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Madness Information Service Online Newsletter Issue Number: 738 – Sunday 30th June to Saturday 6th July 2013

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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of the MIS Online Newsletter.

It’s always nice to see a new Madness video, and that’s especially so when it’s clearly had much time and effort put into it. A few days ago the video for Misery was uploaded to the MadtubeMTV YouTube channel, and in that short time it’s already notched-up almost 12,000 views.

Looking like an episode of 70’s children’s TV programme, Mr Benn, the video has a real charm to it, and we’re certain it’ll raise a smile from even the coldest of hearts.

You can find the video by going to: http://youtu.be/h1J47BnR0bU

If you recognise it it’s because this has been used as the backdrop during the current tour. Those of you who haven’t seen this before, you’re in for a real treat. It’s lovely.

Happy viewing!

Simon Roberts, Jon Young, Liz Hazelby, Rob Hazelby




See below for all forthcoming Madness and Madness related gigs and events. If there’s something we’ve missed off or you feel should be added then please let us know.



July 6th Carlise Racecourse, Carlisle, UK
July 7th Nuits De Fourviere Festival, Lyon, France
July 8th Les Deferlantes, d’Argeles Sur Mer, France
July 10th Jazz Montauban Festival, France
July 11th Festival De Poupet, France
July 12th Henley Festival, Henley On Thames, UK
July 17th Sandown Park Racecourse, UK
July 19th Newmarket Racecourse, UK
July 20th Haydock Park Racecourse, UK

August 10th Fete Du Bruit, Landerneau, France
August 11th Brussels Summer Fest, Belgium

September 15th Rockhal, Belval, Luxembourg
September 16th L’Olympia, Paris, France
September 22nd Northants CCC, UK
September 28th Alexandra Palace, London, UK

October 12th Esprit Arena, Duesseldorf, Germany

November 22nd-25th House Of Fun Weekender, Minehead, UK

For tickets see links via: www.madness.co.uk


Suggs Live 

A few weeks back we spoke to Suggs’ management, who confirmed that at present that are no current plans for any further shows. Naturally, if this situation changes we’ll be sure to let you know


The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra 

*** NEW DETAILS *** July 6th, Gadiva Festival, Coventry – FREE ENTRY!
July 20th Lambeth Country Show, Brockwell Park, 4pm, Free entry!
July 28th, Secret Garden Party Festival, Midlands, Nr Huntingdon

August 11th  United Colours Festival, Sheffield
August 16th Belgium (Brussels Summer Fest)

*** NEW *** September 7th, Wapping (more info when we have it)

*** NEW *** November 8th, headlining the Friday of Specialized, The Big One 2, Parkdean, Sandford, Dorset


See ticket links via: www.ltso.mis-online.net


The Near Jazz Experience

The “Dear Thief” album launch takes place at the Indo on July 2nd.  Check the NJE Facebook page to see if they are part of the evening.




Deaf School

August 23rd  – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

August 24th –  St Helens – The Citadel

August 25th – Aspatria, Cumbria – Solfest

August 26th – Liverpool, Sefton Park – Intl Music Festival







This week instead of buying it, we’re encouraging you to “get it free “as we bring you news of where you can add free track of Madness offshoot bands to your music collections.

With the coloured vinyl reissues delayed for a few weeks, amuse yourself instead with these free downloads.


By liking and linking to the band’s official Facebook page you can get this studio track that’s not on the album.



Like the Magic Brothers’ page on facebook, to get a download of Do what You Wanna Do, a track not available on the forthcoming album from Woody, The Magic Line.




With the number of Madness gigs now ramping-up we’ve decided to begin an irregular section entitled “Live and Intensified”.

If it’s fan gig reviews you’re after, then this is the section you’ll want to read.

Those of you who get along to any future gigs please knock up a review and send it in as we’d love to print your thoughts.

Mark Robinson Reviews Madness at Newark

As the excitement of 6000 people built up to a crescendo the boys strolled on stage just after 9pm.

Just as Chas launched into “Hey You!”, there was a very loud ‘Popping’ sound and then nothing. There was one more loud Pop but the band played on.

