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Madness Information Service Online Newsletter Issue Number: 736 – Sunday 16th June to Saturday 22nd June 2013

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Evening all!

Summer may just be around the corner, but these lower than average temperatures are making it feel more like early Spring.

And talking of Spring…

We’re currently having a spring-clean and a rummage through the MIS archives, and during the course of this past week we stumbled upon this little gem from the 2005 TV programme, “A Picture of London”.

Featuring Suggs and Carl, who were writing a song about London, this came into being shortly before work began on what would become “The Liberty of Norton Folgate”.

Sit back, watch, listen and enjoy before ploughing in to this week’s issue… http://youtu.be/y9sjYyCJJx4

Simon RobertsJon YoungLiz HazelbyRob Hazelby


See below for all forthcoming Madness and Madness related gigs and events. If there’s something we’ve missed off or you feel should be added then please let us know.



June 28th Newcastle Race course, UK
June 29th Daytripper, Waterford, Ireland

July 6th Carlise Racecourse, Carlisle, UK
July 7th Nuits De Fourviere Festival, Lyon, France
July 8th Les Deferlantes, d’Argeles Sur Mer, France
July 10th Jazz Montauban Festival, France
July 11th Festival De Poupet, France
July 12th Henley Festival, Henley On Thames, UK
July 17th Sandown Park Racecourse, UK
July 19th Newmarket Racecourse, UK
July 20th Haydock Park Racecourse, UK

August 10th Fete Du Bruit, Landerneau, France
August 11th Brussels Summer Fest, Belgium

*** NEW *** September 15th Rockhal, Belval, Luxembourg
September 16th L’Olympia, Paris, France
September 22nd Northants CCC, UK
September 28th Alexandra Palace, London, UK

October 12th Esprit Arena, Duesseldorf, Germany

November 22nd-25th House Of Fun Weekender, Minehead, UK

For tickets see links via: www.madness.co.uk


Suggs Live 

*** NEW INFO *** Earlier this week we spoke to Suggs’ management, who confirmed that at present that are no current plans for any further shows. Naturally, if this situation changes we’ll be sure to let you know


The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra 

July 6th, Godiva Festival, Coventry
July 20th Lambeth Country Show, Brockwell Park, 4pm, Free entry!
*** NEW *** July 28th, Secret Garden Party Festival, Midlands, Nr Huntingdon (Full festival tickets only)

August 11th  United Colours Festival, Sheffield
August 16th Belgium (Brussels Summer Fest)

See ticket links via: www.ltso.mis-online.net


The Near Jazz Experience

The “Dear Thief” album launch takes place at the Indo on July 2nd.  Check the NJE Facebook page to see if they are part of the evening.



Deaf School

August 23rd  – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

August 24th –  St Helens – The Citadel

August 25th – Aspatria, Cumbria – Solfest

August 26th – Liverpool, Sefton Park – Intl Music Festival





If you’re stuck for something to spend your money on, perhaps we can help…


Misery – The 1-Track Download Single is out now


We suspect that the majority of you will be more interested in a 1 track promo CD doing that’s currently the rounds.


Limited Edition Colour Vinyl Reissue Albums.

1000 pressings of One Step Beyond (White) Absolutely, Complete Madness, Presents Rise and Fall (Transparent Red) 7 (Yellow) Keep Moving (Blue) 180 GRAM heavy Vinyl. Out now!


Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da Special Ed: 70 Track CD/DVD 4 Disc



Benevolence Of Sister Mary Ignatius – The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra. 

This is currently sat at number 78 in the UK top 100 charts

http://amzn.to/12z3nyH (CD link)

Also, newly available MP3 download http://tinyurl.com/buxnxuy

*** NEW *** Vinyl edition (released July 8th), priced £10.44


Pre Order: Suggs That Close My Story Book.  

Out October 24th



Meanwhile, The Magic Brothers’ single “You Don’t Have To Hide Your Love Away”, is due out in August. The Magic Line Album will follow in September.



With the number of Madness gigs now ramping-up we’ve decided to begin an irregular section entitled “Live and Intensified”.

If it’s fan gig reviews you’re after, then this is the section you’ll want to read.

