Madness –  You Can’t Touch Us Now 

16 Track CD, 12 Track Vinyl

30 Track Box Set Edition (with demos) ** SOLD OUT **

Madness Brewing Beer Box

No, sadly it doesn’t actually contain Beer!

But there are 150 limited edition box sets in a Madness Brewing Company crest logo branded cardboard box.

The whole pack includes:

Glass Madness Brewing Co Pint Tankard

Madness Brewing Co Beer Towel

Madness Brewing Co Bottle Opener

Madness Brewing Co Beer Mats x4

Madness Brewing Co Pump Clip

19x19cm Madness Brewing Co Numbered poster (1 of 150)

Branded Madness Brewing Co Gift Box

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The Very Best of Suggs

Out on the 30th June.

A new compilation, the very best of Suggs

  1. Cecilia (feat. Louchie Lou & Michie One)
  2. Jack O The Green – Jools Holland & Suggs
  3. Off On Holiday
  4. I’m Only Sleeping
  5. Alcohol
  6. I Am
  7. Camden Town
  8. Same Again
  9. The Tune
  10. So Tired
  11. Oranges And Lemons Again – Jools Holland & Suggs
  12. No More Alcohol
  13. Blue Day (feat. The Chelsea Team) [Stamford Bridge Mix] – Suggs And Co
  14. I Feel Good
  15. Alright

It collects all 8 of his top 40 singles, adding to that the original “Alcohol” and what was arguably the most like second single, if three pyramids had reached that stage, in “So Tired”

Adding 3 b-sides, the obscure “Same again” to two covers, “I feel good” (James Brown) and “Alright” by Supergrass, to no doubt try and encourage the casual music fan to buy this budget-priced release.

Finally, it pulls the two tracks from Jools Holland and Friends albums. The near single “Oranges and Lemon’s Again” and the more forgotten bouncy “Jack of the Green.”

If you’ve never ventured into Suggs’ solo catalogue it’s got the basics and some flourishes, and it may be a cheap way to pick up on CD some scattered tunes at only a fiver.

I’s the replacement for the deleted Platinum Collection (2007), a compilation that use to house a selection of 20 tracks covering his two albums and is now deleted.

The fact that it appears on the Unassigned label perhaps means Cherry Red aren’t continuing with Suggs after the Lone Ranger 2CD (2016), which could drive people insane with 9 mixes of Cecilia. So, the Six Pyramids Club is perhaps now unlikely to join the 2 CD collections we’ve already got. If you’re a regular fan or collector of Suggs there isn’t much to be excited about with this release, coming as it does in a very plain yellow lettered cover.

Don’t Let Them Catch You Crying – Remixes

Three new dub remixes of the track “Don’t Let Them Catch You Crying”, from the current album, are now available.

Leo Zero, the London based remixer and producer, has created the new mixes. You can buy them from Madness artist pages on iTunes and Amazon, and many other music sites. They can also be streamed through Spotify.

The mixes are the “Leo Zero remix” and his “Tufnel Parkas” mix, available both as a dub and full instrumental versions.

The former samples “Rocksteady beat” from the start of The Prince before riffing on the title song. The latter mixes make atmospheric use of the backing vocal stems and there is much looping of the guitar stabs on the tracks.

It’s perhaps fitting that Leo Zero has previously worked with Bryan Ferry, as this particular Madness track from the Can’t Touch us now LP is the most dance music based track from the latest batch of Madness and so suited to elongated 12″ length instrumental musings. Certainly more so than some others. Even if these remixes won’t dazzle the general fan, they are a nice experiment that highlight in stripped down parts, some of the elements that go towards the finished Madness song on the album.

We feel a dubplate coming on.

Jonathan Young. Our thanks also go to Mark Doherty for a heads-up.


Drip Fed Fred – 7” 

Catalog no.: SALVOSV0000017

Out for Record Store Day – April 22nd

A splendid DOUBLE A-SIDER. On this 7-inch the mightily menacing reggae skank ‘Drip Fed Fred’ (featuring Ian Dury’s last vocal performance before his death!) is backed with the equally catchy ‘Johnny The Horse’. And you also get a free poster. Release only in independent record stores this April, Prices £19.99

The album mix of Drip Fed Fred and the “passed this way” Radio edit of Johnny The Horse, first time on vinyl in a fetching ransom note style 7 inch picture cover.

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Total Madness Cherry Red Vinyl ** Out 17th Feb **

180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve. Limited edition: only 2,000 copies being released.

More info at:


The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra – Bite The Bullet ** OUT NOW **

Vinyl £13.55  (Includes free mp3 version)

CD £11.37 (includes free mp3 version)

Mp3 album also available on its own for £7.99



Rhoda Dakar – The LoTek Four Volume 1. ** OUT NOW **

  1. Fill The Emptiness (Lovers)
  2. Tears You Can’t Hide
  3. You Talking To Me?
  4. Dolphins
  5. Fill The Emptiness (Reefa)

Rhoda talks to Robert Elms about her new album. Check out the interview here: ** New **

You can also see the performance here: ** New **

An older interview (which requires cruddy Flash, unfortunately) can be found here: