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Madness Information Service Online Newsletter Issue Number: 793 – Sunday 13th July to Saturday 19th July 2014

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Things have been rather quiet on the old Madness front this week, but this issue is still far from slim.

Daren West has been kind enough to put together two Silencerz (Formerly The Lee Thompson Band) gig reviews, covering appearances on Saturday 31st May and Sunday 7th July, respectively. Check out the Live and Intensified section elsewhere in this issue.

Meanwhile, Graham Yates has managed to get his hands on three tracks from the forthcoming Mad Not Cancer compilation, donned his reviewing cap, and further down in this very publication, gives us his views and opinions on these early musical nuggets.

Elsewhere, and Jonathan Young brings you the final part of his Mad Header final where the best Madness album is finally revealed. It’s exciting stuff!

If that wasn’t enough we also have our usual “Showtimes”, “Buy it”, “That Was The Week That Was” sections and much more besides.

Enjoy the read,

Jonathan Young, Rob Hazelby, Simon Roberts, Paul Williams




See below for all forthcoming Madness and Madness related gigs and events. If there’s something we’ve missed off or you feel should be added then please let us know.


July 2014

July 31st – 3rd August, Reggae Sun Festival, Bordeaux, France

August 2014

August 2nd, Suikerrock, Belgium
August 12th Mallorca Rocks
August 13th Ibiza Rocks
August 18th, Kubana Festival, Krasnodar, Vesolovka

November 2014

November 21st – 24th 2014 – Minehead – Earlybird tickets can be ordered here: http://www.bigweekends.com/splash-pages/madness2014.aspx

December 2014

All for the M.A.D.H.E.A.D Tour

Thursday 4th, Capital FM Arena, Nottingham
Friday 5th, Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Saturday 6th, Brighton Centre, Brighton, Matinee
Saturday 6th, Brighton Centre, Brighton * SOLD OUT *
Monday 8th, Plymouth Pavillions, Plymouth
Tuesday 9th, Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth Thursday 11th, First Direct Arena, Leeds
Friday 12th, Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
Saturday 13th, LG Arena, The NEC, Birmingham
Monday 15th, Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Tuesday 16th, The O2 Dublin, Dublin
Thursday 18th, The SSE Hydro, Glasgow
Friday 19th, Phones 4u Arena, Manchester
Saturday 20th, The O2 Arena, London

Links to purchase tickets for the above tour can be found at: http://madness.seetickets.com/tour/madness/?pre=premad&src=madnesspre

For tickets also see links via: www.madness.co.uk


The Magic Brothers

November 1st. Blakes @ The Custard House – Birmingham
Magic Brother Friday Headline set:
November 14th.  The Big One 3.  Park Dean, Sandford Dorset.


The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra 

July 2014

July18th Brixton Jamm, London. Tickets from Skiddle.com

July 26th Wickerman Festival

August 2014

August 31st, The Big Feastival, Alex James’ Farm, Cotswolds

October 2014

October 2nd, The Jazz Café, Camden Town

More festival dates to follow.

Ska Orchestra web site: www.ltso.mis-online.net


The Lee Thompson Ska Band – (The Nutty Boy – A Crunch! Set of Songs)

August 3rd – The Fidler’s Elbow.  Kentish Town.  8pm –  (Crunch! Songs Set)


(The warm up gig for Boom Town appearance.)

August 7th – 10th An appearance at the Boom town festival, Hampshire’s pop up city four day event begins on August 7th into the weekend. Chinatown district is full of Ska and more bands this year, but we can confirm that this won’t be playing host to the Ska Orchestra. Yes we’ve hinted for weeks at something different for Boom Town. It’s A Crunch! set of Songs. See MIS feature below.



The Silencerz (Featuring Lee Thompson) 

November 2014

16th November – Confirmed in the Sunday Lineup of bands at Specialized The Big One 3. In Dorset.

Lee will be doing a photo signing session too.


Near Jazz Experience

July 29th – NEAR JAZZ EXPERIENCE + The Aftershave + Guest DJ set
Indo 133 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DT *Free*


Deaf School


8th, The Islington, North London
9th, The Islington, North London (SOLD OUT)
10th, Rebellion Festival, Blackpool (SOLD OUT)

For details of future gigs keep an eye on http://deafschoolmusic.com for more information.