Those of you who get along to any future gigs please knock up a review and send it in as we’d love to print your thoughts.


MAD CHEP – The first racecourse gig & a Meet and Greet

I am still on a high after the Madness Chepstow gig and getting to meet the band. What a fantastic bunch of guys. My wife and I went to a Meet and Greet with the band. Unfortunately, it was all rather rushed but it was still an amazing experience.

Due to an accident on the motorway and Mike catching the wrong train, the band were delayed and the Meet and Greet was finally arranged for 9pm, with the band due to go on stage at 9.15pm. So as you can imagine, it was a bit manic. We lined up ready to be escorted backstage by security. We were taken around the back of all the roadie wagons to an old rusting caravan. I was actually starting to wonder if we were there to meet the band, or to have our fortunes told.

I could see all of the band members inside as we waited patiently. Then first to emerge was Chas. He performed his own little dance for us as he lost his footing coming down the steps of the caravan but carried on, hoping nobody saw. “Hi, I’m Chas”, he said. As if we didn’t know! We shook his hand and chatted briefly and he asked my wife if she had a driving licence for her walking frame. Always the joker! We shook hands and exchanged greetings with Chrissy Boy and Bedders. Suggs was very charming (and tall). We got to thank him for signing an album for me last year, after I came home from hospital after an operation. He asked if I was all okay now and showed genuine concern. A real genuine guy and he told us to help ourselves to cheese and biscuits.

Mike was hiding away, which is no surprise as he tends to keep out of the limelight as much as possible. I didn’t get to see Lee. It was all very difficult as the security guys were trying to rush us all through and get the band ready to go on stage. Where is Woody, we thought? Then we spotted him, talking to the press. So I made my way towards him. Not sure the security guys were happy but I wasn’t going until I spoke to him. It was Woody and Suggs that had signed the album for me and I wanted my chance to speak to him.

Woody and I have spoken quite a bit since he joined Facebook and he asked me to add him to the Facebook group, which I help run. It is called Mad Chat https://www.facebook.com/groups/MadnessChat and Woody has posted quite a bit there. So he instantly recognised me when he finished talking to the press. I had my photo taken with Woody and I know he was trying so hard not to do his trademark thumbs up. He did well, and I did well not to pull a usual silly face at the camera. He then asked if we needed anything signed and I handed over my Deluxe Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da album, which he was happy to sign for me. Not only that but he insisted that all the other band members signed it too. He ran around the camp, rounding them all up, one by one. He did well. He got 6 out of 7 for me. Bedders got away and we couldn’t find him at that point.

It was a mad dash back to our seats, security guards being much nicer and going out of their way to be extra nice. We were on the raised platform, as my wife is disabled. We had a great view from where we were. I was surprised that it did not seem that any support band had been on in our absence, instead they played The Specials music. It was not too long before the band came on and the crowd went wild as they kick started the show with the usual One Step Beyond. It was a sell out and 8,000 had crammed into quite a small area. I was glad that we were on the raised platform and had room to move.

The songs were a mixture of new and old material. The rain was lashing down so of course it was quite amusing when Suggs sang Sun and the Rain. “Tell me about it”, he said after the first line of ‘it’s raining again…’ The £2 plastic ponchos were selling like hot cakes! Of course Chrissy Boy did his usual Showtime! Yes, it had to be Singing In The Rain. We all sang along and Chas and Suggs had a little dance to it. Typically, the rain had stopped! Despite the weather, the band did well to keep the crowd happy and rounded of the night with the Night Boat To Cairo. by this point the crowd were in a frenzy. Great night overall. As usual Madness put on a great show for all.

It was a fantastic evening and a great start for the Summer Tour. A night that will stay with me for life.  Thank you Madness!

Steve Farthing (Mad Chat – Admin)

Happy Dancing Scotsmen at Rockness

Our Happy Dancing Scotsman (as mentioned previously on the Butlins DVD during Cant Keep a Good Thing Down) Robert Wardlaw has once again been enjoying Madness and been focused upon. His happy Fez wearing bouncing self has been featured in photographs on the Rockness site, and in local and nation newspapers websites and the BBC, also follow a great Rockness gig. He described as….

