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Four Free Albums from Nick Woodgate ** new **

Nick has very generously made 4 of his albums available for free via his web site. The albums are Goofball, Hi, JoJo Man and The JoJo Man Band.

Simply point your web browser over to and enjoy!

What an absolute gent.

Before We Was We – Out Now in Paperback 

Price: £8.49

In Before We Was We Madness tell us how they became them. A story of seven originals, whose collective graft, energy and talent took them from the sweaty depths of the Hope and Anchor’s basement to the Top of the Pops studio.

In their own words they each look back on shared adventures. Playing music together, riding freight trains, spraying graffiti and stealing records. Walking in one another’s footsteps by day and rising up through the city’s exploding pub music scene by night.

Before We Was We is irreverent, funny and full of character. Just like them.

Record Store Day – Work Rest and Play ** revised date **

Release date: TBC. Was 18th April then 20th June

Format: Double 7″ single



Fortieth anniversary re-issue of Madness’ “Work Rest & Play EP” – the follow-up to their debut album, 1979’s “One Step Beyond…”

Limited edition Record Store Day 2020 release on double 7” format with a triple gatefold sleeve including photos from the time of the original release.

Track listing:

Side One

Night Boat To Cairo


Side Two

Deceives The Eye


Side Three

The Young And The Old


Side Four

Don’t Quote Me On That


Record Store Day – Dance Craze 40th Anniversary Edition ** revised date **

Release date: TBC. Was 18th April then 20th June

Format: 180gm half-speed vinyl

This is a new half-speed master exclusively for RSD and part of the Two Tone Records 40th Anniversary celebrations. This is a soundtrack to the live movie of the same name featuring exclusive live recordings by The Specials, Madness, The Selecter, The Beat, Bad Manners and The Bodysnatchers. This is also first vinyl repress since its original release in 1981.


Concrete Jungle

Mirror in the Bathroom

Lip up Fatty

Razor Blade Alley

Three Minute Hero

Easy Life

Big Shot

One Step Beyond

Ranking Fullstop

Man at C&A

Missing Words

Inner London Violence

Night Boat to Cairo

Too Much Pressure

Nite Klub



I Remember Way Back When

This week, MIS co-editor Rob Hazelby goes back in time to report on what was going on in the world of Madness 5, 10, 15 and 20 years ago this week.

5 years ago…

Issue Number 838 – Sunday 31st May to Saturday 6th June 2015

It was here! The Grandslam tour officially kicked-off on Friday night when the band took to the stage in Lincoln.

The band’s largest tour to date; this UK-wide extravaganza would see Madness travel the length and breadth of the British Isles over the next four months. We just hoped the weather would play nicely!

With the band on the road once more, it would come as little surprise to learn that this week’s “Sign of the Times” section was absolutely packed with articles we’d found online. From competitions offering free tickets to forthcoming gigs and details of how much the local Lincoln football club were hoping to raise from hosting a Madness concert at their club, we had it all. We even had MIS subscriber and Madness superfan Adam Fowler pointing us in the direction of the interview he’d held with Suggs which was published by the ITV news web site.

Moving on to “Live and Intensified”, and with the tour well and truly underway the fan reviews were starting to flood in. This was an absolutely massive section thanks to the typing efforts of multiple fans. The section covered the first gig of the tour which was held at the Lincoln Football Club. Reviews were glowing, and this no doubt got fellow fans excited to see their favourite band later in the tour.

This week’s “MIS Feature” covered the recently launched Kickstarter campaign by Free Seed Films who were hoping to crowd fund £50,000 to get a definitive documentary of the legendary backing band of Ian Dury; The Blockheads. Unfortunately, the campaign would only manage to raise £28,000 meaning the film wouldn’t see the light of day.

We brought this issue to a close by reporting that the MIS Team would be attending the Chelmsford gig where it would also be a certain Mr Young’s birthday. Hopefully one or two of you treated him to a birthday beer!