Thursday 20 – Borderline, London
Friday 21 – Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
Saturday 22 – Academy, Manchester
Sunday 23 – Floral Pavilion, New Brighton




If money’s currently burning a hole in your pocket then perhaps we can help with your dilemma.

New Madness T-shirts.

Over on the Madstore, at  http://madness.sandbaghq.com/left-menu-madness/clothing/t-shirts.html/ a selection of new official T-shirts for you to buy, have been unveiled.

The most mentionable among the new designs is a summer white palms t-shirt, depicting a tropical sunset beach seen through an outlined Madness crowned M. Very Nice. It has a very Nassau Madness Seven mode we feel.

Other New Shirts include a ringer, showing a crowned M with a laurel ring around it, and an orange Madness London Logo on grey. See below for details of the tour T-shirt which can be bought on its on separately.

The M.A.D.H.E.A.D Tour T-shirt – Get it now.

What does any self respecting Madhead wear? The only true fan clothing of choice right now is surely the brand new Madhead T-shirt. Available now at least five months ahead of the tour, this T-shirt is so NOW!

The brand new 2014 picture of all seven of the band next to their happiness machine and ready to bring joy. You can look stylish in it in a range of sizes, you can promote this summer, the forthcoming tour and help your heroes and of course in this day and age by buying the bands official clothing you are putting your money into the future new album project pot etc of the band who exist these days on their own self produced record label.

We’re very happy with this move to give out the T-shirt ahead of the tour as it makes so much sense to us. The T-shirt is relevant and current for a longer period of time for the fan.  Steer clear of knock off clothing and get the official Madhead T-shirt. Support your favourite band directly, like a true Madhead.

Available here… Via See Tickets and Madness.co.uk


SPECIALIZED: Mad Not Cancer. 4CD covers album for Teenage Cancer Trust – Pre-Order Now

Over 70 tracks. 4 CDs.  Cover versions of Madness by not just Ska bands but lots of young up and coming acts of many genres including a few famous pop stars and Bedders on one track, too. All for Teenage Cancer.



The Suggs Selection.

The new compilation album of tunes chosen especially by Suggs.

It features one Madness track It must be love, and one solo track – So Tired. Alongside one self produced track The Farm’s – Stepping Stone.

The rest of the 60 track 3 CD album contains his own personal music joys.

Signed copies are available from record store.



LTSO, Bangarang, Featuring Dawn Penn & Sharon Shannon 

Out now.

itunes  http://tinyurl.com/p2bquak

Amazon http://tinyurl.com/pwg6du2




The Silencerz (Formerly The Lee Thompson Band)
@ Woodside Park Club, Southover, Woodside Park N12 Saturday 31st May
& The Builders Arms, Barnet Sunday 7th July

I arrive at 6pm at a venue which I am familiar with from over 20 years ago. Woodside being a venue I used to play football at with Hadley FC in the early 1990’s. It’s a decent venue and Thommo yet again performing to help raise charity funds this time for Alzheimer’s; a very worthy cause so the £10 admission fee worth every penny.

Pre-gig I say hello to Daley who alerts me to the fact they haven’t been able to complete a soundcheck owing to some minor technical issues. The bass player soon after backs this up; apparently if the sound levels reach a certain limit if it goes over that then it can ‘trip’ forcing the electrics to stop working. Something along those lines – a bit too technical for me!!

The backroom where the gig will take place is almost like a modest sized school hall where an assembly might takes place! However it is perfect for a gig as there is stage perhaps raised 4 foot above floor level so all can enjoy the decent view. Indeed there are tables and chairs alongside each length of the hall where mainly families with their children and even a few toddlers are relaxing after a family fun day out. Further back, a hot + cold buffet is there for all to enjoy, the bar is right next to the stage so you can even order a pint and not miss any action on stage.