“Well what can I say? Rockness was amazing . Awesome weather amazing scenery, great company wi oor tent neighbours, had a blast … Only doon side was too much doof doof doof sh*t n no enough real bands but hey ho I knew that in advance lol highlights for me were Ellie Goulding , Example, Futureheads, Temper Trap those 7 dapper fellows from Camden town still showing the young ones how its done … Also saw wee man aff thon yoo chube… Hilarious … Bolt ya nugget lol”   Robert Wardlaw.

The Guardian said of the gig…

“A Mohawk-sporting Plan B later helms a shuddering crescendo, but the day’s high point has already passed with the heavy, heavy (Loch Ness) monster sound of Madness, Suggs and co’s trademark shades looking practical as well as cool as the sun sank behind the hills a final time.”

while STV commented…

“With pork pie hats a plenty, the RockNess crowd were ready for Madness, though the ska legends were even better prepared for them, with their own piper amongst the troops. Piped on and off the stage with their entourage in tow, music industry veterans, Madness, scrubbed up for the occasion, the usual characters in place, to make up the original rude boys, on their frolic through a cartoonish set. Suggsy took on the role of royal ringmaster, comparing the set with tales, anecdotes, and quotes from ‘the great philosopher P. Diddy’.

Taking their performance up a notch, the national treasures played out of their skins, with a slicker show than their recent stint in Glasgow’s SECC, cheered on by ecstatic fans out front, and family members, that bounced along from the safety of the stage-side. ‘Proud and privileged to be there’, the set mixed old and new in an upbeat rampage through their well-honed ska territory, that had generations of festival goers shaking their Baggy Trousers around in the grass.”

Asked if Nessie enjoyed the gig.  Rob told us. Aye sure I saw her with a fez on!

Robert Wardlaw/Scottish media.




Below is a selection of interviews, articles and other items of recent news that have caught our eye over the course of the past week. Click on the links to be taken to the relevant page.


One Sip Beyond

From the Event magazine supplement in today’s Mail on Sunday. Kindly typed-up by subscriber “Jukebox Ronnie”.

Hot on the heels of Iron Maiden’s real ale Trooper, Madness launch their own Beer  “Gladness”.

The Beer is the brainchild of Signature Brew, which develops branded beers for bands and singers.

Anyone for a pint of Beeryonce ?

It’s got plenty of body but an awful lot of froth.

If you end up with a bottle I will taste it for you and you can keep the bottle. Ha ha!




Suggs – The Wedding Singer



Suggs recently joined band “Sandy Acre 7” onstage at a wedding in Hayle Cornwall, that he was attending when they ran out of songs, (yeah, right!) The band did It Must Be Love in Labi Sifree’s arrangement.


Sandy Acre 7 frontman Chris Ryan tells Thisiscornwall.co.uk“I’d spotted him earlier on the dancefloor and thought I’d recognised him. It turned out he was a friend of theirs (the couple) but we hadn’t been told. His wife had actually been up doing some backing vocals with us earlier in the set. It was near the end, they kept asking us to keep going and we were in danger of running out of songs, when she dragged him up to the front and he asked us if we knew It Must Be Love. He was lovely, really, the loveliest celebrity I’ve ever met.”




Suggs talks to the daily record at Rockness about the start of the Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da Summer tour.

Suggs says in the toilet he overheard the next act, saying “How do I follow that?”, after the band played. They also talk about now playing to young kids at these festivals.



He continues to talk about the importance of playing new songs live, and Suggs chuckles about his dry sense of humour, reflecting on how ridiculous pop music world is. Scottish history of Suggs name is discussed.  A great plug for “Gladness” beer is then stuck in. “Get a pint or three of that down your Screech.” 


Suggs talks about the first gigs at The Dublin Castle happening because of the beer sales the band helped on those nights, and so it’s great that the pub now stocks the beer.  “Will we ever get a Scottish Madness festival?”, is asked. The video ends with a hilarious Brute aftershave advert joke, with Suggs telling you to splash Gladness all over.


Mike, Suggs and Carl. Enjoy a hilarious drinking podcast video of a whiskey tasting series! Oh what a chore, eh lads?!  Ha, ha.