10 years ago…

Issue Number 578 – Sunday 30th May – Saturday 5th June 2010

It was time to get the plastic at the ready, as we got this issue underway with the latest offer from those nice people at Retro Madness.

This week they had further reduced the price of the deleted hardback version of Suggs and The City. This was reduced from the retail price of £17.99, to a mere £9.99 including postage and packing. Madness indeed!

Next, it had been a fair old while since we’d heard from the one and only Vince Foley, so it was nice to see that he was still around and digging up the Madness related news and tidbits as and when he could.

This week he’d emailed in to tell us that Woody had recently been interviewed by Dave Fanning, on RTE2. Not only that, but a podcast link had been made available, so you could listen again (or for the first time if you’d missed it).

On a more exciting note, Vince told us that over the next two weeks Suggs and Woody would be getting together to work on a few songs. Not only that, but Lee and Mike were writing together, and Woody was due to do some work with Lee very soon. These tracks may appear on an album to follow The Liberty of Norton Folgate.

Moving on, and it was on to Scarlett and Viva news. It transpired that our very own MIS contributor Emma Southerby had put their new site together, and you were urged to pay the hallowed pages a visit and sign up to their mailing list. (FYI the web site is no longer running).

Ian Dury news next, and MVD Visual and Wienerworld announced this week that the release of Ian Dury “Rare and Unseen” DVD would be taking place in North America on July 27th.

This brand new DVD release – to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Dury’s death – was a collection of rare footage, featuring original film and videos of the singer, newsreels and photographs from private collections.


– The earliest known TV performance from the London Programme 1976

– Three great interviews with much missed Mancunian Tony Wilson who died in 2007

– Final Richard and Judy interview and live performance restored for widescreen

– Includes EIGHT live musical performances with the Kilburns and the Blockheads: ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’, ‘Sweet Gene Vincent’, ‘Upminster Kid’, ‘Rough Kids’, ‘Billy Bentley’, ‘England’s Glory’, ‘Blockheads’ and ‘Geraldine’

Continuing on a Blockhead related note, we (well, we transposed the article, The Hereford Times web site actually reported it) reported that Phil Jupitus and The Blockheads would be headlining the Nozstock Festival on Saturday July 10th.

It was on to the Our House musical next, and the news in from Ben Jaggers of the Griffin Players Amateur Dramatics Society, Luton, was that their next production was going to be be non other than the “Our House” musical.

The production was due to be staged at the Luton Library Theatre from the 16th to the 19th of June 2010. Tickets were a very reasonable £11 for adults and a mere £9 for concessions. (OAPs and children, we assume).

We brought this issue of the MIS to a close with news from Dan Fossard, who announced that the next Big 10 gig would be taking place at Camden’s Dublin Castle on July 17th. The band would be on stage for 90 minutes and entry was a mere £5!

15 years ago…

Issue number 316 – Sunday 29th May to Saturday 4th June 2005

With the advertised release date of the forthcoming album mere weeks away the promotional bandwagon seemed to have shot off the proverbial starting blocks with news of the band popping up here, there and everywhere.

Last week Suggs and Mike appeared on Radio 2’s `Drive Time`, whilst this week Suggs played two Dangermen tracks on his Virgin Radio Show; the proposed single `Shame and Scandal` and `John Jones`. OK, so it was his own show, and he did give himself a little stick for airing the tracks, but as he was in the position to do so we felt that he may as well have taken advantage of it.

What was nice to read was that the forthcoming album and initial single were not only getting mentions in the UK press, but we had also received reports from Jean-Pierre Boutellier of Ska News and Steve Bringe of The Madness Trading Ring of Madness receiving coverage in both France and the US, respectively.

This issues’ collection of articles started off with a certain Lee Thompson revealing just who would be standing in for Chrissy Boy now that he had left the good ship Madness.

Out of respect for Chrissy Boy’s wishes, Lee had gone for Boris Riffcheque (an old working partner of his father, ‘Mr.John Foreman’).

