is the next Madness single. Or promotional track, perhaps, as the humble single seems to slide the way of the rag and bone man as an idea also. Here is the new Madness song, and we just want your email address, and you can have it. Promoting the 2015 chapter of the band’s activity under the intriguing title Grandslam, is a new website, set to reveal more, and giving you a new song for your pleasure. Thanks for popping by.

This new studio version cements the character drawn piece as sitting on the same sort of streets as the middle section of the epic track The Liberty of Norton Folgate “Only a fiver”,  it’s also more simplistic in tone like Nutty Theme the track they played from the One Step Beyond 12″ recently that I first heard myself on 1993’s Business Box set.  I can hear both the that early Madness in this song and also the top five Folgate album hit band.

Now that we have a studio version, the great instrument parts of the song come across far more clearly and show the song’s structure, far more than that acoustic radio session ever could capture, and equally far more than comes across in the live version too, where to be honest the middle section bored me live and didn’t capture any real “Madness sound”. Here though there is hints of background sax, and tinkling ivories that gel much more, there is some backing sighs singing and The band group  voice singing  of “rag and bone man”  and a few lines like “gee gee’s”  and “parking restrictions”  all backs Suggs up, who I felt was carrying the lead song live a bit too much. There is even a hint of Clerkenwell polka to the sound of the ending on this song, which in others version was always it’s strongest and most haunting earworm part of the tune. Loved the ending always, and on this version that’s just as strong. Download the free track and if you’ve been unimpressed with the radio session or live rendition, at least give this a third chance in the best version of the song.

“It’s a f***ing hit” says Suggs at the end in a piece of studio dialogue. In truth it’s more a statement. Madness, unlike the demised character in the song, are alive and well and are ready to cart out their wares again.  Madhead is go, this song is current, and the Grandslam is on it’s way. Madness in the UK are back with new songs coming, and this is the first of that many.

The song is also a nice fitting tribute to a real rag and bone man, by the name of Alf, who appeared with Sugg on his disappearing London TV show. You can see him on the big screens of the Madness backdrop on the Madhead tour.

You may not know this. But Harold killed Albert in the end. Not during the series TV Episodes or films, or even the radio episodes. But a long time after the death of the actors who played Harold and Albert Steptoe, the writers Galton and Simpson staged a play called “Murder at Oil Drum Lane”

The ghastly conclusion to that life spent together in the rag and bone trade.  The Ghost of the Last Rag and Bone Man, therefore came back, haunting his son for how it all ended. Chilling stuff.

You can hear the ghost of the last rag and bone man…  by submitting your email here…


Jonathan Young




This week, MIS co-editor Rob Hazelby, goes back in time to report on what was going on in the world of Madness 5 years, 10 and 15 years ago this week.

5 years ago…

Issue Number 553 – Sunday 6th December – Saturday 12th December 2009

With this year’s Christmas tour now in full swing, set lists and feedback from the fanbase were starting to crop up on web sites and mailing lists across the internet.

Alongside the usual selection of hits and new material fans were already voicing their approval of the reviving of the classic ERNIE, and a real surprise at the band’s covering of Paul Simon’s track “Mother and Child Reunion”. You can find YouTube footage of the band’s cover by going to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoUsXtKq5-s

Always the one with the facts, Jean-Pierre Boutellier of the French MIS told us that “The original of this song was recorded in Kingston Jamaica by Paul Simon, in 1971. He was the first white singer to record a reggae song in Kingston”.

Whether this track would crop up again elsewhere on the tour (Paul Rodgers reported that it was lost at The Brighton gig on the 2nd) remained to be seen.

However, with official recordings of the gigs available at the end of each evening, you should have been able to get your hands on this without too much of a struggle.

In other news we revealed that Madness had been booked to headline Camp Bestival. Other bands appearing at the event were The Human League, Lee Scratch Perry, Calvin Harris, and many more. Madness would be headlining the Saturday night on the 2nd of August.

Ferry news next, and we reported (via a re-print of a Sun newspaper article) a ferry crew have recorded their own Madness style tribute vide on their own ship.

The off-duty Caledonian MacBrayne workers recreated their very own House of Fun video on board the MV Hebrides.

The video is still online, and can be found at:


We had some Retro Madness news next, as Chris and Emma reported that the RM web site was launching with its own RM section, which featured a selection of photos from the Total Madness bus in Brighton, as well as some ideas they’d put together as part of this year’s tour programme.

On to meet news next, and we passed the baton over to Vince Carden who was here with those all important details for the pre-gig Newcastle meet. Starting from 12 noon it was likely that many attending would be rather plastered by the time the gig kicked off that evening!

We brought this issue with news from Chris Carter-Pegg, who reported that Madness had scaled Mojo’s Top 50 Best Albums of 2009 list, and that Carl looked back on the band’s 2009 over on the Mojo web site.

10 years ago…

Issue 291 – Sunday 5th December to Saturday 11th December 2004

After a couple of weeks with only a few items, it was pleasing to see that this lack of news was merely a small blip in the run-up to Christmas.

This week we were planning to give those of you who missed it, a lowdown on the Channel Four `2-Tone Britain` documentary aired earlier in the week. However, even with two editors trying to record the thing it didn’t happen. One editor recording on his trusty VHS only caught 60% of the programme, whilst the other who set his spanking new hard disc recorder to get the show woke up to find the digital signal had gone all screwy, and all he was left with was a stuttering mess.

Thankfully Madness Trading Ring subscriber Lawrence Werrett had recorded, encoded and uploaded the show for the rest of us poor unfortunates to download.

The programme charted the rise and fall of the whole 2-Tone movement, interspersed with interviews from members of a number of 2-Tone bands including The Specials, The Beat, and of course, Madness.

The documentary featured a nice big chunk with Suggs, and even a short bit of footage showing Suggs and Woody in the recording studio, working on the new Ska covers album.

The download proved useful for those who missed the broadcast, and those new to the world of the Bit Torrent network were given a quick tutorial in how to download files via peer to peer.

This issue we featured a strange photo from the one and only Colin Galbraith, who was certain that a photo dated around 1898 proved that Suggs was at least 106 years old, and not 45 as we originally thought.

Elsewhere, and Jon Young reported that the video for the Tracey Ullman song “My Guy’s mad at me” appeared in a brief clip on “Have I Got News For You”, which aired on BBC1 on Friday night.

The satirical news quiz was hosted by guest presenter and ageing labour politician, Neil Kinnock.

In a section of the show that poked fun at the news that Top of The Pops is being moved off from BBC1, Neil introduced the clip.

“Let us not forget this tremendous hit from the early 80’s that reached the heady height of number 28 in the charts”, Neil announced before a clip from the video played.

The Clip showed Tracey Ullman as 3 characters, a teenager, a middle aged mother and her showbiz tuxedo wearing self, who all meet Neil Kinnock whilst he is out campaigning for the labour party.

Tracey’s Madness cover version playing over the clip. The clip concluded with a slightly bad dance move involving the 2 of them.

“So Did that win you many votes?” was the question asked by the studio panel when the clip finished?

“I shouldn’t have thought so.” Was the defeated labour leaders last word on the video.

15 years ago…

Issue 29 – Sunday 5th December to Saturday 11th December 1999

With just over a week till the Christmas tour finally kicked off we were still no closer to discovering why the Dublin gig at The Point was given the chop. Thankfully the majority of Irish fans had seemed to have made alternative arrangements and got themselves tickets for a show or two on the UK mainland instead. Obviously it wasn’t the ideal situation, but at least it meant they’d still be able to witness what could possibly the last Madness tour ever!

Last Sunday saw the filming of the New Year’s edition of the popular channel 5 karaoke show, `Night Fever` which a number of the TMML subscribers were lucky (?) enough to get along to. The show would apparently air from 10pm – 11pm on New Years Eve. If you weren’t a fan of the show we recommended you set the video so you could skip to the Suggs bits whilst you were nursing your head on New Year’s Day.

All you DVD owners out there were urged to pay a visit to the shops on the Monday after this issue of the MIS web out, as that was the day that the Madstock 4 DVD would hit the shelves of all good music and video stores up and down the United Kingdom. The disc was priced at a whopping £19.99, although this was considered the norm at the time.

We still had no firm information detailing who would support Madness on their forthcoming tour, and we’d even heard that it may not even be a band as such. But Peter Gardner of the TMML told us at that time that he’d heard that The Thunderbugs may be supporting. For those of you not in the know, The Thunderbugs were an all-girl four-piece band who had just released their second single.

The majority of this issue was taken up with a lovely interview with the late, great Ian Dury, who revealed how he was able to keep going, despite his cancer.

Elsewhere we gave readers the lowdown on Nutty Sounds volumes 1 -4, which were now available from Vince Carden for £15 each. All albums came with their own high quality sleeves, which had been printed in full colour.

We finished this issue with news that Manchester G Mex was the latest venue to sell out prior to the start of the Christmas tour.

With the G Mex out of the picture for ticket buyers, the tour now looked like this:

13th December – Stratford Rex  SOLD OUT

15th December – International Arena – Cardiff

16th December – Brighton Centre – Brighton  SOLD OUT

17th December – International Centre – Bournemouth  SOLD OUT

18th December – M.E.N. Arena – Manchester

19th December – N.E.C. – Birmingham

20th December – Arena – Newcastle

22nd December – Wembley Arena – London  SOLD OUT

23rd December – Wembley Arena – London

Rob Hazelby





The brand new website


Please LIKE the new page for Specialized for all future projects.




Morning folks. Have two extra days of our 12 days of Christmas sale. All stock reduced in price. For example The Mad Not Cancer CD is down from £18 to just £10 and for a 4 CD album…that’s proper. Or get our new CD ‘Get Specialized’ featuring Nick Welsh, Roddy Radiation and Jake Burns for just £6 visit : http://www.specializedproject.co.uk/shop/

Here is a new taster for the album.  A new video from Indeed…



Paul Willo



Woody Woodgate

“Great 1st gig in Nottingham. Not so great 1st blister. The beard’s progressing though. http://t.co/JpvE772f2v

Chrissy Boy, probably bored in a tour hotel, goading our own Paul Rodgers….

Chris Foreman‪ “Grandslam is our next single you trainspotter.”


Chrissy Boy @CBoyForeman

‘Thank you Nottingham! You were a lovely audience, we’d like to take you home with us…I have taken two heh heh”


Mark Bedford @I_be_MarkB

“Cardiff you were a lovely audience as well… You’re always welcome to pop in for a cuppa…”

Asked where carl was on the tour, Mark replied…

“A long story.”

This being Twitter we are guessing the story on Chas is 147 characters long, so it can’t be said on Twitter.


Darren Bennett @djdarrenbennett

“Great night in Nottingham last night, just getting suit on to open proceedings again in Cardiff tonight….bring it on..”




The One Step Behind web site has sat on the MIS web servers for many years, but now the band have got their very own corner of the internet.

Here’s Brendan Phipps with the details;

“To coincide with the bands 21st anniversary we’re proud to announce the launch of our new website and youtube channel. As you’ll see there’s a great array of live and TV performances, enjoy!’.

Please share or invite friends to our Facebook page. OSB xx”

You can find the band on Facebook or their brand spanking new web site at:






After our lengthy review of the great times had at The House of Fun weekender last week, and amongst a lot of praise from fellow weekender attendees who equally all had a great time, we did receive one direct reply from a reader who seemed unhappy with some aspects of the weekender, while enjoying some of it, Reader Rob Price wrote to us…

“Just felt that we were short changed at this years ‘HOF’ weekender and it needed mentioning but the 16 of us will still be booking for next year (our 5th year). “

Having listed upset at “that although both the Friday and Saturday night sets produced some fantastic and nostalgic tunes for the real hard core fans, the absence of Cathal was surely noted and along with the other 15 of our party we all felt somewhat slightly cheated. This being our fourth House of Fun we perhaps have become spoilt to the treats and delights that await us, this year was dare I say was certainly not as good as the 3 previous years. Less entertainment during the day, only one Cuban Brothers slot, one lanyard per room, a missing Chas Smash, what happened.”

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so the phrase says. That’s another one aired.

Moving on to the current tour and Woody’s got a blister in the tour of duty! Comfort him with your donations for his ever growing beard…

Pop over to  https://www.justgiving.com/woody-woodgate and donate!  He is growing his beard for awareness and money for Bowel Cancer.

Next, it’s over to Thommo;

“Wy ay! Tabs Away!!! The Free Downloads that will be accessed via the tour programme’ unique code Are Like Father Like Son songs from Westside Studios circa 2001. Get it on. Clever Trevor. And live cut of There’s no lights on the Christmas Tree mother.”

Finally we would like to dedicate this issue of the MIS to Olivier MTG and his memory. A much sadly missed member of the wider MIS family, who has sadly passed away.

We’d like to pass our condolences to Olivier’s family, and to all of the French MIS who knew and shared time with him, and all other fans who knew him from online or our 2010 shared international Mad meet in Paris. Merci Mon Ami, and rest in peace Olivier.

Until next week, take care,

Jon Young, Rob Hazelby, Simon Roberts, Paul Williams


(With thanks to Kat Dickenson, Rob Price, Judge Fredd and Indeed,
Brendon Guy Bobby, all at the French MIS, and Darren Worthington   )

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