Within a few seconds the crowd started to get restless. We couldn’t hear a thing! They finished One Step Beyond and looked a bit bemused by the strange crowd reaction (or lack of it). They then played Embarrassment and the crowd really started to get agitated. So much so a fight almost broke out close to us! As the song ended they finally seemed to realise we hadn’t heard a thing and they trooped off stage.

There was lots of whispering about the gig being cancelled etc., but eventually they came back on. Luckily they started from the beginning and then the frantic dancing started.

Having been to many gigs over the years one thing that really impressed me was the age range and diversity of the crowd. Some friends of mine were there who are well into their 60’s (their reaction afterwards was “Bloody Brilliant!”) and I saw a young lad of about three in a trilby, jeans and braces with his parents, plus the usual mix of skins, punks, die-hards and people who just went for a good night out.

They played all the usual crowd-pleasers and new songs like Misery and Never Knew Your Name were equally well received. When they did Death of a Rude Boy there was a very mixed reaction. There were people around me saying “Don’t know this one”. I must admit, I’m not a fan of this song and it did slow the pace down a bit.

Another song I get a bit fed up of at gigs is Grey Day. The extended ending gets a bit tedious. However just as they played it a woman behind us passed out so I was pre-occupied while it was on trying to find someone to help her.

Chrissy Boy’s Showtime was brilliant with his rendition of New York New York, changing the words to Newark Newark! That went down very well!

This was the second Madness gig my wife had been to and she loved it. The first one was a racecourse night at Sandown so we didn’t get to dance. His time however she didn’t stop dancing all night, and even knew a lot of the lyrics – which really impressed me! I always thought she didn’t pay any attention to their songs when they’re on at home! My son took his partner along as a first-timer and she loved it too.

All in all it was a top night, despite all the other stuff going on. It was great to have them appear so close to home (we’re from Lincoln) and I would recommend to anyone these open air shows. The freedom to move about is brilliant. Much better than standing at an indoor gig.

As a final plus the two beers from the Growler Brewery were available – Lovestruck and Gladness. In fact Gladness probably sums up the feeling of everybody there at the end of the show.

Mark Robinson


Shannan McBride Reviews the Waterford, Ireland gig

Set list (but don’t quote me on this being the right order)

One step beyond
The prince
Take it or leave it
Sun and the rain
Shut up
How can I tell you
Never Knew your name
My girl
Baggy trousers
My girl 2
Wings of a dove
Our house
House of fun
It must be love

Death of rude boy
Night boat

For Showtime Chrissy did the Rolling Stones’ “Start me Up”. He did the Jagger hands on hip and and Jagger lips across stage. No doubt a nod to Glastonbury.  This was the best bit.

[The] band [were] on top form and Take it or Leave it still sounds ace even though it’s ancient

Shannan McBride.




Below is a selection of interviews, articles and other items of recent news that have caught our eye over the course of the past week. Click on the links to be taken to the relevant page.


Top Ten Worst TV Shows – Metro


Night Fever (Channel 5, 1997-2002)

An early gameshow effort from the then fledgling Channel 5, Night Fever – which went through a brace of different hosts including Suggs from Madness, oddly enough – pitted boys against girls in a mix of game show and singing contest. And as rubbish as it was, it was required viewing for legions of folks looking for some Saturday night frivolity while getting ready for a big night out (at one of those nightclubs in The Hitman and Her, probably).


Suggs Item Auctioned At Two Tone Central – Coventry 


“…the auctioning of a framed montage of Madness signed by Suggs, donated by Hall Of Fame Memorabilia”


Northumberland Plate Festival: Madness raise the roof at Newcastle Racecourse


Craig Rowell, a 25-year-old recruitment consultant from Cramlington in Northumberland was at the event with a group of friends.

He said: “We have had a lot of laughs today and I thankfully haven’t lost a lot of money. I took the day off work to come to the racecourse today and we will probably go into Newcastle for a few drinks once all of the races are over. I’ve won £15 so far but the night is young. I try and catch either Plate Day or Ladies Day every year.”

“They are probably the only days of the year I drink champagne as well. We’re sticking around for Madness, it isn’t often you get to see a band as big as that in a place this small.”


Camden Review – Thommo Interview



Why so keen to recreate this old-school sound?