Having spoken to some of the band they are all using this event as a ‘warm up/rehearsal’ for the Dublin Castle double header approaching in mid June. The set list is similar to before – A Message To You Rudy is included. Generally the gig is as always of a very good quality and the the band are indeed warming up very nicely for the aforementioned gig in Camden. Upon leaving the venue I decide to take a stroll back to Whetsone High Road enroute back to Barnet, taking in the warm night air. A van is heading into the venue car park; the driver winds his window down “Alright? Where you heading?”. “Barnet”, I reply. “Wanna lift? I’ll be about an hour here” “Nah that’s fine. I’ll see ya next time”, “Yeh, see ya”. I’ve just turned down a lift home off of Thommo!!


Moving on, quite literally for me as I’ve moved from Barnet to the next town along which has left me with very little spare time ’til now to pen any reviews.

On Sunday 7th July I attended the closing of the Barnet Music Festival. Suggs coyly remarked that Madness had played for the Queen at Buck House as a finale to her Golden Jubilee celebrations, at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics and now that can be extended to one of Madness our very own Lee Thompson at the closing of the Barnet Music Festival! I arrive just before 6pm; the weather is beautifully warm and sunny. The pub garden is a paved terrace on 3 levels; the band are based at the far end at the top, so it acts as a natural stage and is covered. Us punters are in the undercovered open air and on a day like this it makes for a great gig. The band are now under the moniker of The Silencerz and are 1st on stage at 7pm – they play Bangarang and 2 others – they sound superb. They then stop – it’s only a little warm up. The sound engineer is the same who did The Hop Poles gig and a superb sound job has been done again here.

I get to speak to the bass player – Thommo then turns up, sees me with a pint of orange and lemonade in my hand and just laughs mockingly much in the same way as he does on stage. I ask him about the upcoming possible dates at both Lewisham + Newham; in both cases the band were approached to play, they said they were interested, there was no follow up to this so as far as Lee is concerned they won’t be playing at either venue. Thommo then says to the bass player “I need to speak to you about playing a Crunch! Gig sometime late July/early August”. This is music to my ears as I’d only heard whispers that something Crunch! Related might be on the horizon and this indeed sounds very promising!

On to the music and tonight is billed as a Gala Charity Gig for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice. The support bands are standard rock covers bands; however one which captures everyones imagination are The Silver Manatees. Their covers are exclusively dedicated to The Beatles however it’s their ages (15-16) which impresses everyone. Very talented youngsters. They’ve even got a left hander and one of them plays harmonica – how authentic!

The Sielncerz are on stage just after 9pm; there is now a packed crowd and because of split level of the garden area some people are standing on pub tables and chairs or walls to get a good vantage point. As usual, they open with the Ian Dury number ‘Wake Up…’ and it sounds cracking. Although Lee Thompson who naturally draws in the crowds to these events, Daley has come on leaps and bounds as lead singer. Having seen the band develop so well over the last few months, it’s Daley in particular who is singing consumately. Previously there were only some songs where he sounded brilliantly; now each note is delivered pitch perfect and for each and every song he appears to have mastered it. This I’d noticed at the Dublin Castle gig where the whole band were quite simply brilliant! Today is an extension of that and a friend of mine who attended the xmas Barnet gig also remarked who well Daley was now singing.

Clever Trevor and Sunny Afternoon in particular went down really well with the crowd singing along. These Boots Were Made For Walkin’ was superbly performed by Lee, singing from what looked like a karaoke songbook – he really put some welly into that one! Welly… Boots – geddit?! All the LTSO and Madness songs played naturally are warmly received by everyone in attendance. It’s been a great way spending a sunny Sunday summer evening. Fantastic!

Set List

Wake Up

Stuck In The Middle With You


My Girl

Clever Trevor


Hey Bulldog

Midnight Rider

Mother & Child Reunion

Fu Man Chu

One Step Beyond



Soon You’ll Be Gone


Hello Josephine

Sunny Afternoon

Note – The Silencerz didn’t quite keep to the set list; for example Bangarang was played as a warm up song. The running order was changed aswell

Daren West.




Various posts from Facebook and Twitter that have caught our eye over the past week or so.