Whisky Comedian’s Podcast



Meanwhile, in fan footage of the gig. Never let it be said that the Scottish are a bunch of arses.





Snippets from social networking site Facebook that have caught our eye…


Woody / Magic Brothers

Woody continues to integrate massively with the facebook community. Some people seem to doubt it’s him, despite all the Madness fan pages like us confirming it, and most importantly his brother accepting him as a friend! Bit of a giveaway that one. ;-) He’s only in a band with the guy. ;-)

“How do I prove I’m me? Well I’ve just taken this photo with a T-shirt from last nights’ gig in Rouen, and how can I not do my trademark thumbs up. For all you doubters, more to follow”

Woody had been posting from the current Madness gigs, about his surroundings. Most excitingly though he posted this about The Magic Line album….

“Delivered final artwork and wave files to Tribal the CD manufacturers for the Magic Brothers album the magic line. 

Almost there now.”

Check out the band facebook app for a free song not on the album.


Asked about the current stand in brass trombone players…

“Paul Fisher aka ‘Fish’ played Rockness and today in Rouen Trevor Mires stood in.”



Crunch have added new videos – A 2006 full band recording of “Fur Elise” and “Always the Innocent” from the 2013 Premises gig.


Fur Elise 2006 – http://youtu.be/xHBpEeeL4ow

Always the innocent – Premises 2013 – http://youtu.be/CXLYc90qnuA


Plus, there’s a fun video the web runners have made for the track “Roundtrip”.

Round Trip – http://youtu.be/mSA6Z_eAJXk


The Churchills

Keith Finch (ex-dance brigade and runner of Jamdown records) has been in touch to talk about a new pilot cartoon TV show he is working on.  He tells us Thommo will feature as the voice of the barman in future episodes.  For now he posted the pilot video on facebook to us, here. (Which doesn’t feature any Madness connection)



Meanwhile on Twitter….



“I Have been trying to get on Power Ballad FM but they won’t let me because I haven’t got very long, curly hair and tight jeans…”

“2014… I will release my army of MarkBots©. They will be polite, make music and mix a fabulous martini.”


Chrissy Boy

Chrissy Boy has been busy enjoying Pie and Mash in Brighton, and very nice it looks, too!





This week, MIS co-editor Rob Hazelby, goes back 5 years to issue 476, and the week of Sunday 15th June to Saturday 21st June 2008, and then back 10 years to issue 214 and the week of Sunday 15th June Saturday 21st June 2003.

5 years ago…

Issue 476 – Sunday 15th June to Saturday 21st June 2008

We had an absolutely rammed issue for you this week, as so much seemed to be going on.

Exciting news came in earlier in the week revealing that demand for the Hackney Empire gigs continued to grow. So much so, that on Wednesday a third and final night, taking place on the 26th of June was announced.

On the Friday night just gone, the band took to the stage at Aintree Racecourse, for what would be a mixture of the greatest hits package, plus one or two newer tracks sprinkled in for good measure. We promised to have a full review of the gig from Looby in next week’s issue, but until then you had to make do with the setlist in no particular order.

Elsewhere in this issue we had a review of the first night of the Our House musical tour, taken from the What’s on Stage message boards. The author was generally praising of the performance, and commented that the audience was extremely supportive.

Continuing on an Our House musical theme we featured an interview with the show’s writer, Tim Firth. Originally from the What’s on Stage web site, it proved to be an interesting question and answer session with the man himself.

If that wasn’t enough Our House coverage for you we also had a massive review of the new show from Chris Carter-Pegg and Emma Southerby, who declared “overall the show is superb, cleverly recrafted for a touring musical and a brilliant new cast”.

It was over to Madness off-shoot Crunch! next, as we featured a roundup of YouTube video links from the band as they performed at Concrete Jungle Festivals’ May Day Festival at The Barfly on the 4th of May. If you were a fan of Lee and Chris’ outfit then you’d have been more than happy with this rundown.

We had news of, umm, news, next as we reported that Madness had appeared on Sky News to discuss their forthcoming album, The Liberty of Norton Folgate, and their Hackney Empire gigs. The band were on fine form, and although much merriment was had with the interviewer a few juicy tidbits of information were thrown up.