“It’s the music I was brought up on, especially the early reggae from ’67 to ‘71. I’m actually more of a reggae man, but Ska is equally inspiring and enjoyable. I’m tempted by reggae, but that’ll come later… The album is about 60/40 Ska/reggae – ‘Bangarang’ is apparently the first reggae track ever written.” Kix




Snippets from Facebook that have caught our eye…


“I’ve been working on my play HMS MISERY… I’m in the studio now.. all is well… the gods are smiling… love to all …”



“Last Wednesday me and Woody took part in a film for ReThink the charity for mental illness. We talked about growing up together and the new album and what mental illness meant to us both, as I have a history of it. We’ll post a link when they have edited it”



“Had a great meeting today with Rethink Mental Health. My brother Nick and I are going to get involved. A fantastic charity!”


He has also been posting from the road, pictures of airports, and of Newcastle Brown bottles free in his hotel room.

When asked “would you ever play the early albums in full ever at a gig”, Woody replies…

“Maybe one day? Who knows?”



Specialized have unveiled a video for Swagga’s track – Hit the Jackpot. Featuring Ricky Grover. http://youtu.be/ceCw686e3h0


Cheaper Colours festival tickets

United Colours Festival in Sheffield which features the Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra on the Sunday August 11th have announced that Facebook readers can get tickets at just £25 cheaper than the usual prices, here at this link for the next 2 weeks only: www.mosboroughmusic festival.co.uk



“Ian Dury Exhibition at Royal College of Art, London SW7 – dates now confirmed – July 23 – September 1, 2013. Lots of lovely paintings and other artworks by Ian.”  Posted by his biography page.




This week, MIS co-editor Rob Hazelby, goes back 5 years to issue 478, and the week of Sunday 30th June to Saturday 6th July 2008, and then back 10 years to issue 216 and the week of Sunday 30th June Saturday 6th July June 2003.

5 years ago…

Issue 478 – Sunday 30th June to Saturday 6th July 2008

With the dust settling following the recent Hackney gigs, we were certain that people would look back at what had taken place over the past week and realise what a fantastic time it was to be a fan.

For those unable to attend the gigs all was not lost, as this issue was packed with extensive Hackney coverage. Not only that, but we also had details of how you could order MP3 wristbands containing audio from each of the gigs. OK, so it wouldn’t be as good as actually being there, but it was surely better than nothing, right?

In other news, Jonathan had been busy working on a special podcast to commemorate the fantastic events, and at the time of typing we were promised that a download link would surface very shortly.

If you were unable to make it along to the gigs then issue was surely a must read. Featuring gig reviews and write-ups of the accompanying Madmeets, this MIS contained an extensive lowdown of all that went on during the past week.

10 years ago…

Issue 215 – Sunday 30th June to Saturday 6th July 2003.

It’d taken a while, but this week Colin Galbraith updated his Magnificent Seven web site at www.themagnificent7.co.uk.

Colin reported that;

“I’ve just uploaded over 100 photo’s from the 2002 tour onto my site which included stage shots but also of the Madmeets in Newcastle and London and the world famous McMadmeet in Glasgow.

Check them out at http://www.themagnificent7.co.uk and let me know what you think”.

News in from subscriber Suggsylia was that on Saturday 28th, the one and only Suggs made an appearance at the world famous Glastonbury concert. Apparently our Graham was onstage with the legendary Jools Holland, and performed a live rendition of the  brilliant `Oranges and Lemons Again.

Having been contacted by Southern Counties Radio, who were after a Madness fan to appear in one of their slots, we pushed Chris Carter-Pegg forward for the role, and thankfully he agreed to take part. Here’s Chris;

“The BBC Southern Counties Radio interview with Ian Reddington (Joe’s Dad in Our House) and myself, took place at midday yesterday. Owing to a technical hitch, they were unable to have both Ian and myself on air at the same time which meant they were unable to do the head to head quiz as planned.

Ian was on first and was caught out a bit on the first question when asked are you a Madness fan, answers “No, not really!”..nice one Ian! Rather embarrassingly, I got      the impression that the interviewers hadn’t been told that Ian had previously had quite big part in Eastenders and this seemed more apparent when they asked him what work he had done before Our House …he replied “22 years of acting!”.