It’s been rather quite…


Mark Bedford @I_be_MarkB

“Greetings from NYC! http://instagram.com/p/qopLX2yHEB/




With three full tracks from the forthcoming Mad Not Cancer compilation now ready for review, Graham Yates gives us an initial lowdown…

Embarassment – The Bighead

I never thought I’d hear myself saying I liked a cover of Embarassment as it’s one of those tracks that is so perfect in it’s original form that you can’t imagine a “different” version coming anywhere near up to scratch enough to bear comparison. The Bighead, however, have proved it can be done, they’ve stripped it down, slowed it down a tad, and given it a soulful reggae lilt, but have somehow managed to retain the pathos of the original. The brass in the middle eight is sublime, the haunting instrumental break after the “twice as older” line is near on perfect. Whilst the original, for me at least, will never be bettered, this one definitely sits up there head and shoulders with it, and that really is something I never expected to say.

Judge for yourself here: http://youtu.be/05J6PchxuOo


Shut Up – The Crooners

No crashing piano entrance for this version by The Crooners (from Germany), instead it’s a nice drum solo, that actually works quite well. Lead guitar then drives the track forward until the vocal from lead singer Max kicks in, his gruff Germanic accent actually adds to, rather than takes away from, the track too. Some nice added brass touches throughout, and  a great guitar solo towards the end make this track – which even has a slightly false ending before kicking off into a final instrumental section. Oh and must mention that the change to the refrain for the last two choruses to have us counting to “drei” and “trois” respectively never fails to make me smile when I hear it.

Judge for yourself here: http://youtu.be/chCxnYGBWJ4


Tiptoes – French Boutik

French Boutik from (yep you guessed it) France take this Rise & Fall album track and give it a complete Gallic overhaul – a bit like sticking a Citroen engine in a Mini. And it’s appropriate that I should choose that iconic British vehicle from the 60’s, as part of the twist that the band have put on this is very much straight out of that decade. The track has a very definite 60’s Mod vibe running through its core – the fact it’s sung by vocalist Gabriela in heavily accented French just adds to the overall feel of the track that brings immediately to mind Gitanes smoking French detectives from thrillers of that era. The overall production is first class, each instrument playing it’s own part – the brass outro just adds to the song, the driving keyboards throughout, a tone lower than the original’s (said the tone deaf listener!!) are spot on. This is another track that passes my personal “cover version” test in that it is sufficiently like the original to be recognisable, but sufficiently different to make it the covering band’s own. Bravo mes amis!! Vive la difference!!

Judge for yourself here: http://youtu.be/2sUOYHCmlSg

Graham Yates

Priced at £15.99 plus postage you can pre-order at the following link:



DISC ONE PREVIEW – http://youtu.be/H385Yhv7u9k
DISC TWO PREVIEW – http://youtu.be/OcEePjTthmc
DISC THREE PREVIEW – http://youtu.be/4PnxwPcm67o
DISC FOUR PREVIEW – http://youtu.be/xjpf7ygQgZs


For a list of artists/songs go here:

For any information relating to Specialized generally you can go to any of the following:


Web: http://www.specializedproject.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/specialized3madnotcancer

Twitter: @specializeduk1

It’s nearly with us, and reviews will be landing shortly!

Paul Willo




This week, MIS co-editor Rob Hazelby, goes back in time to report on what was going on in the world of Madness 5 years, 10 and 15 years ago this week.

5 years ago…

Issue 533 – Sunday 19th July – Saturday 25th July 2009

As this issue went out the day after the Madstock 5 concert reviews had yet to surface, and the MIS team themselves had only just got back to their respective homes.

Until something more detailed popped up we made do with brief summaries of the day from the Madness Central’s Stav, followed by a set list courtesy of the Skanews team.

Things weren’t all good however, as Paul Rodgers posted up his thoughts on what he dubbed a darker side of Madstock 2009.

Here’s what Paul had to say;

“What I heard of it, the gig was brilliant, the band were on top form and it was a brilliant set list with great guests…

However the venue was disgusting. Numerous people down the front were pick pocketed. Security refused to do anything about it. They knew it was going on and knew it was organized.

If you’re wondering why Suggs had a wallet thrown at him, it is simple: it was one of the many that were stolen, stripped of cash and then thrown towards the front. I found two. Loads of people were complaining of wallets gone, phones gone and down the front security and the band were collecting them.

Then there’s the violence, which I’ll say no more about, because someone I know is hurt and angry.

Madstock was meant to be a celebration. For so many people tonight it was anything but.”