We brought this issue to a close with the announcement that Simon Walshe was the lucky winner of the MIS competition to win a fully signed Our House musical poster. With over 20 members of the cast, this featured an impressive number of autographs.

10 years ago…

Issue 214 – Sunday 15th June to Saturday 21st June 2003.

After last week’s jam-packed issue, this week we returned to more meagre pickings, with very little news to report on at all.

With very little to go on, we went over to the official Madness messageboard, in an effort to highlight some of the more interesting questions the band had decided to answer. One of the more amusing messages came from Brian, the super courier, who posted the following:

“bedders special delivery from “BRIAN (super courier)


Hello Mark,

I’ve had the great privilege of delivering parcels to your shop  (location details     withheld). Any chance of a complimentary ticket for the next Madness gig?

City Link Bri”

Ok, so it was possibly a bit cheeky, but it seemed as if it did actually pay off, as Mark replied with:

 “Mr Super Courier!

says Mark(01.06.2003),


Your service is immaculate. See me next time you deliver!”


Moving on, and in this time of little news, we decided to take a look at Colin Galbraith’s excellent web site ‘The Magnificent 7’.

Naturally, the place was dedicated to all things Madness, and we gave it a real in-depth going over, culminating in a recommendation that all our readers get themselves along the site.

Nearing the end of this rather lean issue we allowed MIS subscriber Chris Jackson to list his rare Madness items for sale. Goodies included various calendars down the years, a My Girl orange 7″, and much more.

We finished off this week’s MIS with news that top Madness tribute outfit, One Step Behind, would once again be descending on Bristol, after an extremely long hiatus.

For a number of us Maddies based in the South West, it was an opportunity that would prove to be too tempting to resist.

Rob Hazelby




Lee Thompson’s Radio Takeover

This last week, Lee Thompson undertook a marathon of radio interviews, across the UK as he recorded for and appeared on multiple BBC and commercial stations on all days this week with a variety of local presenters.

MIS has a list and has captured many of these interviews for you to listen again to if you’ve missed any. With a run down of some of the topics that get discussed, here is our guide to a great feast of eccentric promotional waffle as the Madness sax man talks about a great last year for the band Madness, early ska music, and flogs his solo bands’ work to the masses at length. It’s a great deal of fun hearing him chat and to try and get through it all intact! (He starts to break down somewhere near the airwaves of Wales.)  Dive in here with our guide…


BBC Radio Two.  Janice Long.
http://youtu.be/BnD0bjANIv0  23 minutes duration.

Lee talks about recording the album in Brighton, old value equipment.  Lee talks about the Dublin Castle gig. Janice talks about jamming in Hackney with Bedders, choosing the tracks to play.  “I’ve done it, I’m chuffed.”

Janice talks about Dave Robinson and Bitty McLean’s involvement.  Lee talks about seeing Suggs show with Dave.  They talk about Sister Mary and who she was, and the cover of the album at the Hudson BBQ. “Great photo”. Lee talks about Alex harvey being an influence. Check out Alex harvey in Sweden somewhere, the audience reaction on their faces. Pouring beer on his hand and putting it through his hair.

They play The Faith healer. Lee talks about getting stuck in a lift with Pam’s people during Top of the Pop’s.  Lee explains juggling Madness and The ska Orchestra.  Lee talks about climbing into a gig via Leo Sayer’s window at a gig to see Roxy music, “Amongst the pigeons and fluff and gunge. By the time we got down we looked like kids from Oliver!”.  For your pleasure is played.

Lee does a session of spoken word for the show. England’s Glory. Lee compares the track to Whistle by Crunch as his version.  Dedicating the session to Chalky and Toks, Lee says the Max Wall version is just as good as Max wall.

Lee compares Alice Cooper only women bleed to Bangarang in theme.  This track will bring you to tears. After the song he is mock crying.  Lee talks about Soul Serande being a laid back track by King Curtis who worked with the coasters a lot.


BBC Radio Merseyside – With Ngunan Adamu for her Upfront Show
  7 minutes duration.

Talking to a young female black scouse DJ, Lee explains the solo album title, and the work that the nun Sister Mary did in Jamacia, and his wishes that the original black recording artists get some of the publishing money from this album.