Ian had some interesting news to announce on Our House, that in addition to the national tour, the show will now also be going to Canada. Ian and no doubt many others of the original cast, are planning to stay with the show as it tours the country. In addition, he confirmed that Miramax are still considering making it into a film, can’t quite imagine how this would turn out.

I then followed after Ian, and managed to get a plug in for Madness’ appearance at the Guildford Festival in 2 weeks time, as well as the possibility of another Christmas Tour in December. Was then asked a number of Madness quiz questions which came courtesy of Colin Galbraith’s www.themagnificent7.co.uk website. I was tripped up on one question though; “Which video had Super Yob in it?”, answering ‘Shut Up’, I was told the correct answer was ‘It Must Be Love’…Colin, are you sure this is right, or was it in both?

Many thanks (I think???!!!) to Rob for volunteering me for this slot, was certainly an interesting experience.”

Now recovered from the event, subscriber Adrian Bell sent us his review of the recent Like Father, Like Son gig he attended on the 20th of June. Finishing up with “Lee, stick to Madness!”, we got the distinct impression that he didn’t think too much of this most recent Madness off shoot.

Moving on, and news reached us revealing that Alton Towers had been closed for Saturday and Sunday 28th/29th of JUne, owing to a private party taking place at the park.

Madness Trading Ring subscriber, Emma Spate explained that the party was held for British Telecom, who not only had enough money to book the park for two whole days, but they also had enough cash to get Madness there for an outdoor performance!

Would they, or wouldn’t they be appearing at the Party in The Park concert. Well, it turned out they wouldn’t, as Bedders kindly explained;

“Just a quick note to say that we won’t be appearing at P.I.T.P on July 6th. This is because we were going to do it in conjunction with the cast from the musical!

As you know, the musical is closing so it seemed a bit silly to do it. (As much as I love: Atomic Kitten, Beyonce, Big Brovaz, Blazin Squad, Blue, Busted, Craig David, Daniel Bedingfield, Danni Minogue, David Gray, Gareth Gates, Girls Aloud, Kym Marsh, Liberty X, Meatloaf, Mel C, Mis-Teeq, Shania Twain, Simply Red, Sugababes, Wheatus, Will Young! They are all close personal friends of mine!)”.

We finished this issue with a brief review from Steve Saunders, who gave us the lowdown of what went on during the Tower Records signing, and how when he got there he couldn’t find a queue, so formed one!

With Madness due to play Bonn on Friday 4th of July, and Guildfest the day after, we were all looking forward to next week’s MIS being full of gig reviews.

Rob Hazelby




The Reverend Green – Lee Thompson Blows up Church Tower

“Madness musician Lee Thompson openied the Barnet Music Festival playing from the rooftop of Barnet Church.” 

The saxophonist climbed the steps of the church, in Wood Street, High Barnet, to herald the beginning of the two-week festival, before playing to an audience of 200 inside the church.

Barnet resident Lee said: “Live music is important to any town in the country and we hope that this little piece of north London can set an example.”  – Barnet Today.

MIS subscriber Daren West Reports…

In the days leading up to Saturday 22nd June, I hear rumours that Lee Thompson is going to be playing in my home town at Barnet church. I have this confirmed 40 minutes before the noon start. “Get yourself up here, Westy. Lee and his band are warming up”. That’s all the encouragement I need.

I make midday with a few minutes to spare; a quick hello outside church to my mate Gerry who is here to front the Back2Barnet campaign. I buy the campaign CD he is selling (featuring my backing vocals!) which tells the plight of Barnet FC who from next season will be playing ‘home’ games out of town and who, through Gerry’s organisation have sponsored a stage at the East Barnet leg of the Barnet Music Festival.

It all links in nicely to the event which Lee is about to front to start the Barnet Music Festival. His son Daley says a quick hello, we then make our way into the church although most of the crowd gathered are waiting in the churchyard.
I see Lee and assorted dignitaries make their way up the narrow spiral staircase towards the tower – there appears to be local Press, perhaps a church official and certainly our very own MIS stalwart, Jon Young amongst the lucky few.

