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Here’s Woody to explain..

A beautiful venue, a wonderful grand piano, and a brilliant band. If you live in the vicinity please come along – you only live once (I think). For further details here is a link:

Hello and Good Afternoon Readers. Arriving with an extra newsflash in your email inboxes today, because we are excited about a Magic start to 2014’s news. ‘I thought you would like to know we have sorted some gigs for Magic Brothers’ Came the exciting heads up today. We’ve been fans …

All the very best from all in Maddie land

Happy Birthday, All the best from everyone at MIS Online!

    NAME THE ELEPHANT.  These are the prizes in our MIS Gladness Competition. Some Bottles of Gladness, A large fruit of the loom Gladness promotional T-shirt signed by Suggs, Chas, Bedders and Woody. A Gladness Pump Clip signed by Suggs, Chas, Bedders, Woody and Lee. Have you named the …

from the words of Mr.Smash…. Ladies & Gentlemen, I bring news & good tidings. has launched. Please feel free to visit. There a welcome in the form of a poem. more to come xxxxx