Sister Mary has passed away now, but Suggs did once interview her. She gave the chance for rude boys to change dodgy ways, and become ska musicians who became legends.  When asked about “why a ska orchestra”, Lee said it’s something he’s wanted to do for 4 years.  “The Dangermen touched on it. I wanted a warm and meaty sound, and I got that from Mike Pelaconi studios.”

Lee talks about Mark loving playing.  Lee describes the band as half musicians and half builders.   “I like pub culture, not dub culture. That get’s in the way”  /  “The amount of people who…  were like… oh your going to do a ska orchestra are you?” (said in a mocking way of good luck with that sunshine.)   Lee said he’s now achieved and reached the level he wanted to with the project.

How did a people take to Madness playing black influenced  music when they first time around did it? “A bunch of white blokes living off the back of black man’s rhythms. I’m in a fortunate position to play the music I love.”

Lee talks about American red necks in the 1970’s not being into the music, comparing it to a scene from The Blues Brothers movie.


BBC Radio Surrey & Sussex – With Danny Pike Sat Morning Show
http://youtu.be/G0qW6zaXWi4    5 minutes duration.

Talking to a young London area chap, Lee describes the process of making the album.  “Mission accomplished.” “Going back to me Roots”  “I’ve had a couple of meltdowns”

He talks about the first gig by the band at The Prince Albert.  Mike’s studio is “An Aladin’s Cave”,  “I’d like to do a Second Album.”

Lee talks about Desmond Dekker tracks, and praises Bitty’s track on the album.

He talks about Buckingham Palace with Madness. “I don’t remember shaking Prince Charles hand.”  

“I won’t tell you about Stevie Wonder in the toilet, I’ll save that for the book.” 


BBC Radio Ulster with Alan Simpson
http://youtu.be/2HZOs7iu-yk   12 minutes duration

“You can nearly get a suntan listening to this album” says the DJ. “Party Poppers? suit you sir”,  Lee reacts to House of Fun being played.

Lee talks about Suggs’ One Man Show, and Dave Robinson shedding a tear during the show.  Talking about forming the Ska Orchestra he says Joe Auckland told him to get his butt cheeks together and do it.

Lee Talks about “The Chart” in High Barnet a club that used to play ska. The police took their boot laces off them and told them to go away!

Lee’s first ska record was “It Mek” or “Return to Django”. Kentish Town road there was a Caribbean record shop owner.   In those days you had to wait 2 or 3 days to get a record or go to Brixton.   Mike Barson played Lee  Wreck-a-pum-pum  early on when they were first friends, so ska was in the blood of their music once they started.

The DJ talks about The Clash starting with Reggae, too.

Lee talks about The Wuropa hotel in Ireland, and watching the Jungle Book in Ireland with Madness back in the day and walking out the cinema into a solider with a rifle. Lee tells a tale of Ireland back in the day seeing a flag waver with a pipe sitting in his rocking chair and how the place has changed.

Lee talks about pulling a pint of Guinness for himself in a bar, and getting thrown out for it.

“Madness are fun music. The ska orchestra is a very sunny band”.  Says the DJ and then misspronounces Bangarang as Banana-bang! Lee explains it’s one of the tracks claimed as the first song where ska/rocksteady first changed into Reggae.  He talks more about the nun, Sister Mary, and her work.


BBC Radio Wales – Alan Thompson for the Evening Show
http://youtu.be/3Xtap-IL5f8  23 Minutes in duration

“Lee is slightly hung over”, says the DJ.  Lee talks about Seeing Suggs show last night. “I’ve always wanted to be Tommy Cooper” says Lee.

Lee talks about a charity evening that Viva Suggs’ daughter has just done.  Lee is going to Whistable, having won in the auction a weekend away with a celebrity chef lesson.  He tells a story of Whitstable , “the sea dropped and Dougie from Bad Manners came out covered in seaweed.”

Mark Bedford threw Fu Manchu into the pot.  Lee starts to wear down on his 20th interview recording. “It’s always Suggs that fly’s the flag for Madness, but with this it’s me.”