I’m at the foot of the stairs, perhaps half a dozen or so have made their way up and there appears to be no protocol. I look around and no one appears to want to even consider stopping me so I very deliberately slowly make my way up allowing anyone the opportunity to stop me. Before I know it, I’m probably more that halfway, and I can hear two others a spiral or two behind me. I carry on, get to the open air of the tower and no one seems to mind that I’m there, bedecked in a yellow Madness t-shirt.

Daley soon appears with one other. “Any more coming up?”, says a gent on the other side of the small tower. “No” is the reply. “That’s good cos we’re at safety capacity”.

I’ve got away with it and I’m grinning at the prospect of an absolute hero of mine who is about to play sax in the church tower of my hometown Barnet. How lucky do I feel to watch this highly (perhaps too highly!) unusual event at such close quarters?!

Lee is asked to start playing: he does a short burst of One Step Beyond plus of course the opening blast of Night Boat To Cairo and bits of other sax-based tunes. The Press get their photos and after no more than 10 minutes we make our way down.
I quickly find my mates and tell them about my ‘blag’ and they are not too surprised at my bravado!

We settle down in the church pews and over the next 40 minutes or so we are treated to a selection of cuts off the brilliant covers CD that the Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra have just released plus One Step Beyond, The Prince and the Ian Dury classic, Clevor Trevor.

Sharing lead vocals, Daley impressively replicated the falsetto on Fun Man Chu.
It seems perfect to me that Lee should be holding a gig in church as he is able to tell the attentive crowd the story of Sister Ignatius, who is featured in the LPs title.

When a baby later starts crying between songs, Lee asks the parents if their baby wants to get on stage and sing! A very endearing moment. Lee is a great front man and for me comfortably matches Suggs for his quick-witted charm. 
If you don’t believe me, go and check out the LTSO for yourself – perhaps appearing soon at a church near you!

Set list:

One Step Beyond – http://youtu.be/RlVs3LyzQWk

Bangarang – http://youtu.be/q8smZz9lwUw

Fu Man Chu – http://youtu.be/9l-atmR8ZyM

Clevor Trevor

Hello Josephine – http://youtu.be/BxuWJJvR7D0

Midnight Rider – http://youtu.be/oOp6UpflKGY

The Prince – http://youtu.be/GKyIFBwRmGc

Our Thommo, who art in Barnet, band whore be thy name, thy fandom come, thy set play on. Give us this day a Daley band. In the name of Like Father. Like wild sun. Like holy ghost train. Forgive all you sinners and all you saints. As we forgive those who green busspass against you. For thine is the benevolence, the hope and the glory. Forever And Clever Trevor. Amen. Approaching the pulpit the right honourable Reverend Green…

And so it came to pass, the band whore formed yet another line up in 2013 to delight those who follow him, and bring the gospel according to Kix to the ears of the congregation.

The Reverend Green returns. So does Keith Finch one time member of The Dance Brigade he’s here, and says a hello to me, Indeed Deb from that band is on backing vocals today, other members of The Reverend Green hail from The Ska Orchestra (Bob on trombone, and Steve the keyboard dep.) While the drummer is Charlie from The wild Sun’s a local group (and a recent roadie of the ska orchestra) his dad is on guitar, and with Lee’s own son on vocals, it’s almost a new line up of fathers and sons here.

Daley does indeed drum on the Dury cover Clever Trevor, taking some fan’s present back a few years to one of lee’s pub rock bands, but Daley’s also here to sing the two Madness songs alongside his dad in a unique generational moment, which a few fans have raved about online since.

“Thoroughly enjoyed Saturday all round.That Daley has not got a bad “Voice” (Must try & get him on that show, Not!)” Kix tells us.

Daren West / Jonathan Young / Barnet Today / Lee Thompson




Last Monday Magician Impossible Dynamo, levitated around London with only the help of a London Bus.

Here at MIS we couldn’t help but feel we’d seen this illusion before, so here’s our video of Madness being levitated around London by the Pepsi chugging magician;


Until next week, take care,

Simon Roberts, Jon Young, Liz Hazelby, Rob Hazelby

(With thanks to Lee Thompson, Shannan McBride and Daren West)

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