On to jollier news, and in an interview with News of The World, the band stated that they were chuffed that their new album had been a success as it had saved them from becoming has-beens.

“This record was f***ing hard work to make. We had to re-energise the band, otherwise we’d have carried on in decreasing circles until we were playing Pontin’s.”

We also had exciting news for Australian Madness fans this week as tickets had now gone on sale for the Folgate movie at that year’s Melbourne Film Festival. Our reporter from Down Under, Sarah Clarke, pointed out that it seemed that only one screening was planned, so you were urged to book tickets as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

10 years ago…

Issue 271 – Sunday 18th July – Saturday 24th July 2004

Our big news item this week was the story detailing the merging of Madness4Sale (run by Chris Carter-Pegg) and PLR MadMail (run by Paul Rodgers) had merged.

Here’s part of the original press release;

“The two biggest Madness retail specialists “PLRMadmail” (est.1991) and “Madness4sale” (est.1997) have joined forces. The merged company will still be mail-order based and will commence trading from this weekend under the new name of “The Madness Shop”.

For sales on Ebay the User ID of “Madness4sale” will be retained.

After 13 years of selling Madness records Paul Rodgers of PLR has decided to branch out into general CD and DVD sales based on Ebay under the User ID of “Medodgers”. We wish him the very best of luck with his new venture.

As part of the launch of The Madness Shop, 100 different Madness items have been listed on Ebay all with starting prices of just 99p each”.

After all that excitement we moved on to Mad Not Mad fanzine editor Ian Taylor, who gave us his views of the recent Move Festival, which the band performed at.

With a clear thumbs-up, Ian commented that;

“…one of the better performances of recent times.  It was a shorter set and lacking much in the way of surprise – but you can’t expect anything different at a festival gig. ‘Israelites’ sounded good – bodes well for the new album.  

Suggs’ links between songs were funny ‘ha ha’ rather than funny surreal and everyone had a good day.  It was really nice to see yet more generations of kids checking out the nutty sound.  Should be plenty of miles left on the clock if this gig was anything to go by”

Moving on, and we had a request from non other than Mike Barson himself. It turned out that a certain light-fingered person (who, I don’t think we ever found out was) had gone off with Mike’s black suit which he’d left in the changing room/broom cupboard following a gig at the DC. Some people will steal anything!

With the 25th anniversary of the Two Tone Record label came Record Collector, with a 2-Tone cover, and page upon page of space dedicated to the world famous record label.

Although co-editor Jon Young didn’t type any of the articles up, he gave a lengthy lowdown as to what the issue contained, and even now, the issue is well worth tracking down and adding to the collection.

We finished off this week’s issue with links to Move Festival snaps taken by Emma Spate (now Emma Thomas), and Kevin Crowther.

15 years ago…

Issue 9 – Sunday 18th July – Saturday 24th July 1999

With the Lovestruck single due to be released the day after this issue was blasted out across the net, chaos had already ensued online, with a group of Statesiders attempting to bulk buy and import a box of the new release, with fans in other parts of the globe literally putting relatives up for sale just to get hold of a copy!

The `Lovestruck` plugging bandwagon seemed set to continue. Not happy with almost every radio station in the country playing the song, the forthcoming Madness single also saw its way onto `Now That’s What I Call Music 43`. The last time they were on a `Now` album was October 1986 with `Waiting for the Ghost Train` (unless you count the re-release of `It Must be Love` back in 1992). The commercial radio stations had just started airing adverts for this latest `Now` compilation and `Lovestruck` was listed and also playing in the background.

Although not due to his the shelves until the following day, subscribers Vince Foley had somehow managed to bag himself parts 1 and 2 of the new single, and was here to give the rest of us a detailed lowdown of what we had to look forward to.

Elsewhere, and Chris Byrne had once again been busy transcribing yet another article. This time it was taken from Melody Maker, where celebrity Gail Porter revealed that her first concert was Madness at The Playhouse, Edinburgh, in 1982.

Next-up, we had news of the forthcoming Madness box set, due out in October from Virgin Records. This release would contain all six albums (One Step Beyond, Absolutely, Seven, The Rise and Fall, Keep Moving and Mad Not Mad) Each of the CD’s would also contain approx 4 of Madness’ videos taken from the Divine Madness video collection, thus 24 of the Videos would be enhanced.