Lee Impersonates Dave Robbo talking through the story of Bitty Joining the album. The sister Mary title is discussed. “My doffing of the cap”.

Lee talks about being on Jools Holland show.  The DJ asks Lee to choose a track to play, he talks about Bangarang but then chooses “Hello Josephine”, explaining Fat’s Domino’s role in starting ska via dodgy airwaves. Lee impersonates Leslie Phillips, pronouncing “Hellooooo.”

Lee talks about Jack and Rooney leaving the band to other parts of the world, bluffing that Jack is in Prison.  Lee talks about his time in Australia some years back. The DJ talks about spotting a Lee Thompson look-a-like at the BBC gig!

Lee Praises Dave Robinson on the work he’s done of this album, but then when the subject of Madness videos comes up, he jokes. “we just told him where to point the camera.”

Lee Tells a new story about security guards at Buckingham Palace.  Lee says Jerry Dammers once called Madness the best bunch of chancers he’d ever come across.

Lee Praises Woody’s song on the last album, and Lee explains the opus Norton Folgate left him for dust in the song writing stakes. Lee explains the publishing set up of Madness 50/50.

Lee asks for the last track to be Soon You’ll be gone, and plugs the gigs, saying the two free July festivals are ice creams and hot dogs half price.


BBC Radio Eastern Counties With Bridget Metcalfe

And as this MIS goes into the final edit, there is still one more scheduled interview to air against the transmission guide we were sent.  With Bridget Metcalfe, based in Chelmsford, Essex. The show is going out tonight 1800 – 2000, across BBC’s Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk.  Here is the programme. Depending on when you read this you’ll probably be able to use the listen again service to check if the interview aired.

We’ll bring it to the rest of you next week.


There were also interviews on  Seahaven FM, with Martha Swift, and High Peak FM, Asbourne FM, and across the Student Radio Network with Craig Pattison.

Lee also recorded interviews with, BBC Radio Devon with Richard Green for his ‘Retro’ weekend show, BBC Radio Berkshire with Mike Read,  BBC Radio Humberside Face To face with James Hoggarth, but these haven’t aired when scheduled, so we might have news on those for next week.

And if you’ve had too much of Lee talking about The Benevolence of Sister Mary Ignatius, and The Ska Orchestra to professional BBC radio types, here is Darren Fordham from the band talking to our good Friend Mr Scurf over at The Koast Train.

Here is the laugh: http://youtu.be/OiSTi-FEQRk

Darren talks about the forthcoming festivals that the band are playing. “I don’t think Lee will buy a helicopter [to get to Haydock] he doesnt even buy a pint.”

Darren talks about the secret garden party, his shoes not appearing on Jools Holland, Rooney leaving the band, getting match fit by doing squat challenges, and Boz Boorer playing Godiva with the band.

He says to his fellow school chums, who would have thought I’d ever been on Amazon’s page alongside Bob Marley in the best selling reggae festival.

Talking about Crunch! rumours Darren explains that Tadman and Spider are in The Ska Orchestra for the July gigs, and who knows.

“When in rome” he says of a Crunch song or two getting played. For a full Crunch! gig, “It’s up to chrissy boy.”,  he says.  Lee is doing a gig with his son soon and therefore there is talk of Like Father Like Son again as a result, “Thommo spreads himself thin”, Darren explains.

Asked about the intro on Fu Manchu live, he explained “I sing  Fordie Again”. Garry explains he’s recorded the North east gig but badly and it sounds like “Donald Duck on acid”. 

Asked if the LTSO are playing Butlins Darren says it’s not confirmed but there is a chance of it happening.  Garry and Darren talk about the fun of performing live.

Compiled by Jonathan Young/ Darren Dixon.

With thanks to Lee Thompson, and Mr Scurf.




We leave you with the great news that this coming week, our very good friend Garry Scurfield will be talking to Woody Woodgate on “Mr Scurf’s Koast Train” radio show.

You can listen in Wednesday from 8pm here: http://www.koastradio.co.uk/

You may also wish to join the events page, which you can find here:

Enjoy the show.

Until next week, take care,

Simon RobertsJon YoungLiz HazelbyRob Hazelby

(With thanks to Darren Dixon, Lee Thompson, Mr Scurf)

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