A banjo & harp enthusiast from the Baltics. Although he had a web site, little was known about him as he got out of the folk/music business in the mid 70s’

He would perform at The Forest Shows, but would leave his options open as to what he would do after the tour had completed.

Exciting news appeared in the MIS this week, detailing the proposed track listing for the forthcoming Dangermen album. According to the Virgin web site, the track order was as follows:

1.  JOHN JONES (Rudy Mills)

2.  YOU KEEP ME HANGING ON – (Diana Ross & The Supremes)

– Dangermen version based on an arrangement by John Holt


4.  DANGERMAN AKA HIGH WIRE ( Bob Leaper & His Orchestra)

5.  GIRL WHY DON’T YOU? (Prince Buster)

6.  YOU’LL LOSE A GOOD THING (Barbara Lynn)

7.  TALLER THAN YOU ARE (Lord Tanamo)

8.  SHAME & SCANDAL (Lord Tanamo)

9.  ISRAELITES (Desmond Dekker)

10. LOLA (The Kinks)

11. RAIN (Jose Feliciano)

12. I’M READY FOR LOVE (Martha Reeves & The Vandellas)


Jon Young and myself both gave our thoughts on the proposed track list, with the two of us commenting that we were surprised that “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” failed to make the cut. Apart from that, we both felt that the album played host to a real mixture of tracks, and it was a release the two of us were looking forward to.

Next, we passed the reigns over to French MIS editor, Jean-Pierre Boutellier, who brought us news of V2 France’s Dangermen promotional efforts. The band would apparently be in the country from May the 30th and 31st, then June the 8th, 27th and 28th. A sampler album containing 5 tracks would be doing the rounds shortly.

Following this we moved over to a Virgin press release (kindly dug out by Kev Tizzard) promoting the new album. One of the more interesting pieces of the article was the words:

“The Dangermen will be playing a few selective not-to-be-missed hush-hush shows around London next month. Watch this space for details”.

In last week’s issue we asked those of you who managed to catch Suggs and Mike on Radio 2 to write in and let us know what you thought of the two new tracks aired on the show.

We had a huge response (well, one!), courtesy of subscriber Andy Balhatchet. Andy explained how he really enjoyed the new tracks, but felt that they were too raw and simply not poppy enough to succeed in today’s charts.

Andy finished by saying;

“Hate to be killjoy, but I’m gonna really make the most of this tour/album because I have a bad feeling it’ll be the last we’ll see”.

Thankfully, and we’re sure Andy agrees, his prophecies of the bands’ demise didn’t come to fruition.

We finished off this week’s issue by urging you to buy the forthcoming single, “Shame and Scandal”. We were aware that singles these days cost about half the price of a full album, but we had to try something to keep the truly terrible Crazy Frog (remember him?) off our airwaves.

20 years ago…

Issue number 54 – Sunday 28th May to Saturday 3rd June 2000

It was nice to see the MIS team weren’t alone with this one; Fans of the Saturday music show on BBC1, `A Question of Pop` were amazed when on the `guess the year` round, the classic `Baggy Trousers` video was shown and Suggs failed to get the correct year. Here’s what the Total Madness Mailing List’s Peter Gardner had to say at the time;

“I think it has been very noticeable that Suggs is shockingly BAD at that guess the year thingy. Completely and utterly useless. Very often I’ve found myself throwing things at the telly in disbelief at how bad he is as I tend to get it 90% of the time (and 100% if it’s in the 80s;-)) and at worse am only a year out. And what amazes me is      when the other team have got it wrong and Suggs has a go and usually ends up further off than Noddy [Holder] was !!! Unreal”

Moving on, and we had some studio news, courtesy of Adele Hargreaves, who told us that;

“Next week Madness go into the studio to record ‘My Old Man’ for the Brand New Boots & Panties album for Ian & Cancer Bacup”.