At the time of typing the package design was being done by Mark Bedford and his design partner.

A rather excited Andrew Langmead got in touch this week to report that Madness were at number 2 in the ‘Most Played Pre-Releases Nationwide’ Chart (supplied by Music Control UK).

We finished this issue reminding readers that with the release of Lovestruck the following day, to expect major coverage of the single’s progress, and press reviews in the following bulletin.

Rob Hazelby




“The Mad Header! What’s the best Mad album?”   It’s time to decide.

So all the other albums have been defeated. And Absolutely took the playoff third place.

It’s time for the final.    One Step Beyond Vs The Liberty Of Norton Folgate.

The Original One Step Beyond, Naïve, but Nutty Brilliance that has endured the years. The bookend of Live Madness shows, with it’s 2tone roots in Ska covers and it’s Stiff emergence of music hall pub rock and roll meets a new youth culture. Nutty Training out of the Station.

Will face off against..

The Epic Mature Masterpiece The Liberty Of Norton Folgate, A double album, a box set, a Film. A Musical canvas of east London spreading back to the past.  Lyrically rich and culturally deep. Everything for just a song to sing.

One Step Beyond Vs The Liberty Of Norton Folgate.  The winning album takes the title of BEST MADNESS ALBUM

Over at the Grand Stand Stadium “All Things Madness”, packed with over 13,000 members (Find the group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/249838181711283/ )


Judge Fredd, Kevin Filsell, Linsay Boyce, Natalie FitzGerald, Robert Wardlaw,  Mark Bryan, Dinant Dondertman, Carl Humphries,  Phil Smith have all won wonderful prizes, and now  Helen Searle has won  Signed Suggs That Close Hardback, donated by Darren Jones. The most impressive world cup of prizes on facebook moves on.

In the final you could win all of this….

THE SPECIALIZED CUP PRIZE. 1LP 2CD 1DVD 2EP 2 Singles, & 5 Downloads. + 4 Badges. [Specialized LP – (Specials Covers white vinyl album) – Beat Teenage Cancer CD Album. – The Big one 2 Live at Sandford DVD. – The ska vinyl EP – The non ska vinyl ep – Dave Wakeling Red New version of Mirror in the bathroom vinyl single – Ranking Roger new version of two swords Red vinyl single – 2tone stars red vinyl single – Specialive- download of concert – plus vari…ous download specialized singles – Prayer- nick welsh – it must be love- sanna Pekonen – andy keys clark- skank for England/king Hammond- Friday night satirday morning (punch n judy mix) badges x 4 (difff designs) Plus a New sealed copy of Suggs Selection 3cd album by Suggs Music company to Specialized.

Final Bonus second place prize.  Madstock Vintage Madness football shirt.


With our focus on Specialized for Teenage Cancer this year, prize draws require a Pre-order/buy The Specialized – Mad Not Cancer Album.  To enter the prize draw, though voting is free and open to all to take part. Or we will be asking you to just bung us a few quid in match fees sponsorship into the back of the net here, particularly in the finals when the prizes reach Trophy level.


F*ck Football!  Let’s Dance. As the Mad Header continues! This World Cup Final Weekend.

And our thanks to Musical Madheads, Warren Moyle,  Hazel Foster, Alan Flynn, Monika Cooper, & Geo Adam, Darren Jones,  Maria Ashe, Clare Marshall.

Jonathan F Young




Before we go we’d like to issue a slight amendment to last week’s feature article about the Crunch! set at Filders Elbow and more. We’ve updated the line up paragraph on our web site to read;

“Recent rehearsals at the band’s facebook page show Tadman Bass, Vause Keys, and Spider drums alongside sax man vocalist Kix present and correct, preparing for the event, and even original member Seamus is back in place in today’s photo’s on organ (in place of Hong Kong Dave.)

Kevin Burdett once again takes place in strings position. Steve Hamilton (In place of Steve) for saxophone. Making a larger new line up than last years private premises set.”

Until next week, take care,

Jon Young, Rob Hazelby, Simon Roberts, Paul Williams

(With thanks to Lee Swandale of crunchuk.com and Darren West)

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