And continuing on an Ian Dury/Madness related note Adele also revealed;

“For the 16th at the Brixton Academy, Suggs will sing with the Blockheads & Madness are scheduled to do a mini Madness set”.

If you were umming and ahhing about going along to the gig before, surely the prospect of a mini Madness set had got you rushing to order those concert tickets.

A number of issues back we’d announced Suggs’ appearance on London’s XFM radio station. Well, it looked like that this would be a permanent placement as a number of Total Madness Mailing List subscribers said that he was still presenting the weekday morning show.

And finally, Adele Hargreaves and Jenny Payne had this exciting news;

“GREAT news today (25th) …. the Ivor Novello Awards honoured Madness with a Lifetime Achievement Award for song writing.

The award is entirely chosen by the industry, for dedication, talent & song writing craft, it is a far greater & more significant award than say that of the Brits, which comes down to money & current popularity. It’s a very exciting and well deserved      accolade I’m sure you’ll agree.

The award has been given today & the boys have been partying since lunchtime and will continue to do so well into the night at a second function”.

We that out of the way, we got underway with this weeks’ collection of articles, and began with the latest news surrounding Scatty’s Rhythmstock day/night. Starting at 12 noon at The Dublin Castle, this event would consist of a mad walk around Camden, an auction, the Ian Dury tribute concert, and a Ska/Two Tone/Dury disco, which would run into the early hours.

Next, we had a preview of issue 4 of the ‘Madness Unsugged’ fanzine. Although not quite ready for release, we were able to give subscribers a heads-up on the contents.

A number of issues back we announced that Virgin were well and truly underway with new Madness book entitled, `DON’T WATCH THAT – WATCH THIS! THE OFFICIAL STORY OF MADNESS`. Penned by loyal Madfan, and respected music journo, Adrian Thrills, this promised to be one of the most anticipated Madness releases of recent years when it was due to hit music store shelves in November.

Many had criticised Virgin during recent times over the lack of support given to the band during their recent batch of releases but this looked set to change with a barrage of media coverage planned in the run up to the release of the new book.

Thanks to Jake Stavrindes at Virgin Publishing, we could reveal what the company had planned to promote the book.

Next, it was over to Madness tribute band One Step Behind, and their lowdown of the gigs they had planned from now until the end of the year. With so many gigs lined-up there was simply no excuse for missing them.

We finished off this week’s edition of the MIS with news of the confirmed auction lots for the forthcoming Rhythmstock auctions, due to be held on Saturday 16th of June.

Prizes so far included “A Roadie’s Tale Documentary”, a DVD Player and DVD of The Sixth Sense, a Doctor Marten’s book, and much more.

Rob Hazelby



MIS Feature

Win New XL Record Store Day Night Boat Double 7 Inch Gatefold Edition

We are giving away an advance copy of The Work Rest and Play Gatefold Double 7inch. XL anniversary edition. Not officially released until August. Get it now in June.

A track made famous from its live beginnings in grassroots music venues including The Dublin Castle.

It’s one of the places where songs like Night Boat first sailed into the ears of future Madness fans, and now due to operating costs while closed due to covid 19, that pub is under threat.

Madness information service & All things Madness page ask you here to consider the cost of a pint, send it over to the above music venue trust lead crowd funding page link for The Dublin Castle. Let’s give one to the house, that home of many mad times before and hopefully more to come, such as the still forth coming Madness book club event. When times allow.

So We’ve a raffle prize incentive for you to consider doing this. Send just a few quid as every thing helps, to their crowdfund page this week. Leave your pub memory comment on that page when you do so and mark it “MIS”. Reply that you’ve done so by emailing or replying to the thread in the All things Madness Facebook group. Or the MIS twitter.

We will raffle a copy of the new Work Rest and Play gatefold 7 inch Madness double pack XL edition on June 7th to one lucky pub punter. Thanks if you can help in hard times. Please share the above link to friends.

Jonathan Young